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By Nancy Gail Fox Aka Fox-Taylor

GENRE: Drama

LOGLINE: We are the same being in every life


We are the same being in every life,a spiritual Beverly Hills Tycoon geru stops nuclear war attacks and reincarnates to finish her psychic mission and her money and mail and owned Hotels are stolen by the criminals running slavery and the Best mom.A A old timer is set up, The River Farm Drive Mom and becomes a medium clear vessel of light and channel writes to stop slavery internationally to stop doom’s day and discovers she owns the world.SYNOPSIS:Carly Wilkinson A screenplay treatment.Based on my past life readings.Carly Wilkinson was a camera actor in the early 1900's for Hershey’s Coco, Geradeli Chocolate, and Campbell's Soup since age seven and for many years and in films with Vivian Leigh and many other famous actors who attended the Beverly Hills Hotel funeral in 1959 which they owned. Carly married a Hearst Family Castle relative in Carmel by the Castle and his name was Wayne Tate reincarnated to her boyfriend of this life as she predicated. Carly was a well known geru clairvoyant healer who worked for the United Nations reporting crime tips to stop slavery internationally from Beverly Hills, California. Her husband invested her modeling income into Wall Street and quadrupled it, they lived an elite lifestyle and owned half of wall street, The Beverly Hills Hotel and Rodeo Drive Merchant. Their daughter's are reincarnated to her in this life and they secured their money at their reincarnation birth, as Carly Wilkinson Tate predicated their name and birth dates accurately on her death bed she signed her trust as the executor to her new name, the inheritance trust named Fox Smith and Tate. Their daughter's were actresses , Carol Tate Smith was starred in many television films into the 1970s and lived in their Bel Air Mansions and was also a healer. The other daughter was a theatre actress married to a rugby player from their private academy High School, she lived near Maple Drive and was in the Beverly Hills elite lifestyle. Carly Wilkinson Tate bought many landmark properties so all would know her when she returned to earth, such as the Empire State Building among many properties as she's known as The Emergency Angel, the oldest soul in time as she's a psychic geru who predicts emergency’s and in another past life in China geese followed her as a spiritual being and Katherine Roman numeral seven and known as the Earth Angel in their past life as Indians in the Conejo Valley where they lived for fourteen years in this life in the City of Westlake Village, California. Many actors attended her funeral, some are actors she worked with in this life as a Costume Designer shopping on Rodeo Drive and at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, such as Zsa Zsa Gabor. The Kennedy's, Eisenhower and Truman family attended and she is their medium in this life and her guides she channel writes for who explain the whole story. Lucille Ball is also her guide and she was at the funeral in the long precession line in the midst of those saying good bye to a dear one who loved deeply, more than anyone with sincere wisdom and sentiment who had the longest hand written signed guest book and left her will with detailed instructions and said my name will be Miss Nancy Gail Fox The named Son of God, The Lordess on Earth, and the daughter of the Lord born in Los Angeles and John F. Kennedy knew this and announced it to the Baptist Churches in the South and planned to have her work with him in The White House as a psychic clairvoyant and the first word she wrote was firetruck, the words she writes now to explain people are taken to slavery this way by false reports people posing as The Department of Health and Welfare write to sell people to medical research as dead bodies, the case she was to crack in The White House and at three years old ran through their backyard on Ranchito Avenue, the street she predicted accurately and yelled oh no JFK's been shot.

Past Life Readings- We are the same person/being/spirit in every life.

My past life readings explain that I reincarnated with the same people in many lifetimes and have many guides who I communicate for that were in past lives with me and my reincarnated family.

My first life on earth was with God and he was a man, I am God's Medium communicator as Nancy Gail Fox in this life since 2005 and pray and talk to God most of my life and depend on. He explains I am the oldest soul in time and that I am The Angel of Stopping Emergency by his communicating through me as a human being on earth and that I don't stay in heaven long as an Angel I am right back to being a human to do the spiritual mission work and he plans out the reincarnation of myself and family members to be together to save life on earth and save the world by our psychic medium spiritual gifts of communicating by the spiritual realm of heaven on earth who know everything and by our psychic gifts of astral projecting , clairvoyant visionaries, time travels, channel writing, premonition dreams.spiritual insight perception and wisdom as old souls with detective skills and being able to communicate on an astral plane to each other. My past life movie " Carly Wilkinson" explains I communicated by a Ouija Board and in this life I did this alone as a child and by the similar device on an Angel Board in this life, readings say my daughter did the Ouija Board in our last life in our five Bel Air homes and I predicated she would be born in the late 1980's and she was born in 1991. My other daughters name may have been Carol L. Smith , husband William Smith who I've channeled and she predicted her name , birth date and that she would be born to me as I am their mother in many lives working together to save life on earth and the world as a team and in this life I do save life save the world work for twelve years and my older daughter did guide Angel Board communication with me channeling on the Angel Board at our house on River Farm and she leads a spiritual life and is

In one my past life time travels I looked the same but my long hair was black and my eyes were turquoise in a cave in a fur and I was rescued.

My daughter gifted as a writer.artist. scientist etc. My other daughter is a metaphysical healer studying many courses for years as her profession and will be a psychic medium with her many spiritual geru gifts and abilities to heal the world my readings say and as a 4 0 genius and readings say she wrote many books in her past life and worked at The Taj Mahal in India, and her predicated new life name are accurate as mine are that I predicated in our last life in the five Bel Air mansions. The Hearst Castle family many have been related to us and the name Smith may be The Smithsonian Institute.

Past lives

The Emergency Angel with God, the beginning of time


Asian geru, China

Katherine, The Queen of England

Jerusalem with Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary

Italy as Margerita with my daughters

Pioneer life, “The Guardian Angel Photo” is me guarding the children going over the bridge.

Carly Wilkinson aka Karly A. Tate Baroness Bel Air Beverly Hills

" Carly Wilkinson" Based on my past life readings

In my past life clairvoyant vision I saw myself with long honey colored hair slightly curled to the middle of my chest, similar to my hair now, but a solid honey blond color. I had olive skin and brown or hazel eyes and I was wearing high wasted flare off white satan pants and a tie up satan top that matched as a 1940's look. I was around 5 ft 7 inches and a regular weight with a good figure.

My readings say my named was Karly A. Wilkinson or Wilkerson maiden name and I was born in the later 1800's around 1889 and lived in Pasadena in a small town feeling area with pastures. One of may parents may have been Jewish as I saw myself when I was around 15 or 17 walking to a Synagogue and my readings say my father was part Jewish and came from another area and I went to Catholic School in a uniform. My parents knew I was a gifted mystic psychic. I was a Hersheys Coco Camera Model as a child around seven and white bloomers, and a white ruffled dress with a sky blue satan ribbon sash with a bow, I also took modeled at Giradeli Square.

As an adult I lived in Bel Air in five homes, some that had a view of the San Fernando Valley lights. I had five children, my daughters of this life were my daughters in my last life and in all of their lives I am their mother. My readings say I was born ,created at the beginning of time with God who says he was Egyptian and made me The Emergency Angel being, The Angel of Stopping Emergency's, to feel them in my body to stop them from happening at the moment such a sudden instinct and feeling to act upon and the ability to predict them in advance to stop them as an angelic being such as The Angel Of Mercy I am The Angel Of Stopping Emergency by my psychic being on earth and God says I don't stay in heaven too long, I'm right back to earth to reincarnate for another psychic spiritual mission he assigns to me with Jesus and Mary Magdalene who I am always a communicator for, usually later in life such as this life in my mid 40's. I always become a medium Prophetess communicator for them and Angels and important spirits. My readings say that I am twin soul to Jesus Christ and that Hannah is a twin soul to Virgin Mary for ions and she becomes her medium and I am until then or and at the same time. My last life I was doing a Ouija Board on a balcony smoking Viceroys in Beverly Hills with a view of Wilshire Blvd on Maple Ave it may have been, this was a clairvoyant vision of my past life. I was writing letter to someone in a foreign country that I was doing Ouija Board readings for and my readings say my younger daughter was a great Ouija Board reader on the floor doing it alone all the time and that's Jessica Taylor who will also be a medium for God my readings say that we all have the psychic ability in our beings. In your past life you were a social light in Bel Air and lived in town in Beverly Hills, married to a preppy young man who you attended a private school with that may have been U.C.L.A.. Jessica had two abbreviated names with a hyphen and children. My readings I had eight grandchildren, and my married name was Karly A. Tate Baroness and there have been a Tate Smith and a name Carol L. Smith may have been Hannahs name. We may have been related to The Hearst Castle Family and may have bought land in The Conejo Valley with them. We owned five hotels, The Bel Air Resort Hotel and I golfed there in a pink polo shirt and white visor. We owned The Beverly Hills Hotel and my memorial service was there after I died in my past life around Dec 3rd or 13th in 1958 and the memorial service may have been in Jan, 1959 and I was reborn that year Nov. 4th,1959. My readings say I was a famous psychic and knew famous people,in my past life reading visions I saw myself with Danny Thomas the actor walking on a dirt lot that was for sale and I was walking in the mud laughing and joking around about it with him. The lot where I Magnins and Bullocks was built, I drove around that area alone and has a silver flask in my luxury car,I drank and smoked. This was when I was around 68 years old. I saw myself in a blue gray wool suit, skirt and jacket in the mid 1940's with my blond hair in a bun going to meet Roosvelt or another Politician at our Bel Air Hotel Resort for a meeting. I saw my long walk in closet lined with shoes and purses on a shelf, it seemed modern in the 1950's. My readings say we owned Bergdorf Goodman/Neiman Marcus and were Beverly Hills merchants and had a store or office/condo on Camden Drive, Beverly Hills. The other hotels we owned may have been The Four Seasons, other Beverly Hills Hotels and five banks as we were very wealthy. I worked as a Ouija Board reader and earned eight hundred a day answering questions for the United Nations. The money was invested in stock in Wall Street and I owned The Empire State Building. We created an estate called The Sons Of God and one called Fox Smith and Tate as I predicated my name would be Nancy Fox to be born to Denise LaRae Sampson Fox and Doug Fox on Nov 3rd 1959 and I was born Nov 4th at 1 A M. The other name was Jenny Fox as I was almost named Jenny. My readings say Carly A. Tate willed her properties and money to herself in bank accounts for the heiress Nancy Fox of Ranchito to be born to Doug and Denise Fox and that Hannah was possibly Carol L. Smith married to William Smith and she willed her money to Hannah Grace to be born March 31st to Nancy Fox. My readings say in 1979 Carol and Bill Smith secured money in banks for her reincarnation and for Nancy Fox. I was buried at the Hollywood Memorial Cemetery where the Stars are buried in Hollywood as Tate. My husband died before me, he moved away to grape orchards he bought and traveled and abroad. Carol L. Smith went to the Taj Mahal in India and worked there as a spiritual guru doing healing work and lived by me on the same street, she wrote and published books. I also knew John F. Kennedy, Lucille Ball and many other famous people. I was an actress in movies and a dancer when I at around 20. Jessica had three daughters and lived in a large estate by Wilshire Blvd.

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