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By laureano bonett

GENRE: Thriller
LOGLINE: “THE CORNER” Written by Laureano Bonett Llach 1-Description of the project: “The corner” is a story to make a film of 90 minutes of duration. The genre is Mystery and suspense. The story occurs in Miami, USA. 2-Synopsis: Jenny has an accident when she is cleaning the window on the stepladder at the same time, she sees a little girl called Whitney when runs across the street. A car crashes against her little body in the corner of her house. Jenny was pregnant and loses her baby. Her husband Michael is a dentist and becomes so kind with her. Suddenly, Whitney comes to life again and escapes to the hospital then appears in the park where Jenny and Jane, mom of Michael, are taking a walk. Jenny sees her and finding her there, she invites Whitney to eat in her home so the accidents of death start. A friend of Jenny, Alexa dies after getting out Jenny’s house, driving her car then a friend of Michael, Ron, dies too in the bathroom. Later, Jane has an accident too with the flames of the stove and Whitney makes her to fall down the stairs too, then she tells to Jenny that Michael is having a relationship with his secretary so Jenny and Michael break their relations and Jane is pushed through the window of the second floor Tina’s House, Michael’s secretary. An old woman tells to Michael the truth. The little girl had a car accident thirty years ago in that corner of his house and she always appears to kill all the people who live there. Michael takes Jenny to the Aunt of Whitney, so that she could believe the truth. In home, they fight each other. Whitney gets inside in the body of Jenny and shoots the gun to Tina and hurts the arm of FBI detective. Finally, she returns to the corner into Jenny’s body to have a car accident again but she fights inside so Whitney goes out from her body to cross the street and dies crashed with a car. They can’t find her body on the street so, Michael, Jenny and Jane move to another house. 3- Principals personages: 1- Jenny Jennings: Latin girl, 25 years old and she is so kind. She lets Whitney change her feelings and mind about her husband Michael with lies. She has black eyes. 2- Michael Jennings: He is latin too and a dentist; he has a Clinic. He is white, tall and so faithful with her wife. He is so incredulous with spirituals themes. Finally, he has to believe to save the life of his wife. He has thirty two years old. 3- Jane: She is the mother of Michael; married with American man. She has 50 years old, has a white skin and looks so elegant and well-shaped. She is so nervous and fearful. 4- Whitney: She has a long and blond hair with blue eyes. She has ten years and looks like an innocent girl, a good girl. Suddenly, she will get out all her angry and the bad side. “The Corner”. Screenplay by Laureano Bonett Llach Scene 1: of Jenny.street. Jenny opens the door and walks outside with his husband Michael. He kisses her lips and puts his ear on her big stomach so she is pregnant, almost seven months. Michael: Julio is moving dear. He is making a little noise inside. Jenny: Maybe he will be a musician. Michael: Oh no. I desire he could be a dentist like his father. (Michael gets into the van, the he turns on the engine). Jenny: Nobody can impose him to be like you are. Michael: I will see it. Take care so much. (He kisses her lips and goes away, driving his van. She smiles and say bye with her hand, then she gets into the house, has second floor, and closes the door). Cut to: Scene 2: of Jenny. Jenny opens the curtain and puts the metallic stair, stepladder, and gets up with a clean liquid in her hand but she sees, through the glass of the window, a little girl called Whitney in the corner. She smiles and Jenny does too while she walks to cross the street, Jenny tries to notice a car is approaching so speed. It crashes against her in the street. Jenny loses the breath for the physical effect then falls down on the floor. Jane gets into the living room and shouts the name “JENNY” with so afraid to see her on the floor. The music of this scene is suspense. Cut to: Scene 3: clinic. Michael has a white wrapper and he is in the chair making a tooth clean in the mouth of his patient then his cell phone rings. He takes it from his pocket. Michael: Hello. (Michael changes his happy face to tragedy to hear a bad new). Cut to: Scene 4: Two ambulances run away for the entire street with the sound of their foghorn. Dramatic music. Cut to: Scene 5: Day.exterior.streets.near the shore. Michael worried, is driving his car for the entire street so speed near the shore. He doesn’t stop at the semaphore in the corner so two cars break in a collision. Dramatic music. Cut to: Scene 6: of Jenny. Two ambulances arrive at Jenny’s house. Dramatic music ends in this scene. Cut to: Scene 7: Michael drives so worried and desperate. He arrives in a file with so many cars. He takes a pipe of his car with so angry. Cut to: Scene 8: The nurses come in with two stretchers. Jenny is lay down on the first. Whitney is on the second. She has blood on her dress and her face too. The nurses carry them in an emergency room then close the door. Cut to: Scene 9: Day.interior.urgency The doctor and three nurses try to save the life of Jenny. She is in the bed then Michael comes in so desperate and the nurse gets out him. Michael: Jenny. How is she? Nurse 1: You should wait outside. I am sorry. Michael: Jenny. There’s something I can do?. Nurse 1: We will call you. Please, stay quiet outside. Calm down. Michael gets out and the nurse closes the door. Cut to: Scene 10: Day.interior.urgency room Another doctor and two nurses try to save the life of Whitney. She is on the bed with blood in her cloth. Doctor 2: ( He feels her pulse) I don’t feel her pulse. The nurses see each other so surprised then the doctor puts his hands on her heart and gives her the massage, oppressing it to return to life but after three times, he doesn’t see any result. Cut to: Scene 11: Day.interior.wait Michael and Jane wait on the sofa. They are worried. Mother: You must have faith so much. God, only can save the life of your wife and your little baby. Michael: Mom, the doctor had told her to care so much. She had problems to get pregnant. Mother: I know Michael. She desired to get a baby. She dreamed with this moment but nobody knows when the bad situations will come. (The nurse 1 and the doctor 1 approach to them so worried). Nurse 1: Mister Jennings. Michael: (gets up) Yes. Doctor 1: Your wife is ok. (Michael and Jane take a breath and smile). Michael: And the baby?. Doctor 1: I am sorry. We made all to save his life. (Michael becomes so sad and Jane holds him). Cut to: Scene 12: Day.interior.urgency room Whitney is on the bed alone. Suddenly, opens her eyes and stands up. She opens the door and gets out. Suspense music. Dissolve to: Scene 13: of Jenny. Michael opens the door and approaches to Jenny in her bed. She feels him and opens her eyes. Michael smiles her. Jenny: Michael. How is the little girl?. Michael. She died. Jenny: (sad) Like my baby. Why?. I had been waiting to get a child to hold to love so strong. Michael: You will have a baby. I am sure the next time. Now you must have to rest. Jenny: I can’t rest without my baby. (Michael sits on bed next to her). Michael: First, you have to recover, later we would make a plan to get a baby again. It’s so easy. We are young and God will give us an opportunity to have one like you and I dreamed. Jenny: (kisses him) I love you Michael. I love you. (She closes slowly her eyes and Michael is standing up while she is sleeping). Cut to: Scene 14: of Jenny. Jane approaches to Michael and sits next to him in a leather sofa. He is so worried. Jane: She asked again for the girl?. Michael: Yeah. Maybe feels a fault to see her dies. Jane: (she is thoughtful). Son, I heard in this corner, a car always gets a collision with a little girl. Michael: We are living here almost three years. Jane: Yeah, three years ago, a girl died too in the same conditions but her body disappeared. Michael: Tomorrow I will call to the hospital to ask for the girl. (Jane smiles him). Cut to: Scene 15: of Jenny. Whitney walks and stops in front of Jenny’s house. The lights turn off. It is so mystery. Suspense music. Cut to: Scene 16: of Jenny.dream. Whitney smiles and watches Jenny through the window. She smiles too in the top of the stepladder. The car approaches and crashes with her. Suspense music. Cut to: Scene 17: of Jenny. Jenny wakes up so nervous and her husband Michael wakes up too. Michael: What’s up?. Honey. Jenny: It’s nothing important. I can’t resist she is died. Michael: Who died?. (With somnolence). Jenny: Ignore me. You have to work so early. (Jenny and Michael try to sleep again). Cut to: Scene 18: of Jenny. Michael comes in and takes a cup of tea on the table; his mother approaches and helps him to put the neck-tie. Michael: Don’t let her to lift up from bed. Jane: I have the list of the medical treatment. Don’t worried about her. I will take care of her while you are working. Let the problems outside your mind. Jenny: (appears and they are surprised). This is a great day and I don’t think to stay in bed for the rest of this week. Michael: Honey, it’s for your health. Jenny: I am ok. Don’t worry. I like to say good bye and desiring to get so lucky to my husband. (She kisses him). Michael: I love you. (Jane opens the door and Jenny and Michael get outside). Jenny: Bye dear. Have a good day. Michael: Don’t forget you should have to rest. Don’t do the things doctor said. Jenny: Ok. I am going to see the TV all the day if you prefer. I promise. It’s boring to do nothing in bed. Michael: I know. (He gets into the Van). Be care of you. I’ll call you later. Jenny: I love you. (Michael drives away his car). Cut to: Scene 19: of Jenny. Jenny is sitting in the bed, watching TV screen. Jane comes into the room. Jane: Jenny, do you have some cookies with a cup of coffee?. Jenny: No, Jane. I don’t want anything. (She stands up) I want to walk. Jane: But the doctor said. Jenny: I know the doctor said. Could you accompany me for a walk?. Jane: (smiles). It’s ok, but only for a few minutes. (Jenny takes her arms and both get out the room. The TV screen is on). Cut to: Scene 20: Day.exterior.park. Two children, 5 years old, are playing in the park near the house of Jenny. They run back of a little dog. Jenny and Jane approach near the shadow of a big tree. They see them and smile. Jenny tries to go next to the kids but sees Whitney smiling. She is surprised, and then gets away from Jane. She follows her and Jane is worried when doesn’t see her. Jenny calls her little girl and Jane seeks her. Jenny: Hey girl. Stop please. (Whitney stops and turns to Jenny). Whitney: Hi. Jenny: How are you?. Whitney: Fine. Jenny: Do you remember me?. Whitney: The lady from the window. Jenny: Yes. But you are alive. My husband told me.(Stops her words). Whitney: I’m fine. I’m going to turn over my home. Jenny: Do you live near here? Whitney: Yeah. Bye. (Whitney gets away from Jenny. She is so thoughtful and Jane appears back). Jane: (surprised) Oh God. Finally I found you. Jenny: I said Jane I was going to walk. (Jenny walks and Jane takes air). Cut to: Scene 21: of Jenny. The phone rings and Jane takes it. She answers. Jenny: Hello. Hi honey. I am so fine. Yeah. I was walking and surprised me to see her, the little girl, you know. She had an accident with the car here in the corner of the house. She is ok and she is not died like you told me. Ok Bye. She hangs the phone. Cut to: Scene 22: clinic. Tina, Michael’s secretary, approaches to him, using his white wrapper. She gives him a little paper. Tina: This is the phone number of the hospital you asked me Michael. Michael: Thanks. There’s one thing I have to know. He takes her cell phone, dials it and talks with the nurse of the hospital. Michael: Good day, I need some information about the girl that died with a car accident, yesterday. I’m the husband of Jenny, Michael Jennings. It happened in the corner of my house. (Waits the answer). What!. (Surprised). Cut to: Scene 23: of Jenny. Jenny and Jane are sitting in the sofa. Michael is standing in front of them. Jenny is surprised. Jenny: It’s impossible. I saw her. I’m not crazy Michael. Michael: I’m not a liar. The nurse told me she disappeared when the doctor tried to return to life. Jane: Maybe, they are wrong or have confused her name. Michael: (He says with angry). She hasn’t a name, neither a clinic history. Jane: It’s so strange. Jenny: A miracle. God can do it. I think so. Jane and Michael see each other surprised for the words of Jenny. Cut to: Scene 24: of Jenny. Jenny, using the dress of sleeping, approaches to Michael, is in the bed. He smiles and touches her body with his finger. Michael: Honey, this is a special night we can share together to make another baby. Jenny: (serious). It’s too late Michael. You’d better rest all night. Michael: But I don’t understand you ( He says with angry). We need a baby in home you know to laugh. Jenny: To love yeah but there isn’t a moment. I have passed with a horrible experience in my life, so my faith will go on into my heart. Don’t make me lose the control. Michael: (serious). You always got the right. We can wait. It is ok. Michael turns to her so angry. Cut to: Scene 25: of Jenny. Jane comes in and approaches to the refrigerator in the dark. She opens the door and its light illuminates the kitchen. She is afraid to see a little figure of the girl then she shouts. Jenny and Michael get in and turn on the lights. They have clothes of sleeping. Michael: What happened mom?. Jane: (afraid). I, I see ( She takes breath). I see a figure of the girl. Jenny: (interested). Who?. Could you describe her?. Jane: No, but he has a long hair. Michael sees Jenny with so incredulity. Michael: Come on. Let outside of our minds the storm of that girl. She died and this is all I know. Both of you. Don’t talk to me about her anymore. Jenny: Michael, maybe was a ghost. Michael: (angry). I don’t believe in spiritual appearances. Come on, forget this moment and return to our rooms. You saw that kind of figures in the dark because you eat cookies in the night. Jane: Some cookies son. It’s the first time I see a thing like that or it’s probably I confused the figure. Could have been a cat?. Jenny and Michael: A cat?. Michael: We don’t have any cat Mom. Jane: Our neighbors have one. Jenny: I hate the cats. Jane: Ok. I didn’t see anything. Maybe I’m crazy too. Jane gets away so angry. Jenny and Michael see each other. Cut to: Scene 26: of Jenny. Michael sleeps but Jenny wakes up to hear a voice of a little girl in the air. Suspense music until scene 28. Voice of Whitney: La,la,la,la,la,la,la (laughs). Jenny sees her husband and gets up, then comes out of the bedroom. She uses a cloth of sleeping. Cut to: Scene 27: of Jenny. Jenny comes to the living room to hear the voice of the little girl in the air. Voice of Whitney: La,la,la,la,la,la (laughs). Jenny is so worried and opens the door to see outside. She uses a cloth of sleeping. Cut to: Scene 28: of Jenny. Jenny uses a cloth of sleeping, sees all around, then walks away from the door but she doesn’t hear the voice of Whitney. Dissolve to: Scene 29: Day.interior.supermarket. The boy cashier passes the bar codes of the butter, snickers, marmalade and tin can of sardine. When he finishes, Jenny gives him her credit card with a smile in her face. Cut to: Scene 30: Day.exterior.the corner of Jenny’s house. A car runs away so speed in the corner of the house. Jenny has a bag from the supermarket and holds it with her arm. She is so afraid to remember the accident of Whitney and she approaches to the corner. Jenny stops and laughs when sees her in the corner of the house. Jenny: Hello. I am glad to see you again Whitney: Hi. I am going to cross the street. Jenny: What do you say if I Invite you to eat?. Whitney: I like the chocolates. Jenny: I like too. (Smiling). Jenny keeps walking and Whitney is back, then Jenny opens the door of her house and they come in and the door is closed. Cut to: Scene 31: of Jenny. Jenny puts the bag from the supermarket on the table. She takes out the snickers and gives it to Whitney. Jane approaches to them. Jane: Ah (surprised) We have a little visit. Jenny: Yes, she is. Whitney: Whitney. Jenny: Yes, This is her name. Jane: You have a beautiful face and (thinking) a long hair. By chance, I saw last night a little girl like you here. Jenny: It is impossible Jane. Jane: Where are you living?. Whitney. Whitney: (Eats the snickers). Near here. Jane: Oh it’s a good luck to get you here. You are the only child in this neighborhood. Jenny: Yeah. She is a blessing to get you. Jenny smiles and Whitney finishes eating snickers. Her mouth and lips are dirty of chocolate. Whitney: Have you got a baby here?. Jenny: (sees to Jane). No. I lost it in a terrible accident. Jane: But you could watch the TV in Jenny’s bedroom. Jenny: If you like it. Whitney smiles. Cut to: Scene 32: of Jenny. The TV is on by the remote control in the hand of Jenny. She changes the channels to cartoon networks. Whitney is sitting in the bed. Jenny: Do you like this channel?. Whitney: Anything (serious) I like to see all the TV channels. Jenny sits next to her. Jenny: (touches her body) Are you sure?. Eh. You don’t have a broken bone or something like that. I saw your accident. Whitney: I saw your accident too. (Touches the stomach of Jenny). It’s pity you lost your baby. Jenny: It hurts me so much. My baby was going to birth seven month. Whitney: He could be my brother. I don’t have one. I am so lonely. Jenny: You are not alone. Your father and mother?. Whitney: They died in an accident. Jenny: Do you have any parents?. Whitney: An aunt. She is so angry, so bitter like the lemon. Jenny: I see. You can go to my home all the times you want. I will love you like my daughter. Whitney smiles her and Jenny holds her. Jane comes in with Alexa, Latin girl 25 years old, a friend of Jenny. Jane: (she is happy) Jenny, I have a big surprise. Alexa: How are you my friend?. Jenny gets up happy and kisses her, fat check. Jenny: I thought you were lost in this world. Alexa: No. Don’t think I’ve forgotten you. Always remember my friends and I am sorry (serious) I knew you lost your baby. Jenny: Yeah. It was hard but the life goes on. Alexa: With a new friend in home. I see. Who is the beautiful girl watching TV?. Whitney sees Alexa with so envy. Jane: Do you like cookies?. Jenny: No, Jane. Thanks and you Alexa?.. Alexa: No, I am getting a diet but your little friend doesn’t have a tongue. Maybe a mouse cut her mouth. Jenny: (smiles) She is Whitney. Alexa: (approaches to her) You have a beautiful face and a precious long hair. Do you like to be a model?. I like the colors of your eyes. Jenny: Let her in peace. Come on outside. Alexa: A girl like you always should be smiling. Don’t imitate a bitter lemon. Whitney turns to Alexa so serious with angry. Whitney: Don’t bother me. Alexa: Ah (offended) She is a rude girl. I retreat my words. You are a bad girl I’ve ever seen in my life. How could be your friend Jenny?. Jenny: Let’s go Alexa. Please. She had been in troubles. Alexa comes out of the bedroom with Jenny. Whitney sees her so angry. Cut to: Scene 33: of Jenny. Jenny and Alexa talk outside. Alexa: It was a pleasure to see you again but that girl is so displeasing. Jenny: Come on Alexa. You have to understand when you were a child. Alexa: Don’t remember me. Actually, I am very young to have a child. First, I have to live my life so wonderful. I knew a man Ah, so big, so amazing, ah! so handsome. Jenny: Don’t loose you from this earth. You have to talk to me so carefully. Alexa kisses her and gets into her old car and drives away. Alexa: Bye. Will see you. You are always on my mind. Every second. Jenny: Take care. Will be in touch. Jenny smiles and Whitney sees her through the window of Jenny’s room, second floor. Cut to: Scene 34: Day.interior and of Alexa.streets.mear the shore. Alexa drives her old car but suddenly loses the control of the volant. It moves alone from side to side, hurting and crashing against other cars in the street near the shore. She is so frightening. Suspense music. Alexa: Help me, help me Ah, ah, ah, ah (shouts), help me. She shouts to see a big truck and crushes with it. Her car is broken in two. Cut to: Scene 35: of Jenny. Whitney has a TV control in her hand and changes all the channels until the News Channel “Wntv”. On live, she shows the accident of Alexa with the truck. Her car is completely destroyed. Jenny comes in. Jenny: Whitney. What do you want to eat?. Oh, there is an accident. Whitney: Yeah. It’s so terrible. Jenny sees the name of her friend on TV screen: Alexa Quintero and her body died. She is amazing and surprised. Jenny: Alexa, No. (Runs away of the room). Whitney smiles, sitting on bed. Cut to: Scene 36: Night.exterior.garage of Jenny’s house. Michael comes to the house in his Van and gets into the garage. Ron, a friend 30 years, is next to him. Michael: Come on Ron, Jenny will be happy to see you. This time, she needs to be with all friends around her. (Both get out from the car and he closes the door). Ron: She must be so sad. And her parents?. Michael: They are in Colombia. They are living there. Ron: Well, a trip far away may be it could bring her a new fresh air and changes the way of living. Michael: (both come into the house). You should to talk to her. Maybe, you can convince her. Ron: Yeah. No problem. I am the master to convince.. Michael closes the door of his house. Cut to: Scene 37: of Jenny. Michael and Ron are surprised to see Jenny crying, sitting in the sofa at the living room. Jane is standing next to her. Michael: What happened?. Jane: Her friend Alexa is died. It was a terrible accident too. Ron: There’s so much accident lately. Jenny: I can’t believe, she was talking to me here in a few minutes. She can’t die, she can’t die Michael. Michael holds her. Cut to: Scene 38: of Jenny. Michael takes her wife to the bedroom. He is surprised to see Whitney in the bed watching TV. Michael: Where is she?. Jenny: She (thinks). She is a new friend. Ron: She needs the bed to rest. Michael: I obey you Doctor Howard. Please Jenny. Don’t think about Alexa. It was an accident. Jane: (takes the arm of Whitney to get her out of the bedroom) Excuse me. This is time to go to your home. Jenny: Michael, she can sleep here. Her aunt is so bad. Michael: You have to forget all the things and rest. Maybe, in another chance. Whitney: Well, bye Jenny. Jenny: Tomorrow you can come again. Whitney: Ok. I understand. Have a sweat dreams. Whitney gets out but turns to Michael, Ron and Jane. She sees them with hate. Cut to: Scene 39: of Jenny. Whitney opens the door and gets outside then closes it. She walks away. Michael sees her through the window of the room, second floor. Cut to: Scene 40: of Jenny. Jenny is in the bed and Ron is getting her pulse on her arm. He is sitting in the bed next to her. Jane is standing and Michael sees through the window. Michael: She is so rare. Ron: Who?. Michael: The little girl. (turns to Jenny) How is she?. Ron: Jenny is so good. Thanks to God. Only you should have to get away from hard emotions. Maybe a trip far away from here could be an opportunity to forget the bad moments in your life. Michael: What do you say honey?. Jane: I like the trips (happy). Jenny doesn’t say a word. Michael sees to Ron. Cut to: Scene 41: of Jenny.Garage.Van. Michael and Ron get into the van. Ron: You should give her a chance to think what she wants. She has to decide herself. Michael: But there’s something I could do?. She is not the same. Ron: You have to understand. Take a time Michael. Take a time. Michael drives away from house. Cut to: Scene 42: of Jenny. Jane covers Jane with the sheets in the bed. Then she gets out and closes the door. Jenny has her eyes closed. Cut to: Scene 43: of Ron. Michael comes to the house in his van. He stops it and Ron gets out and closes the door. Ron: Thanks Michael. You have my cell number if you have any problem with Jenny. Michael: I appreciate your help. Take care of you. Ron: (Shake their hands) Good night. Michael drives away and Ron gets into his house. Cut to: Scene 44: Night.exterior and interior.Van.Streets. Michael drives his van in the street. Suddenly, the tire exploits. The van turns around the street. Two car crash into collision to elude him. Suspense music. Cut to: Scene 45: of Jenny. Jenny gets up to the bed and opens her eyes with so afraid and shouts. Jenny: Michael, no Michael. Jane runs to the bedroom and opens the door. Jane: What happened Jenny?. Cut to: Scene 46: Night.exterior.streets. Michael helps one man driver to gets out from his car and puts him away, and then he helps to another man driver who got collision with the other car. Both cars exploit and the ambulances approach so quickly. Cut to: Scene 47: Night.interior.bedroom and of Ron. The wife of Ron, 30 years, goes out of the bathroom and Ron takes off his shirt. Wife of Ron: I prepared your bathing-tub dear. The water is hot like you want to. Ron kisses her. Ron: Thanks honey. You always know what I like. Wife of Ron: How is Jenny?. Ron: I saw her not too bad. Physically is ok but emotionally she is so doubtful without a capacity to take a decision. I am worried for her. His wife takes a massage on his shoulders. Wife of Run: You can do something for her?. It’s a difficult area of feelings. A Psychology can help her. Ron: Ah ah ah (Feels so good with the massage) I am only a doctor. You have mighty fingers. Wife of Ron: It’d be better you go to your bathing-tub. The water will cool. Ron kisses her and goes to the bathroom. In the way, he takes off his clothes then introduces into the bath-tub, fills of hot water. He rests and enjoys it. Then an arm of a little girl into the water takes his leg and dives him with so strong. He can’t take air so he died drowned slowly after to have fought. He couldn’t reach the surface. His wife comes in with a towel in her hands when she sees his body, shouts. Suspense music. Cut to: Scene 48: of accident.streets. The paramedics get up a man that got collision with a car in the street. Another paramedic gets up the second man and take him to the second ambulance. The third paramedic talks near the third ambulance with Michael. Michael: I am ok. Paramedic: You should come with us. The police will put in order all to refer of the accident. Michael: But my car?. Paramedic: One of them, will advice you about it. Don’t worry. Come with us. Michael: (Gets into the ambulance with the paramedic). You aren’t going to believe me. Since yesterday, I have bad moments that never attended in my life. (Closes the door and the ambulances run away. The police cars are in the place of the accident. Two cars crashed and exploited). Dissolve to: Scene 49: of Jenny. Michael drives his van and comes to the garage then he gets out and closes the door. He looks so fatigued for the accident. He approaches to the door and with his key open it. Cut to: Scene 50: of Jenny. Michael closes the door and Jane approaches him so worried. Jane: Michael. Where have you been?, at this hour. Jenny was desperate all night. I gave her a sedative to make her sleeps. Michael: (fatigued). I was in a car accident. It will have an answer to all that happened?. Jane: I would like to be God to answer all the questions and knowing the mysteries of our lives. Would you like a cup of coffee?. Michael: Yeah. It would make me pass all the bad taste in my tongue. Jane gives him a cup of coffee and he sits in the chair. Then his cell phone rings. He answers it. Jane: Who could be?. It’s so early. Michael: Hello, I ‘m Michael Jennings,(He listens) yeah. But, How?. (worried and surprised. He hangs off the cell phone and gets up so quickly). Jane: What’s up?. Bad news?. Michael: (sad) I would like to know what is happening. Ron was ok here and now he is died. Today, I am not going to work. He opens the door and gets outside the house. Jane sees him to get into his van and drives away then she closes the door worried. Suddenly, the button of the stove moves slowly to open. She takes the tea pot and a big flame appears that burns her arms. The tea pot falls down on the floor and she shouts. Jenny appears so worried, wets a cloth in the dish-washer so that she can extinguish the flame on Jane’s arm. Suspense music. Cut to: Scene 51: of Ron. There are many policemen outside and Michael talks with FBI detective. Michael: I am living the worst moment of my life. My wife lost her baby in an accident, her best friend died in a car accident and my best friend died too in unexplainable events. Detective: Mister Jennings, when did the unexplainable events occur?. Michael: Since Yesterday. Detective: I would like to talk with your wife. Michael: Yeah. It’s not a problem. Maybe you can find an answer to all that is happening. It is making me crazy. I don’t believe in the spiritual things or something like that. I am a dentist so I believe in what I see. Detective: You can be so sure we are going to find the key of all the mystery of deaths. The cell phone of Michael rings. Michael: I don’t wait more bad notices. Hello (answer the cell phone). Jenny. How is my mom?. (Worried and hangs off) It happened again. Cut to: Scene 52: Jenny is sitting in the sofa and Michael with the detective of FBI approach her. Michael:(Worried ) Where is Mom?. Jenny: (gets up) Come on with me. Who is he?. Michael. Michael: (walks next to Jenny). He wants to talk to you. Jenny, Michael and the FBI detective come into the room. Cut to: Scene 53: of Jane is in the bed, her arms are bandaged. Michael, Jenny and FBI detective approach to her. Jane: Michael. Michael: Mom. Are you ok?. Jane: Well. It’s so hurt me. Michael: But what really happens?. You never had an accident in home. Jane: I don’t know. It was so hurry. Only I saw my arms burning with the flames. Jenny: She has burns of first grade. The doctor said he is going to let her goes to home this evening. Michael: Oh I forgot. He is from FBI and would like to make some questions about the strange things are involving to us. Detective: This is not the right moment but I want to help you to find the answers for all the situations you are living now. Jane: Maybe the key could be found in home. It has a story you Michael don’t know at all. Cut to: Scene 54: of Jenny. The door is open and Michael helps to come into home to your mom. The detective and Jenny come in too. Jane has a bandaged in her arms. Michael and Mom get up the stairs. Jenny talks with the detective in the living room. Jenny: Michael sold this house three years ago to a strange family. I said that because they gave it to us with a low price. They seemed to me with so hurry to go away from here. Detective: I don’t believe like your husband in spiritual movements but someone or something is making all the accidents happened here. I know here is the center of the problem. Jenny: I don’t see anymore or anybody to do all the sinister. We don’t have any enemy. I think so. Detective: Your husband told me you had an accident. It occurred the same time while you were watching through the window. Jenny: Yeah. It was in the corner of this house. Do you like to drink anything?. Detective: No. I wouldn’t desire to happen anything to hurt you. We can see first the stove?. Jenny: Yeah, we can go outside later. Detective: I would like to stay there, in the corner. Michael and detective walk to the kitchen. He sees the stove and the buttons. Jenny: (Approaches to them).It’s all right. I didn’t see anything wrong. Cut to: Scene 55: Day.interior.bedroom of of Jenny. Jane is in the bed with her arms are bandaged. She is so sad and Michael is sitting in the bed next to her. Jane: Michael, It’s better to sell this house and go away from here. Michael: Why?. I don’t feel nothing bad in this house when you saw it you loved it, Jenny too. Jane: Really, this entire storm is beginning here. I feel it Michael, I feel it. Cut to: Scene 56: of Jenny. Jenny and detective are in the corner of the house. Jenny: This is the place. She was going to cross the street and the car got the collision with her. It’s like unreal to know she is alive without any hurt in her body. Detective: Do you know her name?. Jenny: Whitney. It’s all I know. Detective: If you know anymore or have any problem, please you have my phone number, call me immediately as soon as you can. Jenny: I promise. Thank you. Jenny follows him to his car. He gets in the car and drives away. Detective: Watchword from all to get an accident. Jenny: Ok. I will open my eyes. Suddenly, she sees Whitney in the corner and approaches to her. The detective sees her on the mirror of his car. Whitney sees him and talks with Jenny. Whitney: Hi. Jenny: You have to take care to cross the street. Why you don’t come to my home?. We could play in my bedroom. Whitney: (smiles) I like your idea. Jenny: (smiles and takes her hand to go into home). Let’s go. Michael sees them to the window of Jane’s bedroom, second floor. Cut to: Scene 57: Day.interior.bedroom of of Jenny. Michael sees through the window and Jane is on bed with her arms bandaged. Michael: When did Jenny meet the little girl?. Jane: Whitney. Yesterday. She appears like a ghost when we weren’t waited. Michael: She comes again. Jane: Well, Jenny enjoys being next to her. She is so strong to have lost her baby. The girl is inoffensive, Michael. Michael goes out of the bedroom. Cut to: Scene 58: Day.interior.bedroom of of Jenny. Jenny plays Nintendo on TV screen with Whitney. They are happy. Michael gets into to see her. Suddenly, the door rings. Jenny wants to get up. Michael: I can go to open the door. (Jenny smiles him). Whitney: (sees Jenny) He is your husband?. Jenny: Yeah. He is so handsome, isn’t?. Whitney: I don’t like him. He is not what you think. He lies you with his secretary. Jenny: (Stops and sees her) Why do you say so?. You don’t know him. (worried). Whitney: He is down the stairs with her. (serious). Cut to: Scene 59: to the of Jenny. Michael talks with his secretary. Tina: Several patients have been offended because you haven’t gone to their appointments. I told them you are in big problems. They could claim to you and your clinic. Michael: I don’t have a mind to think in others things. My life is throwing down. She holds him and Jenny approaches to the stairs and gets down so angry. Jenny: Oh. It’s a beautiful paint both of you. Tina gets away from Michael. He is surprised. Michael: What are you talking Jenny?. You know Tina. Jenny: Now. I am Jenny and she is your bitch. Tell me the truth. Michael is perplexed and the secretary is so nervous. Michael: Are you crazy?. Honey, I love you. Jenny: I don’t want to see you anymore. Get away from my side. Michael: Honey, you are wrong. She is my secretary. It is not what you are thinking. We must to talk about it. Jenny: What?. The way you lie to me when I suppose you are working. It’s clear you got sex in your office with your sweetheart. Let’s go bitch. Get out. I don’t want to see you again. She pushes them and opens the door. Michael: (obfuscated). You are going to repent. I swear. Jenny closes with angry the door and starts to cry. Whitney sees her at the top of the stairs so serious. Cut to: Scene 60: Day.interior.bedroom of Jane. of Jenny. Jane gets up from the bed and approaches to the window and sees her son Michael with Tina, get into the van and drives away. She gets out of the bedroom with her arms bandaged. Jane: Jenny. What’s up down?. She sees Whitney next to the stairs down. Jane: Where is Jenny?. Do you understand me Whitney?. What’s happening in home?. (She asks with angry). Where is Michael?. (worried). Whitney: He goes far away. Jane: Why?. Whitney doesn’t say a word, so serious. Jane: Come on Whitney. I need Jenny that helps me to crape my arms. Whitney sees her with hate. Jane: What are you looking girl?. Do you understand me?. (obfuscated). Jenny, Jenny.(shouts). You are a bad girl. Whitney sees her eyes and Jane starts to walk slowly moving her foot to the stairs so she falls down and shouts. Whitney smiles when sees her on the floor. Jenny approaches to Jane with nervous. Jenny: Jane. What happened Whitney?. Whitney: I don’t know. Jenny: I am going to call to the hospital. Jenny runs to take the phone and Whitney sees Jane on the floor without sense. Cut to: Scene 61: of Jenny. The neighbor, and old woman, 60 years old, looks through the window of her house that two paramedics get out with Jane on the stretcher. They get her into in the ambulance. Jenny holds the hand of Whitney and gets into the ambulance too. The old woman gets down the silk stuff. Cut to: Scene 62: of Tina. Tina, Michael`s secretary, approaches to him and takes a cup of coffee. He sits on the sofa to rest, so he is so exhausted. Michael: I need a hot, black coffee. Tina: In this place you can rest and sleep. Tomorrow, waits for you the responsibility of your patients. I am sure this confused events are going to be solved. Michael: Yeah. I must to forget all the problems in mind. (Drinks coffee and his cell phone rings. It is on the table of the living room. Tina takes it and answers). Tina: Don’t move. Hello. I am his secretary. Oh, I see. (hangs off). Michael: Bad news?. Tina: Yeah. It’s your mom. Michael: Oh no, again!. (worried). Tina: It’s so urgent. Cut to: Scene 63: Jane is bandaged her arms and has an orthopedic neck. Michael gets in and approaches to her in a bed. Michael: (worried) Mom. Jane: Michael. The little girl!. Michael: What happened with her?. Jane: She is an evil. She tried to kill me. Michael: (incredulous). Mon, come on. It’s a little girl. Jane: Believe me. She is so bad. I don’t want to go there again. Michael is so worried and thinking about it. Cut to: Scene 64: The door opens and Michael gets out with Jane in a wheel chair. He pushes it back her. Jenny and Whitney are outside. Jane feels afraid to see Whitney and doesn’t look her anymore. Jenny: Where do you take her?. Michael: She desires to go away from home. Jenny: What?. Jane, it was an accident. (Michael sees Whitney). Michael: She said, It wasn’t an accident. Jenny: Jane, you can’t leave me alone. Jane. Jane: (Jenny approaches to her. Jane talks so softly in her ear). Get away from her. She is an evil.(Jane see Whitney with so afraid). Jenny sees Whitney so strange and she looks like an innocent girl. Michael gets away to his van with his mom. Cut to: Scene 65: Night.exterior and interior.van of Michael..streets.near the shore. Michael drives his van an Jane is sitting next to him. She has an orthopedic neck and her arms are bandaged. Jane: You have to stop that little girl, Michael. She could kill your wife. She is on risk and I am so worried about her. Michael: What can I do?. We don’t know anything about her. Jane: In the neighborhood you can obtain the truth. Michael drives away in the street. Cut to: Scene 66: Night.interior.bedroom and living room.Tina. Michael helps Jane to sit in the bed. Tina is next to the door. Michael: We can stay in Tina’s home while our problems are resolute. Jane: Thanks Tina, here I feel safer. Tina: Both of you can stay here all the time you need. Now I am not feeling so alone. Jane: Oh, you are a kind woman with a big heart. I told that Michael when I saw her in your clinic but (thinks). Don’t tell me Jenny was jealous for you. Michael: She thinks we have an Idyll of passion. Tina: She told me bitch. Jane: (surprised). Ah!. I don’t believe. Jenny became so crazy. Michael you have to help her. The little girl is an evil. The messenger of Satan. She could get the control of her mind and all the emotions. Promise me Michael you are going to do all what I told you. Michael: It’s too late mom. You have to sleep now. He helps to rest in the bed. She closes her eyes. Michael and Tina go to the living room. Tina: I don’t understand what’s wrong or has done that little girl in your lives. Michael: I don’t know. All the things are going to make me crazy too. Cut to: Scene 67: of Jenny. Whitney is sitting and eating some cookies. Jenny is sitting next to her so pensive. Whitney: Are you sad?. Jenny: I am so alone in home. Whitney: You got me. Don’t forget it. I need a mom like you. Jenny: (smiles). I love you as my daughter. You can sleep here with me so I can’t feel so alone. Whitney: (serious) I don’t know. Could I think it?. (Smiles). Yeah, I accept your invite. My aunt won’t miss me tonight. Jenny: (smiles) But we can call her, asking for a permission to stay here with me. Whitney: No.(serious) She doesn’t care where I am or what I do. I am a girl died for her. Jenny: (gets up and holds her). Don’t say that. Whitney, she is your aunt. Maybe, she has a big problem in her mind to solve. Whitney: Yeah and she doesn’t have a little time for me. (She talks with angry). Don’t justify her. (Jenny gets away from her. Whitney gets up) Do you hear me?. Jenny. If you want to be my mom. Don’t make me anger. Whitney runs and gets up the stairs so angry. Jenny thinks for all her words. Cut to: Scene 68: of Tina. Michael sleeps in the sofa with a sheet on his body. Suddenly, Tina, using night clothes, sees him so strange with a desire in her eyes. She takes off his night clothes and kisses him. She talks with a man strong voice. Michael: (awakes and puts her away). What are you doing?. Tina: (strong voice). I want to make the sex with you, Michael. I am burning like a flame or you prefer to hurt you like your mom. Michael: (He is so afraid). Who are you?. Tina: (laughs) Ja, ja, ja, ja. You can’t stop me Michael. Nobody can’t resist the evil got in me. I have come to kill you, to destroy you, to steal your home. Jenny is mine and I will do with her what I want. Ja, ja,ja, ja.(laughs). Michael is so angry, gives her a beat with his right hand. She falls down to the floor then she gets up so normal and so confused. Tina: (surprised) Ah, what I am doing here?. Michael: I asked you the same question. (He talks with calm). Cut to: Scene 69: of Tina. Jane is sleeping in the bed with an orthopedic neck and her arms bandaged. Suddenly, so mystery, the window opens and the wind comes in so strong to her. She awakes and gets up with so afraid and shouts. Suspense music. Jane: Michael helps me Michael. Hurry, Michael. Michael and Tina come into the room so confused. Michael: What happened?. Jane: I feel her. She is here. Michael, she wants to kill me. You should have to do something. I don’t want to die. Michael: Who wants to kill you?. Jane: Whitney. She is coming to kill us. It is the truth. Michael sees Tina. Both are wearing night clothes. Cut to: Scene 70: of Jenny. Whitney is sleeping in the bed. She turns and opens her eyes. Jenny is standing next to the door. Both are wearing night clothes. Jenny: Good morning. Do you want something special to eat or do you prefer to go with me to take a shower?. Whitney: (serious) Never take a shower with someone. Jenny: You have to understand (approaches to her smiling). Always we got a first time in our lives. Jenny takes her hand and Whitney smiles. Whitney: Ok. It would be so funny, la,la,la,la,la (sings). Jenny and Whitney hold their hands to go to the bathroom. Cut to: Scene 71: of Tina. Michael talks outside with Tina. He gets into his van. Michael: Please, call to my patients and tell them anything. I can’t go this morning to the clinic. Maybe more later. Tina: And your mom?. Michael: She will be all right. Don’t worry. Tina: Michael. Michael: What?. Tina: Take care of you. Michael: (smiles) Yeah. See you later. He drives away the house and Tina gets into home and closes the door. Cut to: Scene 72: of Jenny. Michael comes to the house in his van. He sees the corner and the neighbor, an old woman through the window. He gets out from his car and approaches to the neighbor’s house and knocks the door. An old woman opens it. Michael: I want to ask you some questions that I know you can answer me. Old woman: Come in. I was waiting for you. She closes the door. Cut to: Scene 73: of old woman. Michael and the old woman are sitting in the sofa. There is some mystery in her voice. Old woman: I have been living here all my life and all the accidents occurred thirty years ago in 1972. When a little girl was trampled for an imprudent driver in this corner. She died and now appears to kill. Michael: I don’t understand. She is died. How could appear?. Old woman: Yes, she appears to all the people who have lived in your house because she lived there with her parents. They didn’t care her. We always heard fights, shouts and words of hates. I born in this neighborhood. Michael: But, who is she?. Old woman: She is called Whitney. Michael: No. (He is so worried). Old woman: Yes, Mister Jennings. She is in your home with your wife. She never surrenders until to destroy all the humans there, in this house. Michael: How could believe in your words. It’s impossible. Old woman: She is an evil and you have to get a help to destroy her before she kills your wife.. Michael: (smiles). A spirit doesn’t die?. Old woman: Look\ for Tom Mathews at Baptist Church. He is going to tell you how to stop her. Cut to: Scene 74: Day.exterior.Baptist Church. Many people go out from the Church and the reverend Tom Mathews, 50 years, is next to the door. Michael approaches him. Michael: Mister Mathews. Tom Mathews. Tom: Yes. Michael: I need to talk with you so urgent. Cut to: Scene 75: Day.interior and of Tina. Jane approaches to the window of the second floor. She has an orthopedic neck and her arms are bandaged. Suddenly, she hears a voice of Whitney in all the room. Voice of Whitney: Jump, Jump. Jane: Get away from me bad girl. Get away (She is so afraid). Voice of Whitney: Jump Jane or you prefer to die in my hands. Jane: (shouts) Michael, Tina, Help me. Voice of Whitney: Nobody can help you. Jump Jane, jump through the window. Jane: No, no, no ah ah ah. Jane is controlled with a powerful strength. She shouts when falls down to outside of the house from the second floor through the window. Suspense music. Cut to: Scene 76: Day.interior.Baptist Church. Michael and Tom are sitting. Michael: Do you remember a little girl called Whitney?. Tom: (surprised) Whitney Chapman. She has come again, hasn’t it?. Michael: My wife is in risk. Tom: (wondering) I lived in your neighborhood 30 years ago. I saw her to die and It was hard to me. Michael: What can I do?. Tom: You have to understand she is not human. When she died, her spirit and soul went up to heaven. There are spirits that lives in some human bodies for many reasons . They were angels who served and were created by God. The leader of them was called the morning star, beautiful, perfect, and he was filled with music to exalt the mighty and the splendor of Creator. But he wanted like God and corrupted many angels, so they were fallen down of heaven. Here, they’ve taken the control of this world since the snake deceived Eve and Adam in Eden. Michael: Why I have to know about it?. I don’t see the meaning. Tom: The enemy is so astute, smart and so liar. He has power but Jesus came to flatten him at the Calvary. When you got her in front of you. Don’t hear your words. Remember, Jesus and his blood is so much power than her. Michael: You have to help me, please. It’s difficult to me to believe. Tom: (sees him) Let away the fear and believe. Cut to: Scene 77: of Jenny. Whitney watches the TV screen. She is sitting on the bed and feels something. She gets up and approaches to the window on second floor and sees Michael comes, driving his van. Tom is next to him. Suspense music. Cut to: Scene 78: of Jenny. Michael stops the car in front of the house and talks with Tom. Tom: You should have to get out your wife from that home. I wait for you here praying God saves from the devil. Michael: Yeah. I will do the dirty work while you pray. She can kill me. Michael takes a breath and lets away the fear. He goes to the door and knocks. Cut to: Scene 79: Day.interior and of Jenny. Jenny opens the door and talks with Michael. Michael: Hi. Jenny: (serious) What are you doing here?. Michael: I am looking for you. There’s something I want you know it. Jenny: I am so busy. Whitney is here. Michael: (He is so afraid, and takes her arm). Let’s go Jenny. Jenny: Whitney, Whitney. I don’t wan to go. Whitney gets up so quickly the stairs so angry. Michael closes the door but an evil power pulls out the door. Jenny is obliged to get into the van. Michael: Come on Jenny. Be quiet. I am saving your life. Jenny: Let me out. Who are you?.( She looks Tom) Tom: A servant of God. Michael drives so fast away. Whitney sees them so angry. Cut to: Scene 80: of Whitney’s aunt. Michael knocks the door and the aunt, 50years old, opens it. Michael: (holds the arm of Jenny. Tom is back) Here, the aunt of Whitney lives. Jenny: (surprised). I don’t want to talk to her. She is so bad. Michael: You are the aunt of Whitney Chapman?. Aunt: Yes. (Smiles). Michael: Could we talk with you?. Aunt: Come in. They come into the house and she closes the door. Cut to: Scene 81: of Whitney’s aunt. Michael, Jenny, Tom and the aunt is sitting in the sofa. Aunt: Where did you know Whitney?. Michael: We are living in the same house, she lived. She had an accident 30 years ago. Jenny: (surprised to hear him). Thirty years ago?. Aunt: Yes. She lived there with her parents. Jenny: And she didn’t live here with you?. Aunt: No. Sometimes, she went here when her parents were fighting. She needed someone who loves her. Tom: Do you have any picture?. She takes a portrait. It has an old picture of Whitney. Tom gives to Jenny. Jenny: No.(shouts and lets to fall the portrait on the floor. It breaks into pieces). Cut to: Scene 82: of Jenny. Whitney is next to the stairs so serious. Whitney: They are coming. She gets up so quickly the stairs. Michael, Jenny and Tom are approaching. They see the door is pulled out, and then they come in until the stairs. Jenny: I am so afraid. Who is she?. Michael: Whitney. Michael and Jenny are here. We are a gift for you. Tom: (so calm).(With a bible on his hand). She will appear when you don’t think. Jenny: Whitney, come on baby, get down. Voice of Whitney: They want to hurt me. You are so bad. Jenny: No baby. We want to talk to you. Why you told me you were living in your aunt’s house, baby. The girls can’t say a lie. Whitney appears back to them. They are so scare. Whitney: I am not a liar. Don’t offend me. What did you think?. I haven’t finished with my revenge. This is my house and I give orders. You have to die. All of you. Tom: You are not Whitney. She is died. You are a devil with the face and the figure of Whitney 30 years ago. Whitney: (smiles) Oh. Tom. I see you again. Don’t believe in the words of this man. He is only a fool and the slave of God. Tel me what did you receive from him?. He couldn’t save my life in the corner. He lets the car takes out my soul. He gave me a mom and a dad that hurt me and made me cry a lot. They never loved me. Only take care of their money and funny every weekend outside with their friends. Tell me now Jenny, if you are happy with Michael. Jenny: I am happy with my husband. I love you so much. Whitney: (surprised) You are so fool. He is having sex with his secretary. Michael: You are a liar. You are so wrong. Whitney: Nobody is perfect. Dear. Don’t forget it. Jenny: I believe in one is perfect, created you and created me. Whitney: (shouts so strong) Ah Ah Ah. Ah ah . Jenny, Michael and Tom cover their ears with their hands. Whitney changes your little voice to a man strong voice. Whitney: This is the time you should die here. (laughs) Ja,ja,ja,ja. Tom: Jesus is here with us and you can’t touch our bodies. Tina is surprised to see the door pulled out and she gets inside. Whitney turns to her and runs and jumps into the body of Tina. Tina: (changes to man strong voice) I am so exhausted and I would like to kill them with my hands. She runs to the kitchen and takes a big knife to kill them. They elude her. Suddenly, appears the FBI Detective with a gun in his hand. He shoots to Tina in her arm. The knife falls down to the floor and Whitney gets out from her body to gets into the body of Jenny. She gets the knife on the floor and lances it to the arm of detective. The gun falls down to the floor and Michael gets the gun and aims to Jenny. Michael: Get out from the body of my wife. Jenny: (changes to man strong voice) You are not able to shoot this gun neither to kill your wife. You are a coward man. Detective: What’s happening here?. Why is she talking that?. Jenny: (jumps to detective and with her hands, tries to kill him taking his neck). Jenny wants to kill you detective. Tom: She is not Jenny. She is not Whitney. In the name of Jesus, get out of here. Jenny: No. I don’t want to. (Man strong voice). Tina: (crying) I don’t want to stay here. When Tina is getting outside, Jenny takes the gun in the hand of Michael and shoots to Tina. Jenny: Where are you going bitch?. Tina falls down to the floor outside. The detective kicks her hands and the gun falls down on the floor. Tom takes the right arm of Jenny and Michael takes the other arm. Detective: What kind of ugly thing you are?. Jenny: (spits on detective face) Are you going to have sex with me?. (laughs) ja,ja,ja. Tom: The blood of Jesus has power. Whitney jumps on the body of Michael to control himself so he beats the face of detective and Tom too. Jenny runs outside but Whitney gets out from Michael’s body and gets into the body of Jenny. She laughs and runs to the corner. Michael, Tom and The FBI detective get outside. Michael: Don’t, don’t Jenny do. I love you honey. Don’t do it. A car is approaching so quickly to the corner. Tom: You can fight Jenny. You can win. We can win. Jenny: (with her voice) Get away from me. (shouts). (She falls down on the floor and Whitney gets out from her body and runs to the street. The car crashes or tramples with her. The FBI Detective, Tom, Michael and Jenny look for the body of Whitney but they don’t find her in the street. Suspense music then changes to dramatic). Dissolve to: Scene 83: Jane is on bed with her eyes closed. Her arms bandaged and she has an orthopedic neck. Michael: She is in coma and the doctor doesn’t know how much time she is going to be that. Jenny: If you believe Michael. God can do a miracle. He really doesn’t the fault of all the misfortune of our lives. He is the light of the whole world and I know he is making something to your mom. Michael: It’s hard to trust in someone you can’t see but if you are so sure, I have to do an effort to believe. Jenny: Tina is alright and the detective too. We are lucky to get join together. Michael: (holds her with a smile and kisses her) I love you honey. Jane: (opens her eyes) I love you too Michael. Michael and Jenny surprised, smile. Michael: Mom. You are ok. Jane: Like a new woman so young. Jenny: (smiles) What was I told you?. Baby. Michael: I believe. (kisses her mom). Cut to: Scene 84: of Jenny. A truck is outside and three men get out the sofa and all the things to get into the truck. An old woman is watching outside her house. Michael and Jenny are outside too. Jane has an orthopedic neck without bandage on her arms. Also, She has a dish of cookies on her hands so happy. Jane: Would you like some cookies?. Michael and Jenny: No. Jane: Mrs. Lewis. Would you like it?. They approach to her. Old woman: I am going to miss you. (takes a cookie and eats them). Jenny: We are going to miss you too. Michael: A new fresh air in our life we need. Jane: I need too. That child makes me so hurt. Thanks to God I am living. It’s a fortune to be alive. Old woman: She won’t come again anymore. I am sure of that. Jenny: I hope so, but I prefer to live far away from the bad remembrance. Michael: Would you like to know our new house?. Jane and Jenny: I like that. Jane and Jenny get into the van and Michael drives the van. In the corner, they can see a little girl like Whitney. Michael stops his van and they wait she gets up her face. They take a breathe so deep to see she is not the bad girl. He drives away from house. The music is dramatic with suspense. THE END. THE CORNER Written by: Laureano Bonett Llach Cra. 73-81-118 Barranquilla,Colombia. cell: 575-300-8038449


The story of a little girl, Whitney, is back to a big house to do evil things.


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