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About Artem

Hello everyone. My name is Artem. I'm a screenwriter. I have written two feature in the genre of thriller and drama. Now I'm seeking representation, that will help me to promote it.

Unique traits: I think my strong sides to create strong characters and details which to hold viewer’s attention and stay in their mind on long time. I can quickly convey those emotions or thoughts that character feels in addition without words and long scenes, that creating the blur into the film. It helps me to create wonderful scenes. You can understand it on famous examples, as it is in the film "Atonement" with Keira Knightley and James McAvoy. It's the moment when Robbie sends a letter for his lover (Cecilia) with help her small sister (Briony) . The letter that he wanted to send to her, it was second letter, that he wrote earlier after that the vulgar, ridiculous first letter. However then, when he looks how Briony is escaping tog1ether with his letter and he was striking with the lighter a few times, he suddenly recalls how he was doing exactly the same actions with the lighter before, at the time when he forgot to change the letter into the envelope for Cecilia by his own mistake. It is evident into his eyes, thirsting for the reaction of Cecilia, but his anticipation is replaced by fear at one moment, when he understands which one of his letters is kept by hands of Briony now. A good picture into the film always develops from such trifles. It remains into the memory for a long time. I studied the art of creating a successful script on such films. So I can to call them my teachers, along with Syd Field and his' three-act structure. The other interesting step that I have seen in the series “The Games of Thrones”, it was some smoothness, or otherwise it can called continuity into the plot. When one scene flows to the next after its without the gap (pause) into viewer’s mind. For example, it was a scene into the castle in the bedroom. There's while the characters talk each other, you can see an open large window on the background. There is the sea is behind its, and the horizon lies still farther. Light breeze of the sea bothers curtains. It is blowing over bodies, who are lying on the bed. Then the scene of the filmstrip takes us to the open sea. There's the other hero of the television series is trying to cope the control of the boat in a storm. And all of these happens unobtrusively, without inclusion into the essence of the plot, but complement this history with "fluidity ". This is noticeable not every viewer, but when you view a different tape, your eye can be off ends by the "raggedness" of the plot. Maybe this step was used earlier by somewhere else, but I saw its in the first time into this television series. My still one more strong skill is to show the scene so that it might tell about the character a lot, either without using the dialogues , or other way they must be brief. It's so strongly attracts me towards The Hollywood films. So, f or example , in the film of "Logan", where The Wolverine is already pretty elderly, squeezes from his own body the bullets that he "earned" in a shootout with the bandits in beginning of the filmstrip .He looks tired and aged. He's difficulty overcoming a pain. His regeneration is already occurring not as instantaneous as it was in the past You can to learn more about that happened with his life than if the same story was narrated through dialogues , for example in a conversation with Professor Xavier only from one of the scene in a few moments. It was so clearly and dramatically. However, most of all in the screenwriting craft, I like the creation an interesting and attractive plot for viewer. It is so that do a film so memorable. It is dramatic purpose (destiny), the structure of the plot, connecting the lines of life of heroes among themselves with flowing time. I hope that any of my films will teach for someone in the future. After all, when you understand something yourself - you are growing over yourself. Sincerely, Artem G. Miachin


  • The Lantern in Chinatown

    The Lantern in Chinatown Budget: $30M+ | Thriller After leaving the psychiatric hospital, a young man gathers several of his friends to avenge the corrupt policy, for the death of his girlfriend.

  • Darya

    Darya Budget: $5M - $10M | Drama The serene days of a little girl end when her sick mother suddenly disappears. Now she has to make an adult choice: stay home or leave its in search of her mother.

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