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Christopher Farrell

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Los Angeles, California

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About Christopher

Christopher Farrell is an award winning film and television composer. He has scored over twenty-five feature films and has written over a dozen songs for film projects.

Unique traits: Bachelor Degree in Music Theory and Composition. Selected to attend the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop. Board Member of The Society of Composers and Lyricists. Voting member of TheTelevision Academy. Plays piano, guitar, harp.


  • Cold Comfort

    Cold Comfort (2016)
    Film (Romance, Sci-Fi and Short) Composer A dark, futuristic love-story about a woman consumed by a broken heart and her attempt to replace her lover.

  • Agent Walker

    Agent Walker (2016)
    Film by Tomas Simonsen (Action) Composer John Walker is the head of field ops for an elite team of agents at the local CIA base in Norway. They uncover that a Russian terrorist group is transporting a nuclear bomb out of the country. John and his team has to do whatever necessary to stop the terrorists from reaching their target.

  • Fair Haven

    Fair Haven (2015)
    Film (Drama) Composer

  • 11:11

    11:11 (2014)
    Film (short) Composer

  • The 10 Year Plan

    The 10 Year Plan (2014)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Composer Meet Myles and Brody, best friends and total opposites. Myles is a hopeless romantic looking for Mr. Right. Brody is a sexy player on the hunt for Mr. Right Now. These two friends make a plan that they'll be together if both of them are still single in a decade. Nearly ten years later and still alone, both friends will do whatever it takes to avoid becoming a couple. Written by Matthew Solari

  • A Country Christmas

    A Country Christmas (2013)
    Film (Family) Composer

  • A Trophy

    A Trophy (2013)
    Film (Short, Drama, History and Mystery) Composer In this short film, described by its writer/director as a 'travelogue noir', a broken young filmmaker becomes obsessed with the dark side of Hollywood history - and finds himself doomed to repeat it.

  • House of the Witchdoctor

    House of the Witchdoctor (2013)
    Film (Crime, Horror and Thriller) Composer Evil wreaks pure havoc and bloody murder upon Leslie Van Hooten, a beautiful young girl, and her unsuspecting fellow grad students as they make their way to her family's extravagant and yet isolated estate. Peter (Bill Moseley- Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, House of 1000 Corpses) and Irene Van Hooten (Leslie Easterbrook- The Devil's Rejects, Police Academy), the young girl's mother and father, leave the group alone for the weekend, so that she may mourn the anniversary of her boyfriend's shocking murder. But the peaceful weekend soon turns to hell when they find themselves being savagely terrorized by Cliff Rifton (Allan Kayser- Night of the Creeps, TV's Mama's Family), a crazed and recently released career criminal, and Buzz Schenk, his drug addict side kick whom are hell bent on raging a torturous killing spree. But as the horrifying acts begin to unfold, the killers soon realize all is not as it seems in this house. And when some strange people from the neighborhood show up, Rose (... Written by Chazz Demoss

  • Holly's Holiday

    Holly's Holiday (2012)
    Television by Jim Fall (Romance) Composer

  • eCupid

    eCupid (2011)
    Film Composer

  • One In The Gun

    One In The Gun (2010)
    Film Composer

  • Is It Just Me?

    Is It Just Me? (2010)
    Film Composer

  • 30 Days to Die

    30 Days to Die (2009)
    Film (Horror) Composer When a masked serial killer terrorizes an all-girls rehabilitation camp, the troubled teens must return to their bad-girl ways in the hopes of escaping the camp-turned-torture-chamber.

  • Pretty Cool Too

    Pretty Cool Too (2007)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Composer After graduating from high school, lovable geek Walter (Eric Fagundes) receives a cell phone as a gift which could solve all of his problems. It comes with a personal genie that could control anyone, including Walter's overprotective parents, his pesky brother, and sexy neighbors. With such incredible powers at his disposal, Walter sets out to make his wildest dreams come true. Written by Larry B.

  • 2095

    2095 (2007)
    Film (Drama, Romance and Sci-Fi) Composer A man engages in a relationship with a beautiful woman, who at one time he only had the courage to admire from afar. Aloof during the day, but affectionate at night, he soon discovers that the relationship of his dreams, never even existed. Written by Julia Stemock

  • Pretty Cool

    Pretty Cool (2006)
    Film (Fantasy) Composer A high school senior is able to read people's minds and control their thoughts.

  • Nightmare Man

    Nightmare Man (2006)
    Film by Rolfe Kanefsky (Horror and Thriller) Composer After receiving an African fertility mask as a gift Ellen tells her husband William that she's been attacked by masked phantom called 'the Nightmare Man'. As Ellen's paranoia increases, William takes Ellen for a road trip to a clinic, only to have their car break down, and when William goes off, Ellen is attacked for real by the Nightmare Man. Fleeing through the dense woods, Ellen seeks shelter in the remote cabin home of Mia, with her friends Jack, Ed, and Trinity, who give her shelter, but are soon besieges in their home by Nightmare Man. But the real horror comes when Ellen slowly reveals to harbor a MORE evil and deadly thing within her which could spell death for everyone involved. Written by Anonymous

  • Jacqueline Hyde

    Jacqueline Hyde (2005)
    Video (Comedy, Horror and Thriller) Composer Jackie, a lonely and shy telemarketer in her late twenties, gets a phone call informing her that her grandfather has just passed away. As his only living relative, she has inherited his estate. Upon arriving at her uncle's house, Jackie discovers that he was an inventor and has a secret lab in his basement. She stumbles upon the formula that he spent his whole life working on. Due to an accident in the lab, Jackie ingests the formula and finds herself with the power to transform her body at will. This magical potion has turned Jackie Hyde into a shapeshifter! At first, Jackie thinks this is a dream come true. She can change the color of her hair, the size of her bust, even the level of her sex drive at will. This power has somehow released the animal inside and, feeling confident about herself for the first time, she goes out for a night on the town. Picking up a guy in a bar, Jackie has a one night stand. Feeling the euphoric effects of the formula wearing off, Jackie takes some more... Written by Rolfe Kanefsky

  • Blue Demon

    Blue Demon (2004)
    Video (Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Composer When sharks come from afar, searching for food find a beach for meat. A group of people must stop them before they head for the beach. Will they make it?

  • Dead Scared

    Dead Scared (2004)
    Film (Comedy and Horror) Composer The Evil Dead meets Scream as an evil professor, through an ancient staff and a book of incantation, possesses the bodies of a group of fraterity and sorority pledges during a night of "hazing" activities in an abandoned mansion. When the students meet one grisly death after another, the survivors finally realize it's the professor who is possessing their friends and killing them all off. Now none of them trust each other-- is it their friends or puppets of the professor that they're hanging with? Somone better figure it out quick... or none of them will make it through the hellish night of The Hazing! Written by Anonymous

  • Claustrophobia

    Claustrophobia (2003)
    Film (Thriller, Horror and Comedy) Composer A serial killer armed with a crossbow pistol is murdering people from their own rooftops. When three young coworkers at a poorly-attended slumber party start hearing footsteps on the roof, they fear the worst.

  • Slaughter Studios

    Slaughter Studios (2002)
    Video (Comedy, Horror and Mystery) Composer Slaughter Studios has a legendary reputation as the place where a slew of classic low-budget horror movies were made. Long since abandoned and now in ruins, a group of aspiring filmmakers led by director Steve decide to break into Slaughter Studios so they can shoot one last B-grade creature feature on the premises before it meets the wrecking ball. However, things go awry when Slaughter Studios proves to be the stalking grounds of a vicious psycho. Written by Woodyanders

  • Shakedown

    Shakedown (2002)
    Video (Action and Drama) Composer In Los Angeles a deadly plague called the 'Pandora' virus is stolen from a high-security installation, and the F.B.I. calls in Agent Alec 'Mac' Mckay to follow up the leads. A trained virologist, he discovers the culprit is one of the world's top researchers. He discovers the man has a safety box in a bank vault and a trap is laid to capture both the doctor and reclaim the virus. Meanwhile, Julie Hayes discovers her do-well brother Scotty has become involved in the plan to rob a bank... The very bank that the F.B.I. is now watching in their bid to reclaim the Pandora virus. An unwilling accomplice, Julie tries to alert the bank staff, unaware that the man she thinks is a bank teller is in fact Mac working undercover. Things go from bad to worse when the errant doctor, looking tense and terrified, arrives with a tall, blond-haired, leather-clad man whom the watching agents identify as St. Joy, the leader of the L.R.A., a well-known doomsday cult. St. Joy wants Pandora. He wants Pandora... Written by Helen Chavez

  • Hard As Nails

    Hard As Nails (2001)
    Video (Action, Comedy and Crime) Composer After being punished for disobedience and arranging an arms deal with Russian mobsters, young member Takura violently takes over control of his Japanese mafia family. Takura takes advantage of his new position and is proceeding his deal with the Russians, his recklessness attracts the attention of an undercover cop. Written by Lance_Burton

  • Tomorrow by Midnight

    Tomorrow by Midnight (2001)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Thriller) Composer Four college kids come to a video store near midnight, and through an unusual twist become embroiled in a hostage situation.

  • Foreign Correspondents

    Foreign Correspondents (1999)
    Film (Drama, Romance and Mystery) Composer Two stories of complicated long-distance relationships between people from different countries.

  • Iron Thunder

    Iron Thunder (1998)
    Film (Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi and War) Composer Danger faces unsuspecting tourists in Las Vegas as Colonel Nelson, who goes mad when he is accidentally electrocuted by the very super secret U.S. military tank he is testing, Iron Thunder. He now believes he is in the middle of an actual war and the city of glittering lights is his target. In a desperate attempt to stop him from using the state of the art offensive and defensive technology on board, the head of the Iron Thunder project sends out a Special Forces team, headed by woman who has to deal with a crew that has its own ulterior agendas. Following Nelson's trail of destruction across the desert, they face off in a spectacular battle and force Nelson out of his tank. The battle continues on foot into the ruined Ghost towns of times gone by. Nelson is in his element, matching wits and weapons with the less experienced soldiers. Iron Thunder is about military technology gone wild and the price humans must pay to survive in the 21st century. Written by Harmony Gold

  • The Disturbance at Dinner

    The Disturbance at Dinner (1998)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Composer Wilson Pomade, a totally insignificant but pleasant young man, has gone through life unnoticed and unrecognized by others until one day when he encounters the beautiful and elegant Marian Pronkridge, whose only flaw is her blindness. Wilson saves Marian's life, but is overwhelmed by her beauty, unable to speak with her and runs away. However, fate or is it destiny...brings the two together again and they embark on a journey of personal discovery that culminates in a significant, yet unexpected twist in "The Disturbance at Dinner". Written by Julia Stemock <>

  • The Art of the Dead

    The Art of the Dead
    Film by Rolfe Kanefsky Composer Supernatural Thriller starring Tara Reid and Richard Grieco.

  • The Diggers

    The Diggers
    Film by Patrick McGowan Composer


  • Shockfest Film Festival, US Nominated, Festival Award Best Original Score for Art of the Dead

  • Tabloid Witch Awards Won, Tabloid Witch Award Best Music Soundtrack for Nightmare Man


  • UCLA

  • Eastman School of Music

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