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Shane Leslie Mattison

Monk Shannon
Actor, Screenwriter, Singer, Acting Teacher and Other

Calgary, Canada

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About Shane

Who am I like? Who do I resemble talent-wise?
Russell Crowe, actor - character-actor.
Sting, songwriter, poet & painter.
Sam Shepard, playwright, screen-writer
William Shatner, fellow Canadian actor & author
Johnny Carson, humorist & interviewer
Gene Roddenberry, futurist & TV & Film Writer

Seriously? You bet! Upper Canada College Old Boy.
Hill School, Pennsylvania Graduation MO in Theatre
Stanford Grad, Class of 1981, Method Acting by Sheila Weber
(Neighborhood Playhouse School) I-VI ! Lead Roles Stanford
Theatre, plays by Sam Shepard & Shakespeare, Wrote Clivedenalia
& Directed play at Cliveden Estate where Meghan Markle stayed
before her wedding to Prince Harry. 6 months I lived there!
Movie work with Sam Elliott in "You Know My Name," playing
"the Bouncer," working a dozen scenes with Sam in a row &
carousing with the ladies of Fort Whoop-Up's long & fun night.
Played SImon Peter (St Peter the APostle) in the Canadian Badlands
Passion Play, one of the top three Passion Plays in the whole world.
We had a storm squall roll towards the three crucified bodies on
the gaunt hill of Golgotha. "Surely this one was the Son of God."
Smaller tv roles up in Calgary than I would have liked - a few episodes,
for instance, of "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." "Scenes From a Marriage"
deep Stanislavski improvisation with Milla Chernetski (American Film
Institute). Stage work by Samuel Beckett, a collaboration production
in Cliveden Estate, Endgame, co-starring with Larry Friedlander, Prof
of Shakespeare at Stanford. Played Demetrius in Midsummer Nights
Dream There, directed by Larry Friedlander and "Benedict" in "Much
Ado About Nothing," directed at Stanford by Daniel Barenbaum, and
starred as Weston in "Curse of the Starving Class," by Sam SHepard
and as "Niles" in Shepard's "Suicide in B-flat." Also roles in Sweeney
Todd, a modern musical adaptation and in Bertold Brecht's The Chalk
Circle and Christopher Wren in Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" directed
by Star Trek The Next Generation screenwriter Kasey Arnold-Ince.

CD Blonde on Blue &
Music Videos Sandefjord
& Berklee:
And many more: see my video section. They are all different babies!

Part Three. I was first converted as a believer in 1975, as Daniel Barenbaum
kept pointing at the Statue of David by Michelangelo. This brought me, through
David, to the humblest Son of David, just softly walking by one sunny Stanford
day. I had tried somewhat to reach Him before, but He had to reach Me. And
He has to reach you, or I will have failed to convey how beautiful are the feet
of Him who is forever Risen and Ascended, "the Glory of His people Yisrael!"

I had lived before in a nominal Anglican upbringing, some "gospel camping,"
and "Jesus People" dancing. And even though I believed, I found little freedom
from my teenage chains, the mistakes of the "hip" generation, for many years.

It took 20 years of a difficult, backsliding journey to decide to become Catholic,
and that has made ALL the difference: I needed the Catholic sacraments to
become finally free. They are vehicles of penetrating Light, if you will trust them.

As you may have guessed by now, I finally accepted my being mistaken in the vain
attempt at finding an "earthly love" who would remain with me when i sustained an
injury to my back. I thought I had married my soul mate. I thought she thought so too!

So then when i realized this impossibility, i felt called to consecrate my life to
the Sacred Heart, through His Most Immaculate Mother. That was in 2009.
Now I sing psalms and live as a rational hermit in the Hermitage of St Yuri,
in Alberta Canada.

I suffer CRPS2. You don't want to look it up! I'm a kind of Dominican & Byzantine.
"I have seen monks," said St Macarios the Great! I first saw them in England, at
Nashdom Abbey, famous in its day, but without any stampede of replenishers.
I love the Orthodox way of doing things, of worshiping, but I cannot leave Peter!

Let me mention "Yeshua." Words fail to say why I know He is Risen & Ascended.
Many Jews can tell you better than I can, that He's Yeshua ha'Messhiach, that He's
the Bridegroom and coming in the night as a thief to steal His precious jewels (1 Thess
4:16-17), who will descend with the Voice of a Shofar (trumpet) and gather by his
angels a much more mysterious band of trusty, salty friends & walkin' contradictions.

This is a rescue of Noah & Lot revisited, when the Angel of the Lord goes to battle
with the exploiting liars & avaricious persecutors of slaves, the widows & orphans -
the struggling migrants & refugees. St Francis of Assissi said,

"We are ALL poor in the eyes of our Lord."

He starts with just gently walking by you, with His godlike unconditional Love.
What you do with that utter sublime & wholly eternal Love is your business!!!!

Unique traits: singer actor teacher writer poet monk = renaissance man! i'm like benjamin franklin and thomas merton.

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