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Biagio Fersini

Production Designer, Set Decorator and Set Designer

New York City, New York

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Biagio Fersini was born in Parabita (Lecce), a small country town in the south of Italy. When he was a child, he dreamt of creating environments that could represent the surreal atmosphere of reality, onto the big screen. He was inspired by the natural landscape of the luminscent stars, the traslucent waters of his sea, and the verdant green of his countryside pastures. He imagined a world where he could create the brillant images of his imagination, collaborate with other creative minds, and transform ideas into life. He pursued his dreams of production design by furthering his education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome where he graduated with a degree in Production Design.

During his studies, he was introduced to the world of Roman arts and culture, theater and cinema, and broadcasting. He worked alongside influential Roman painters and artists such as Renato Mambor, Carlo Lizzani and Luca De Filippo. In the 90's, he worked for the major national broadcasters: RAI TV, Channel 5 and Telemontecarlo, where he started as an Assistant Production Designer in major television shows including "San Remo", "Luna Park", and "Inspector Montalbano". His skills quickly elevated him to the title of primary Production Designer for popular Italian series such as "Bittersweet".

Eventually, his natural passion for the cinema was actualized and commenced in 1996. He began work as Assistant Production Designer, Illustrator, Set Decorator, and Art Director for a number of major films including: "The Legend of 1900" by Giuseppe Tornatore, "Titus" by Julie Taimor, "The Ripley's Game" by Liliana Cavani, "Inkheart" by Iain Softley, and "Tea with Mussolini" by Franco Zeffirelli.

Over the last ten years, his talents earned him the position of Production Designer in 13 films. Most recently, his films were premiered at the Venice Film Festival 2010 ("Lost Kisses" by Roberta Torre) and the Rome Film Festival 2010 ("The Disappearance of Pato" by Rocco Mortelliti). However, this is only the beginning for him, he hopes to utilize his many experiences, travels, and ideas to an international audience.



  • Il crimine non va in pensione

    Il crimine non va in pensione (2017)
    Film (Comedy) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Donne: Ofelia

    Donne: Ofelia (2016)
    TV Movie Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Ameluk

    Ameluk (2014)
    Film (Comedy) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Boy in the Void

    Boy in the Void (2013)
    Film (Short, Action and Drama) Production designer A proud boy opens the door to a masculine world of a hardcore Brooklyn gym and quickly learns that the image he has of himself is seen much differently by his friend and the gym owner. In his ensuing quest for manhood, the boy uncovers a side of himself that has never been revealed before. This story is inspired by real events. Written by Anonymous

  • Amalia

    Amalia (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama and Fantasy) Production designer The film tells the love story between a hard man with no identity, and a very beautiful woman: Amalia. The film opens with a man dressed as a pirate sitting in front of the mirror trying desperately with makeup and costumes to like to please his beloved. Not remain satisfied with the first result and the process continues. In a setting a bit 'dream, man, imagine that you hear the voice of a warm and gentle woman who calls him amoreeee (love) .... Inspired by the call is about to reach his beloved in the dining room. One senses immediately in an almost playful psychological state and mental ill man. Written by Anonymous

  • Grand Morelos

    Grand Morelos (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama and Music) Production designer Charlie's been playing the saxophone his entire life. Now that he has glaucoma and is bound to become blind, the doctor urges him to avoid playing his instrument. Someday he enters a diner, Grand Morelos, and orders a piece of cake from a waitress who feels ignored by everybody. As Charlie talks to her, she finally feels important to someone and inspires him to go get his last wish before he goes blind. But it's too late to be seen by his eyes. Written by Anonymous

  • The Killing Floor: Star Baby

    The Killing Floor: Star Baby (2012)
    Video (Short and Music) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Vorrei vederti ballare

    Vorrei vederti ballare (2012)
    Film (Comedy) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Una donna per la vita

    Una donna per la vita (2012)
    Film (Comedy) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • La mucca, il manzo, non è questo il punto

    La mucca, il manzo, non è questo il punto (2011)
    Film (Short and Drama) Production designer Guido has a steady job and two childhood friends with whom spends the evening driving around, looking for lost places, once the scene of mysterious deaths. One night, a strange encounter. Written by Anonymous

  • Un giorno della vita

    Un giorno della vita (2011)
    Film (Drama) Art department Add a Plot »

  • La scomparsa di Patò

    La scomparsa di Patò (2010)
    Film (Drama) Production designer Based on the historical novel by Andrea Camilleri, The Vanishing of Patò is set in Vigàta, the town that Detective Montalbano fans know and love...but it's 1890, Easter weekend. Two rival investigators look into the disappearance of Antonio Patò, a quiet accountant who vanishes after his performance as Judas in the town's annual Passion Play.

  • I baci mai dati

    I baci mai dati (2010)
    Film (Drama) Production designer A 13-year-old girl in the deprived outskirts of a sprawling Sicilian city becomes a local celebrity to her needy community when word spreads that she just might be able to perform miracles.

  • Agrodolce

    Agrodolce (2008)
    Television (Drama) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Taglia e cuci

    Taglia e cuci (2008)
    Television (Comedy) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Inkheart

    Inkheart (2008)
    Film (Adventure, Family and Fantasy) Art department Mo has the special talent to bring characters out of books. One night he brings out three characters from Inkheart, a story set in medieval times and filled with magical beings. Capricorn and Basta, two villains, and Dustfinger, a fire-eater. Now, 10 years later Meggie discovers the truth and it's up to her to escape Capricorn's evil grasp. Written by Gloria

  • Il rabdomante

    Il rabdomante (2007)
    Film (Drama) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • I vicerè

    I vicerè (2007)
    Film (Drama and History) Art director Story in set in Sicily, 1800. The Uzeda family fights to remain in control of its power against the new regime, both on political and personal side, leading to intricate love affairs, difficult parental relashionship and obstacles on their way to the top.

  • Cover boy: L'ultima rivoluzione

    Cover boy: L'ultima rivoluzione (2006)
    Film (Drama) Production designer Cover-boy (low-budget film shot in the Sony digital HDV format and transfert on 35mm. feature film) is the story of the friendship between Ioan (Eduard Gabia) and Michele (Luca Lionello) respectively Romanian and Italian... See full synopsis »

  • Per non dimenticarti

    Per non dimenticarti (2006)
    Film (Drama) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Sampras

    Sampras (2006)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Karol - The Pope, the Man

    Karol - The Pope, the Man (2006)
    TV Movie (Biography) Art director Add a Plot »

  • Il ritorno del Monnezza

    Il ritorno del Monnezza (2005)
    Film (Comedy) Set decorator Add a Plot »

  • Casa Eden

    Casa Eden (2004)
    Film (Drama) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Modena Modena stazione di Modena, per Carpi Suzzara Mantova si cambia

    Modena Modena stazione di Modena, per Carpi Suzzara Mantova si cambia (2003)
    Film (Drama) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Ferrari

    Ferrari (2003)
    TV Movie (Drama) Art director When he is only ten years old, Enzo Ferrari runs to the next village only to watch a car race. Now the direction for his life is set. He starts immediately working on vehicles and as soon as he is old enough to drive a real car, he becomes a race car driver. Soon the young man shows ambitions in finding a racing team. He offers his services to Fiat but the team managers turn him down. Yet Alfa Romeo hires Ferrari and promotes him to team manager. With gusto Ferrari takes his family to the races. His wife objects to the noise and considers this environment inappropriate for little Dino, but Enzo's enthusiasm knows no restraint. He is determined to raise him as his successor. Ferrari's reputation grows and enables him to create his own company, Scuderia Ferrari. When he presents his employees (including Giuseppe Campari and Tazio Nuvolari) to the press, he explains that enthusiasm can be contagious. But when German troops come to Italy, Ferrari is accused of building weapons for the ...

  • Joy - scherzi di gioia

    Joy - scherzi di gioia (2002)
    Film (Comedy) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Volesse il cielo!

    Volesse il cielo! (2002)
    Film (Comedy) Production designer Add a Plot »

  • Ripley's Game

    Ripley's Game (2002)
    Film (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Art department Tom Ripley - cool, urbane, wealthy, and murderous - lives in a villa in the Veneto with Luisa, his harpsichord-playing girlfriend. A former business associate from Berlin's underworld pays a call asking Ripley's help in killing a rival. Ripley - ever a student of human nature - initiates a game to turn a mild and innocent local picture framer into a hit man. The artisan, Jonathan Trevanny, who's dying of cancer, has a wife, young son, and little to leave them. If Ripley draws Jonathan into the game, can Ripley maintain control? Does it stop at one killing? What if Ripley develops a conscience? Luisa prepares for her concert. Written by <>

  • Il principe e il pirata

    Il principe e il pirata (2001)
    Film (Comedy) Set decorator Add a Plot »

  • Via Zanardi, 33

    Via Zanardi, 33 (2001)
    Television Set decorator Add a Plot »

  • Il commissario Montalbano

    Il commissario Montalbano (2000)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Set decorator Murder, betrayal, office politics, temptation... it's all in a day's work for Detective Salvo Montalbano. Filmed in the ancient, sun-washed Sicilian city of Ragusa Ibla, the series is based on the international best-selling mystery novels by Andrea Camilleri and stars Luca Zingaretti.

  • Titus

    Titus (1999)
    Film (Drama, History and Thriller) Art department War begets revenge. Victorious general, Titus Andronicus, returns to Rome with hostages: Tamora queen of the Goths and her sons. He orders the eldest hewn to appease the Roman dead. He declines the proffered emperor's crown, nominating Saturninus, the last ruler's venal elder son. Saturninus, to spite his brother Bassianus, demands the hand of Lavinia, Titus's daughter. When Bassianus, Lavinia, and Titus's sons flee in protest, Titus stands against them and slays one of his own. Saturninus marries the honey-tongued Tamora, who vows vengeance against Titus. The ensuing maelstrom serves up tongues, hands, rape, adultery, racism, and Goth-meat pie. There's irony in which two sons survive. Written by <>

  • Tea with Mussolini

    Tea with Mussolini (1999)
    Film (Drama, Comedy and War) Art director In 1935 a group of elderly British women, whom the Italians have named the Scorpioni, have chosen Italy, specifically Florence, as a place to live to blend their proper British sensibilities with their love of Italian art and culture. One of those Scorpioni, Mary Walsh, works as the English secretary for Paolo Innocente, who, in part because of his own wife's adamant refusal, largely neglects his illegitimate adolescent son, Luca, despite Paolo's want for Luca to grow up to be a proper young man, much like the English. Luca has lived in an orphanage since his dressmaker mother's death, death a concept that Luca does not yet understand. As such, he often runs away looking for his mother. On a mutual agreement between Paolo and Mary, Mary becomes Luca's guardian, she who will receive help in raising Luca by her fellow Scorpioni and financial help from Paolo as needed. Associated with the Scorpioni is a brash younger nouveau riche Jewish-American woman named Elsa Morgenthal, who, because... Written by Huggo

  • La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano

    La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano (1998)
    Film (Drama, Music and Romance) Art department 1900. Danny Boodmann, a stoker on an American passenger liner, Virginian, finds a baby abandoned on the ship. He names the child Danny Boodmann T.D. Lemon Nineteen Hundred '1900' and raises the child as his own until his death in an accident on the ship. The child never leaves the ship and turns out to be a musical genius, especially when it comes to playing the piano. As an adult he befriends a trumpet player in the ship's band, Max Tooney. After several years on the ship Max leaves, and tells the story of 1900 to the owner of a music store. Written by grantss

  • Il mio West

    Il mio West (1998)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Western) Art director The idealistic lifestyle of an old West farmer, his Indian wife and half-breed son, who narrates the tale, is disrupted when his grandfather, an old gunslinger, shows up on the farm. Although looking to retire, the family is not happy with his return, given his past lifestyle and mistreatment of his family. Things get worse when another gunfighter shows up and terrorizes the town, trying to force the father into a gun fight. Written by John Sacksteder <>

  • Il piacere delle carni

    Il piacere delle carni (1992)
    Film Art department Add a Plot »

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