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    SCENT OF LEGEND Budget: $100K - $1M | Mystery Comedy - Surreale - A travel between present and past. LOGLINE. Lilli and Giusy: decide to take part in a journey by car. This journey lets to recall Marquis Aleramo’s ride. A travel between present and past, between reality and imagination. The surreal atmosphere. The CONCEPT Lilli and her daughter Giusi take part in a friendly contest which recalls legendary Aleramo’s ride. The crew who will buy, along the way (three days), the most original object will receive a plate as a prize. Along the road along Acqui , Lilli sees a medieval knight who is riding beside the car. Giusi can’t see him, Lilli is upset. The knight is also seen as a painter on the seafront has just finished painting the canvas Lilli decides to buy because he hopes to win the plate. Giusi still does not see the rider. She sees him, however, the next day when the horse loses iron and the knight finds him and replies with a piece of brick. On the third day, at the arrival, the horse falls because of tiredness but some veterinary surgeons, who had received the call of Giusi, save its life. Lilli wins the plate, she’s happy because Giusi has saved horses’ life but she has a doubt: during these three days she has seen ghosts or a true horse and a true knight? THE PLOT FIST TIME First day. Lilli, forty years old with a passion for medieval history, and Giusy, her twenty years old daughter (she studies at the University, veterinary science), decide to take part in a journey which recalls Aleramo’s ride. Aleramo, the first Marquis of Monferrato, lived really in the tenth century: his birth is legendary. Aica, his mother, was married to Guglielmo of Tryes, a Saxon Earl with lands and castles in northern France; since she couldn’t have children, she decides to go on a pilgrimage to Rome. During the way, pregnancy begins and when she is in Sezzadio, near Alessandria, her son is born. He is baptized with the name Aleramo. The parents choose a nurse for the custody of the child and they go on their way; they will never meet their son. Aleramo becomes German Emperor Ottone the First’s knight and he falls in love with Ottone’s first daughter, Alasia, a very pretty girl. Ottone does not approve this wedding and the two young people have to run away: they go on the mountains near Alassio. In order to gain something to live they have to find a job: Aleramo is coal merchant and Alasia, who gives the name to Alassio maybe, is rags merchant. After his first child’birth, Aleramo, without being recognizable, fights with Ottone the First’s army at the battle in Brescia. Alasia goes to her father and tells him the truth: emperor forgives her, gives Aleramo the white and red flag of the army and promises to give him the land which he will be able to ride across in three days and three nights, and also the title of Marquis. He rides for three days on very fast horses, through Pietramarazzi, near the place which will become Alessandria, Savona, Chivasso and Monferrato. In the second day he rides with so much strength that a horse loses a shoe, in a place named Arenorio. The legend tells that Aleramo, in order to give the horse, the shoe that it had lost, uses a brick because he can’t find any other object: the brick, in Monferrato slang, is called ‘Mun Fhraaa’, which ‘Monferrato’ comes from. Empress Adelaide helped him to become Marquis of Acqui, Savona, Asti, Monferrato, Turin, Vercelli, Parma, Cremona and Bergamo. Lilli and Giusy are at the start of the friendly contest which is organized in a large square near Pietramarazzi. Giusy, by middle powerful car, in wonderful and quite hot spring morning, has decided to have a journey with her mother through the places of the legendary Aleramo’s ride. On a large flag is written: start. There are, more or less, ten cars and the atmosphere is joyful. These are the words told by the speaker: ’The recalling of Aleramo’s ride is a friendly contest which lasts three days. The aim of this contest is the knowledge of places and products which you’ll meet along the way, through Piemonte and Liguria. We’ll offer a plate to the crew, who will buy, along the way, the most original object’. While the speaker is still explaining the rules, the cars are already on their way. They stop at Sezzadio, where Aleramo was born: here Lilli and Giusy, who feel a little their difference of age, recalls the mysterious event. They recall also Aleramo’s first years. The journey goes on towards Sassello through hills, vineyards, and orchards. While Giusy is driving very carefully, Lilli sees that a man is riding on a white horse just near the car: his clothes are typical of the middle Ages. Lilli speaks about this sight with Giusy who can’t see the knight. Lilli is upset and sees that the horse with its knight goes through the fields and then they disappear on the horizon. They stop at Cassine where Giusi greets the components of the complex of "Nomads" who are trying to play the songs that night. On the road from Cassine goes to Acqui Terme they get into the car Richard, a member of their race/ride. His partner left him on the roadside after a violent quarrel. Then go to Acqui Terme. They stop at the restaurant Mombaldone "Hereafter" run by the descendants of a branch of the Aleramic. Visit the nearby Spigno what is the Abbey of St. Quintino founded by the son of Aleramo, Anselmo. Return to Acqui Terme and head to Ovada, where Aleramo had a villa. Continue to state Turchino. They stop in Campo Ligure and visit the museum of the watermark, a workshop. A Voltri run through the highway and stop at Albisola where they are going to visit the museum of ceramics and majolica art. At sundown, find a passage and gravel, with the car, down by the sea.  The car goes towards the sea: they can see from the hills Savona and the Liguria Coast. In the evening they arrive at the sea; they get out of the car and go towards a far shape. Air is cold and the wind blows from the North. When they are near the shape they understand that it’s a female shape with her painter’s easel. The legs of the easel are in the sand; the wind makes the easel move imperceptibly. The female painter wears black ankle-boots and a dirty tunic, which is partially white and partially coloured. She stands in front of the sea and takes between the fingers a brush, while her hair stream. On the easel there’s a painting which has probably just been finished. Lilli has intuition and tells her daughter:’ This painting will let me win the prize! On the dark background, look at the sails in the storm. Look at the colors and at the shadings!’ She asks the painter:’ What’s its meaning?’ The painter answers with a breath: ‘The storm of mind’. ‘I want to buy it!’. ‘I’m not sure that I’ll sell it.’ ‘I beg you to sell me this painting which will let me win the prize!’. Lilli puts in painter’s hands some bank-notes which the painter accepts with resignation. At that moment the knight appears: he’s riding on the sand.  He grazes the women but only Lilli and the painter can see him: Giusy doesn’t see him, in fact, there’s no surprise on her face. They take the car and walk the Aurelia road and stop at Albenga. After dinner they went to the beach. One of the participants in the trip, Roberto Bosco said that an acquaintance of his, while he was fishing at night, it has been revealed a woman with the open side that he shouted: come with me, come with me! Giusi is very impressed and will return to the hotel with her mother. Richard is taken out of the hotel room by her partner, Philip. Lilli welcomes him into his room. Richard makes advances very broken and tactless. Giulio Bosco invites Giusi to keep him company. In the hotel lobby, completely deserted declares his love.   SECOND TIME Second day. After their sleeping in that comfortable hotel, in the morning Lilli and Giusy leave the sea and go towards the interior. They are looking for a place named Arenorio. They find the place and Lilli recommends reducing the speed. Suddenly the knight appears in front of them and his horse is very sweaty. Also, Giusy can see him. ‘Aleramo is going through the way again’. Suddenly the horse bends lightly on a leg. Aleramo gets off and checks the hoof. The women are hidden among leaves and branches and look with discretion. They listen to Aleramo while is telling his horse: You have lost a shoe! It’s a problem! Where is it? It’s here! I’ve found it! I, Aleramo, future Marquis and your noble blacksmith will shoe with a brick. My dear friend, you are ‘Mun-frrhà’, like Monferrato land which I ‘ve to ride through and which will become mine’. The knight shoes with a brick and gets on the horse and leaves.  The two women have the astonished expression. They take the path to the valley of the river Neva. They stop at Cisano (Church of St. Alexander and Castle Conscente). Then make stops in Zuccarello (medieval, porches, parish of St. Bartholomew and the Roman bridge called) They stop to have lunch at the restaurant "Il Torchio" where are reached by the pair of Richard and Philip. Richard asks Lilly to excuse his conduct tactless. Then the two women continue to Erli. Exceed the hill of S. Bernard (d. 957) and stop in Garessio (Royal Castle and the legend of the Tower of the Saracens). Continue to Pamparato (legend of the dog with the seasoned bread) and specialties of the baked cookies with cornmeal. Go on the road and see in the distance the silhouette of the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Pilone (legend) of Vicoforte (Province of Cuneo). Continue to s. Michele Mondovi, Ceva and then to Alba where they stopped to dine. There is an 'interesting fashion of the famous Miroglio.   THIRD DAY. They get up early in the morning, at breakfast tasted the specialty of Ferrero (Nutella, etc.) in the company of Giulio Bosco and Riccardo. They hurry to leave. Making a detour to Saluzzo.  Are expected from the descendants of a branch of the ceramic family, the Marquis of Carretto that receive them cordially. With them visit the house that looks like a small castle and the beautiful park that surrounds it. Return to Alba. Continue to Chieri, Chivasso.  Agree to continue to Moncalvo where they stopped for lunch. Continue to Grazzano Badoglio. Rise to the parish church of St. Vittore and Corona where they take a bunch of flowers on the grave of Aleramo. Then continue on to the beautiful hills of Casorzo (winery) of Camagna, on the advice of Riccardo deviate for Colle Manora (museum of fashion designer Mila Schon and car races Giorgio Schon). Riccardo has softened his character seems to have matured alongside the sweetness of Lilli for which he has transformed the decomposed admiration in warm and sincere friendship. The journey continues for S. Salvatore They're going to come to Pietramarazzi, from where they started when, in the distance, on a dirt road they see a knight galloping, the horse raises a lot of dust with their hooves. Leave the paved road and follow the rider. Giusi reminds the mother who has also repeated the arrival of Aleramo, legend has it that, at the finish line the horse falls to the ground and dies from exhaustion. Giusi calls with the phone, a veterinary ambulance and alerted his friends to be ready at the finish. In view of the banner "Arrival", the two women see in front of them, the knight who urges with much force the horse into a gallop. Goes beyond the banner falls. Many ladies and knights around him and celebrate. The horse falls to the ground. Veterinarians are ready to help him and save his life. Lilli is awarded a plaque. The picture shows the jury is considered the most original object. Everyone is very happy when the horse rises from the ground. Veterinarians have saved the horse. Lilli is puzzled and asks questions: "After Acqui on the beach and it seemed to have seen ghosts or astral bodies. Now the horse is alive ... the plot thickens more? " The people crowding the square climb the car to return to their destinations. The veterinarian informs Lilli that the horse belongs to the association tourist and his speech was providential, otherwise he would have died of exhaustion. On the way back Giusi sees that the Knight trots along the roadside. Giusi stops and the rider dismounts, he informs to be the astral body Aleramo and thanked the girl for having saved the palfrey, otherwise he would die like the legend. Over the centuries the guilt of not being able to save him tormented. Now he can go clear on the Champs Elysees. Giusi asks why only the mother and the painter saw his astral body. Aleramo says that few people are able to see with the mind's eye. The rider who has shod the horse was a set of the tourist agency. He asks if Giusi want to be protected. Giusi asks him to become his spiritual guide, to get the best advice from Aleramo. The knight disappears and Giusi is to shake with fear or wonder? Her hands were shaking when trying to drive. She takes encourage, wants to act like an adult, his personality is gained in these three days, crossing places of extraordinary beauty, she had known more about the history of the Aleramic actions (businesses against the Saracens) and monuments that bear witness to its greatness. NB The canvas painted in oil as described above was painted by me with oil paints and are willing to put at the disposal of production.


    JOSEPH MAYNO, THE BANDIT Budget: $5M - $10M | Adventure True story. In a tavern Joseph Mayno insolences undergo a lieutenan. Must escape. Returned three years later. Steels from the rich to help the poor.  A gentleman bandit. 


    SOAP BUBBLES: GAGLIAUDO Budget: $5M - $10M | Action Commedia / dramma molto divertente:  LOGLINE Commedia ironica Un'intuizione, solo il grano alla mucca che Orso Rosso decide di alzare l'assedio di Gagliaudo viene arrestato dalle milizie di Alessandria. La popolazione è al sicuro

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