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I have been a writer since 1980 and have gained experience in Film, TV, Stage, Radio and Video. I enjoy writing comedy but also enjoy writing serious stuff. I like to experiment with my writing styles and am currently exploring Hitckcock's handle on suspense. I'm easy going, hard working, enjoy good company and I like to help people.


Here's a quick list of short screenplays written in 2013 so am now looking for Production Companies.


Number of pages & Title


Log Line /Treatment

1-page – Looking Beautiful


Out of the mouth of a baby: A young boy encourages his mother not to give up trying to stay looking young.

1-page – A fine Wine


Two drunken women give their perspectives on the world of man.

1-page – Adam’s Underwear


After Sunday School, a young boy is confused at something he finds in the bible.

1-page – My Best Friend 1


A woman confides to her hairdresser why she is crying. (Short version)

1-page – Next Time


A young boy is encouraged by his mother, not to throw stones.

1-page – Not Forgotten


A dead girl returns for her teddy bear.

1-page – Spare Keys


A husband is unable to see the logic of his wife's actions.

1-page – The Celebration


A man recognises an old work colleague when dining out with his wife.

1-page – The Cinema


There is a commotion in a cinema when someone drops in - literally.

1-page – The Conversation


A woman mistakenly gets involved in a mobile phone conversation.

1-page – The Deathbed


A man on his death-bed tells his wife what he thinks.

1-page – The Headstone


A young girl dies at the grave of her mother who comes to collect her.

1-page – The Iron


A man tells another man why he has a large bandage around his head.

1-page – The Retrieval


A farmer asks his friend why he is trying to retrieve his coat from a dung heap.

1-page – Missing


End-of-Days for a lost Teddy Bear

2-pages – A Place By Any Other Name


It's always good to know at least where you are.

2-pages - My Best Friend 2


A woman confides to her hairdresser why she is crying. (Longer version)

2-pages – Dear John


A soldier receives a "Dear John" so gets his own back.

2-pages – Drink Driving


A woman drops her drunken husband in it when she interrupts a Traffic Policeman.

2-pages – Peanuts in the Sauna


Never accept gifts from strangers.

2-pages - Portsdown Hill


The frustrations of teenage love

2-pages - The Country Road


Two drivers on a country road give a warning shout to the other, which is mistaken for an insult.

2-pages – The Flight


A call for volunteers on an over-booked flight doesn't instil confidence in the remaining passengers

2-pages – The Lederhosen Kid


A young boy splits his trousers and embarrasses himself.

2-pages – The Mountain Road


Two drivers on a mountain road give a warning shout to the other, which is mistaken for an insult.

2-pages – The Pearly Gates


Two new arrivals to heaven steal the Pearly Gates.

2-pages – The Sentence


A woman being sentenced to imprisonment for theft is not helped by her husband.

2-pages – The Speeding Ticket


A man gets a speeding ticket for driving too fast.

2-pages - Put a smile on my face


A dying man's last wish is granted by his wife

3-pages - The Sting 1


A young boy carries out a Sting on an adult.

3-pages - The Legend of Big Jake - Episode 1


Two babies in a pram with caption dialogue as though from an old western.

4-pages – The Bank Account


A grumpy old lottery winner upsets the young cashier when he tries to open a bank account.

4-pages – The Tally Up


A woman fleeces a butcher for free meat every week for 16 years because of one night of passion.

4-pages - Unsceptered Isle

Action Thriller

In the aftermath of a nuclear wipeout, out of the bedlam emerges Jon Maintland, a ninja style hero.

4-pages - World Fun Day 1

Teen Adventure

A massively entertaining fun-packed day, with costumed characters, flag-waving and a rollerblade competition.

4-pages - World Fun Day - In aid of Haiti - 2014

Teen Adventure

A massively entertaining fun-packed day, with costumed characters, lots of flag-waving and a poor Haitian boy who enters and wins a rollerblade competition against all the odds.

5-pages – Old Molly

A ghost story

The ghost of Old Molly haunts an underground metro platform

5-pages – The Camping Trip


Holmes and Watson go on a camping trip.

5-pages - The Pit


A woman is trapped in a pit with a snake

5-pages - The Dinner Party


Wannabe Diane embarrasses herself and her husband at a well-to-do dinner party.

6-pages – The Bar


A man in a bar, tells another man what has happened to him

12-pages - A Sip After Dinner


Murph owes Dodsy money and doesn't have any, so he makes a deal with a Vampire

13-pages – The Battle of Waterloo


A youth is given the crucial lead role in a new stage production.

13-pages - Fright Club 2


A woman is kidnapped off the street and subjected to terrors of the mind by her ex-boyfriend. When her brother comes to the rescue, he too soon becomes part of the nightmare.

22-pages - The Woodswoman


1873, and Beth, a tobacco chewing, no-nonsense widow lives alone in a remote mountain hut captures scalp-hunter John Turner taking the scalp from a long dead body. She brings John Turner home and learns he is after the bounty on a cannibal killer reported in the area, but as their past lives unfold, they discover they have more in common than either could imagine and by morning the killer will have struck again.

30 pages – The Pit (Currently being re-written)


Circa 1864: A British woman endures a week of psychological and physical dangers after falling in to a deep pit in the jungles of Siam.



  • Shadow of the Wolf

    Shadow of the Wolf Comedy Drama Family Animation - An adaption from my original screenplay - Logline: The tragic and comedic story of the fall of the House of Von Rimmer who lose their only son but who returns ten years later and fulfils a gypsy’s prophecy.

  • Satyr

    Satyr Drama Horror A long-dead Satyr manipulates and nurtures Adolf Hitler in his quest for power resulting in the 2nd World War.

  • Son of a Gun

    Son of a Gun Comedy TV Sit Com: - Two likeable but rougish sailors survive the discipline of the Royal Navy by living on their wits.

  • The Old School Curse

    The Old School Curse Comedy Drama Family 2-Act Stageplay - Logline: The tragic and comedic story of the fall of the House of Von Rimmer who lose their only son but who returns ten years later and fulfils a gypsy’s prophecy.

  • Screenplay Shorts

    Screenplay Shorts Comedy Drama Other Screenplay Shorts: 1 page – Looking Beautiful (Satire). 1 page – A fine Wine (Satire). 1 page – Adam’s Underwear (Satire). 1 page – Best Friend (Satire). 1 page – Next Time (Satire). 1 page – Spare Keys (Satire). 1 page – The Celebration (Satire). 1 page – The Cinema (Satire). 1 page – The Conversation (Satire). 1 page – The Deathbed (Satire). 1 page – The Iron (Satire). 1 page – The Retrieval (Satire). 1 page – It’s Never Too Late (Poignant). 2 pages – A Place By Any Other Name (Satire). 2 pages – Dear John (Satire). 2 pages – Drink Driving (Satire). 2 pages – Peanuts (Satire). 2 pages – The Flight (Satire). 2 pages – The Mountain Road (Satire). 2 pages – The Pearly Gates (Satire). 2 pages – The Sentence (Satire). 2 pages – The Ticket (Satire). 4 pages – The Bank Account (Satire). 4 pages – The Dinner Party (Satire). 4 pages – The Tally Up (Satire). 5 Pages – Old Molly (A ghost story). 5 pages – The Camping Trip (Satire). 6 pages – The Bar (Satire). 14 pages – The Battle of Waterloo (Satire).

  • Black Wolf

    Black Wolf Horror Thriller A recluse mimics a best selling novels’ horrific killings when the author refuses to acknowledge him.

  • The Furies

    The Furies Adventure Comedy Family Sports A mixed group of teenagers rollerblade their way to winning the County Rollerblade Championship and find their own first-love on the way.

  • The Hard Man

    The Hard Man Action Thriller Against a beautiful and haunting Irish backdrop, US Security forces loner Billy Parker goes undercover in Belfast to help bring an end to the K-9 Drug Cartel.


  • 8 x screenplays - Various genres

    8 x screenplays - Various genres
    Film Writer - original works.+ 1 book adaption

  • 40 x short screenplays

    40 x short screenplays
    Film Writer - original works. Can write to spec or for people.

  • 35 x Sit-Coms (1 x  series of 6)

    35 x Sit-Coms (1 x series of 6)
    Television Writer - Original works

  • 3 x Stage Plays (1 musical)

    3 x Stage Plays (1 musical)
    Theater Writer - Original works

  • 5 x TV Dramas

    5 x TV Dramas
    Television Writer - Original works

  • 2 x Stage Productions

    2 x Stage Productions
    Theater Writer, Director, Producer

  • 3 x Radio Plays (Comedy & Drama)

    3 x Radio Plays (Comedy & Drama)
    Commercial Writer - Original Works


  • Winner of Short Screenplay Competition - London Shorts

  • Winner of Best Action Screenplay Competition - Southern Screenplays 2001

  • Best original drama - Zukosi Scripts Foundation

  • Best original story - Metcalfe Screenplay Competition

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