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Richard M Kjeldgaard

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Scottsdale, Arizona

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About Richard

Originally from the L.A. area (The SFV) Used to be the box-boy to the stars working at a supermarket in the Sherman Oaks area. Grew up in Van Nuys/Encino area when it was affordable.

For my day job, I am a Certified Medical Data Analyst working with all specialties, Work from home doing contract work for various hospitals and medical groups.

I wrote my first script when I was 10 y/o. Titled "Fort Nasa" it was the story of a moon landing that was attacked by unknown aliens who set up a colony on the moon. Kind of a we are the UFOs. I had these spaceman figurines and made a stage out of a box. Made all backgrounds and little sets, Would put on shows for family and kids in my neighborhood.

Writing was something I really liked in school as it allowed me creative freedom. My teachers were always impressed in my ability to create thoughts and visuals. Used to write satirical news reports and commercials for History, English classes and talent shows.. Taking exams was a different story, I sucked at it. My first writing was for my high school newspaper where I wrote the sports page. I was going to major in Journalism in Junior College but I got bored getting my general education units out of the way so I just left school and skipped going to University despite the enormous amounts of peer pressure I received (What are you going to do with your life?).

My writing continued as I wrote short stories for contests sponsored by various publications.

I ended up worked various jobs before I landed in the medical business field. Then I pursued writing as a hobby entering various story contests given by magazines and newspapers. Movies came into my life and I became fascinated by screenwriters and the movie making process and it went from there.

Fast forward... today I am an Award winning spec screenwriter of multiple genres, both feature length and shorts. I've had a love of movies ever since I was kid and I used to daydream my own movies in my head whenever I was bored then I put pen to paper. Writing, reading books and movies became a good escape for me as I didn't have a lot of friends. While I do write most of my own stories, I also have collaborative experience having worked with several Actors, Actresses and Authors on feature projects. Had a few that were close to production but the producers backed out at the last minute (Hollywood Heartbreak). Part of the business I guess. Just keep trying.

I am always seeking creative connections and my next collaboration/new challenge. My greatest assets are my imagination and ability to write on the fly. My specialty is the horror/thriller genres which I've been a fan of my entire life.

Have recently started to do some voice acting as my new goal is to self produce and star in story trailers for my scripts..

"We are not only screenwriters, we are internal actors"


IMDB Credits:

Hometown Kill Box
Looking for Sally

YouTube Table Readings::

NOWHERE-VILLE - Wildsound Festival
PREY FOR THE DAY - Wildsound Festival
HOMETOWN KILL BOX - Wildsound Festival
REVIVED- Wildsound Festival

Internet Readings:

SEVERANCE PAYBACK - VIMEO,. Wildsound Thriller Festival 2021
SACRIFICES - VIMEO. Wildsound Thriller Festival 2021
STUNG - VIMEO, Wildsound Thriller Festival - 2021
DESERT SLAYGROUND - VIMEO Wildsound Thriller Festival - 2023
DEATH ROW CHALLENGE - VIMEO Wildsound Thriller Festival - 2023

Publications: through Dizzy Emu/Amazon books::


Screenplay movie short promo (YouTube): - HOMETOWN KILL BOX (IMDB credit 2019)

Contest winners through Wildsound Film Festival: - PREY FOR THE DAY and NOWHERE-VILLE

Winner best dramatic screenplay, Mind-field Film Festival: 2018 - ALTERED LIVES

Finalist Napa Screenplay/Film Festival - 2019 - DISCOUNT LODGING

Finalist Horror13 Screenplay contest: 2018 - BAD NEIGHBORS

Co-Writing credits:

DISREMEMBER - Crime Thriller
TRILOGY OF GOOD AND EVIL - Supernatural/Horror

Other features and shorts:

UNAPRRECIATED - Suspense/thriller
THE DEVIL'S APPRENTICE - Horror/thriller

Voice character work -


Unique traits: Creative mind. Sense of humor. Straight shooter. Kick back. Survivor.



  • Altered Lives

    Altered Lives Drama Three adult couples, friends since college, are leading the good life with their teenage kids in suburbia. Their similar lives become altered when a joke by a few of the teens goes terribly wrong.

  • Prey for the Day

    Prey for the Day Thriller A couple takes a business trip from Los Angeles to Miami for a Real Estate deal that appears too good to be true. Their trip soon turns into a nightmare fight for survival as they are targeted by a con man and his henchmen in an abandoned community.

  • Nowhere-Ville

    Nowhere-Ville Thriller Two longtime friends fly in a Cessna for an out of state camping trip. When their plane is disabled by a lightening storm they are forced to land in the desert. Out in the middle of nowhere, their trip turns into a horror filled fight for survival as they encounter a pair of escaped convicts with an agenda. 

  • Select Cuts

    Select Cuts Budget: $1M - $5M | Horror Two couples take a break from the city and rent a vacation home in a peaceful mountain community. Their dream trip soon turns into a mysterious, nightmare fight for survival as dire secrets within the community are revealed.

  • Desert Slayground

    Desert Slayground Thriller Three women take a girls trip to Lag Vegas to help one of them forget about a recent divorce. They soon become victims in a territorial war for drugs and money between rival gangs.

  • Revived

    Revived Drama Richard Bernier is a single, financially secure thirty something businessman who one day decides to take a road trip to get away from it all. Turns out there's something from his past he's also trying to come to terms with. As he starts trip trip he meets someone running from issues of her own and together they take a journey towards recovery.

  • Trilogy Of Good And Evil

    Trilogy Of Good And Evil Horror Fantasy Three stories of spirits, Good and Evil, genre on earth. Titles -  "A Cry For Help?"  "Men Excelling And Terrific" and  "The Devils' Apprentice".

  • Inhuman

    Inhuman Thriller A professional couple, on a getaway trip to a mountaintop community to sell the husband's childhood home, become prey to a criminal element hiding from authorities in the nearby woods.

  • Stung

    Stung Thriller Two LAPD officers, while on a routine call,  are targeted, taken prisoner, and subjected to a bizarre role reversal game of torture hosted by a criminal element hell bent on revenge.


  • Death Row Challenge

    Death Row Challenge (2023)
    Film by Wildsound Writer A story of karma as a corporate executive faces his biggest challenge from a masked figure who kidnaps him and puts him through a life or death challenge out in the middle of nowhere.

  • Desert Slayground

    Desert Slayground (2023)
    Film by Wildsound Writer Three women take a trip to Las Vegas celebrating the divorce of one of them. Their dream trip turns into a nightmare fight for survival as they became prey for a criminal element just outside the city.

  • Stung

    Stung (2022)
    Film by Wildsound (Crime) Writer Two LAPD are ambushed and kidnapped on a routine patrol. Taken to a n abandoned locale in the middle of nowhere they're subjected to a nightmare game created by a criminal element seeking revenge.

  • Severance Payback

    Severance Payback (2021)
    Film (short) by Wildsound Writer A strict company executive is terrorized in her home by outside forces seeking revenge.

  • Hometown Kill Box

    Hometown Kill Box (2019)
    Film (short) by Wildsound Fest (Action) Writer A Marine Colonel, burnt out and suffering from PTSD after his platoon is ambushed outside Baghdad, retires early and heads out to the solitude of the desert to live out his remaining years. The peace and quiet are soon disturbed by fugitive bank robbers and warring drug cartels who come to the small town i the middle of nowhere. He finds himself fighting a new war at home.

  • Bad Neighbors

    Bad Neighbors (2018 - 2019)
    Film (short) by Writer A Middle East war vet, on disability suffering from PTSD,. returns home and moves with his wife to a hillside home away from the city. The peace and quiet is soon interrupted by a group of marauding crazy people hiding out in the nearby hills. He must recall his forgotten military skills to help save his community from an onslaught

  • Prey for the day

    Prey for the day (2018)
    Film by Wildsound Fest table read (Thriller) Writer A couple takes a business trip from Los Angeles to Miami at the invite of a Real Estate investor. Hoping to strike it rich in Real Estate. Their dream trip soon turns into a nightmare fight for survival against a con man and his henchmen in an abandoned, derelict community.

  • Nowhere-Ville

    Nowhere-Ville (2018)
    Film by Wildsound Fest table read Writer Two men on a camping trip, fly a Cessna from Los Angeles to New Mexico. On the way they are forced down in the middle of nowhere by a thunderstorm. Soon they realize their situation is worse then expected and the dream trip turns into a nightmare fight for survival against escaped convicts hiding out in the desert.

  • Revived

    Revived (2018)
    Film (short) by Wildsound Fest table read Writer A single, successful businessman, mid 30s, realizes life is passing him by and there's more to life than work. He decides to take a long, overdue road trip to clear his head . Along the way he picks up a female companion trying to clear her own head. Along the way they both turn out to have life issues they're dealing with and the trip turns into a revival of both their spirits.

  • Sacrifices

    Film (short) by Wildsound Writer A police psychic helps track down victims of a serial killer as he dies in a shootout. She soon gets in over her head on a recent assignment.


  • Winner Wildsound Best Scene "Death Row Challenge"

  • Winner Wildsound Best Scene "Desert Slayground"

  • Winner Wildsound Short Screenplay Festival "Severance Payback"

  • Winner Wildsound Short Screenplay Festival "Sacrifices"

  • Finalist Napa Film/Screenplay Festival "Discount Lodging"

  • Gold Award Winner. Best Script. "Altered Lives" at the Mindfield Film Festival 2018

  • Finalist Screenplay contest for "Bad Neighbors"

  • Winning Action Feature Screenplay "Prey for the Day" Action/Adventure Festival

  • Top 15 winner "Hometown Kill Box" Wildsound Screenplay Festival

  • Finalist in the Napa Film Festival for script "Revived"

  • Finalist Breaking Walls Screenplay Contest for "Hometown Kill Box"

  • Winner Action Feature Screenplay "Nowhere-Ville" Action/Adventure Festival

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