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Read MacGuirtose

Actor, Screenwriter, Studio Teacher, Music Composer, Voice Artist, Comedian and Animator

Los Angeles, California

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I'm a character actor, a screenwriter, a composer, an animator (though I'm just starting out there), and a licensed studio teacher. You can see more at my acting website, , at my studio teaching website, , or at my music site, . (Note that not all those sites list my name as "Read MacGuirtose" because that's my stage name for my acting career; as a studio teacher I use my real name, Jeffrey Scott Nuttall (and as a composer I use "J. S. Nuttall").)



  • Gold Diggers

    Gold Diggers (2016)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Romance) Actor When an insecure young man dreams of becoming a millionaire in order to ask out beautiful women he gets the surprise of his life

  • Class Dismissed

    Class Dismissed (2016)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Class Dismissed is a hilarious new comedy web series centered around three grade school friends - Liz, the sassy television extra turned teacher's aide, Anne, the easy going, free spirited first grade teacher who, uses yoga and ti chi to teach her students Math and English, and BJ, the loud-mouthed PE teacher/failed comedian. After years apart, these laughable characters find themselves reunited back at the same elementary school... only this time they're in charge. What happens in the teachers lounge, stays in the teachers lounge.

  • Radio America

    Radio America (2015)
    Film (Drama and Music) Actor After being discovered at a music competition, two young famers find themselves living the rock star life. As their national tour becomes a massive success, they begin to lose track of their true selves until a tragic accident brings everything back into focus.

  • Newlywed and Broke

    Newlywed and Broke (2015)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Rude Boy - The Movie

    Rude Boy - The Movie (2015)
    Film (Adventure, Drama and Music) Actor Rudy Gonzalez a Mexican-American teenager does not find self-esteem in his home life, so he goes to the streets of 1984 to find it. What he discovers is Ska. Set in the fall of 1984, Rudy and his sister Veronica are forced to leave their Catholic High School due to their family's recent economic hardship. Unable to afford tuition, they are transferred to Katella High in Anaheim California. Written by Anonymous

  • Zombie Queen from Outer Space

    Zombie Queen from Outer Space (2014)
    Film (Short and Musical) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Gamble

    The Gamble (2014)
    Film (Short and Romance) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Can't Move On

    Can't Move On (2014)
    Film (Drama) Actor Love can never be broken and memories never dies. A couple that "Can't Move On" due to there loving past.

  • Cruel Will

    Cruel Will (2014)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Actor Tragedy strikes married couple Paul and Lily, when Lily's father dies. Lily has her father cremated, brings the urn home and now Paul has to come to terms with the death of his father-in-law whom he had despised. The situation gets a bit frayed when the lid to the urn mysteriously disappears, and Paul begins to experience happenings no one else is aware of. Written by Arthur Thomas

  • Heroine Legends: Agent Files

    Heroine Legends: Agent Files (2013)
    Television (Fantasy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Heroine Legends: Transition to Darkness

    Heroine Legends: Transition to Darkness (2013)
    Film (Action) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Old Dogs & New Tricks

    Old Dogs & New Tricks (2013)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Does (sex) life end for gay men as they face 50? Watch Nathan, Brad, Muscles & Ross stumble through middle-age in an alternate universe called West Hollywood.

  • Hollyweird Studios

    Hollyweird Studios (2010 - 2013)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Charlie is a recent college graduate searching for his place in the world. However, the professional world is a bleak pit of despair, and Charlie is forced to accept a position as property manager of his grandfather's apartment building, Ellison Apartments, aka Hollyweird Studios. Hollyweird Studios is an episodic web series that comically depicts the trials, tribulations, and never-ending absurdities of life in Hollywood. Written by Anonymous

  • Woggie

    Woggie (2012)
    Film (Comedy) Actor A man moves to Los Angeles seeking fame and fortune but ends up wearing a dinosaur costume at the Hollywood and Highland Mall taking photos with tourists for tips. After foiling the hi jacking of a Metro bus in his costume by accident a college student decides to feature the costumed hero in her final school project, a documentary. Written by Abe R. Rated

  • Smiley

    Smiley (2012)
    Film (Comedy and Horror) Actor Ashley goes to her new college while getting over the death of her mother. She meets some new people there including Binder ('Shane Dawson') while at a party and she learns about an urban legend of an online killer that has the nickname "Smiley" who can only be seen on the web and he apparently kills people after they type in "I did it for the lulz" three times. Soon after going to the party Ashley and her flatmate Proxy go online to test it out, with horrific results. She becomes paranoid and she starts to think she sees Smiley all over the place and feels that he may be chasing her, but how can that be if he is not real? Have they somehow released him from the internet? Written by Michael Hallows Eve

  • Heroine Legends: The Academy

    Heroine Legends: The Academy (2012)
    Television (Fantasy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Amazing Bulk

    The Amazing Bulk (2012)
    Video (Animation, Action, Comedy, Fantasy and 1 More) Actor Hannah, an ambitious young woman and her father's company struggle to develop a super human serum designed to make someone be a huge bonzi buddy monster. He also strives to eat a lot of dust since he doesn't want it building up in his home. General Darwin, her father, refuses to let her live her own life and fuck who she wants. This creates problems in developing what he set out to accomplish and create. With the military on his side, Darwin sets out to destroy Adolf Hitler and his men who seek to steal what he has created.

  • Doppelganger

    Doppelganger (2012)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Actor A man awakens in a surreal room. Unaware of how he got there, he realizes that he is not alone. To get out, he must face the unknown entity.

  • Photo Finish

    Photo Finish (2011)
    Film (Short, Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Actor Imagine you invented a camera that could photograph the future.

  • Nerve

    Nerve (2011)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actor Josh Biggs (Tyler Langdon, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone) is a young man riddled with severe anxiety. When he agrees to be the subject of an experiment pertaining to the treatment of social anxiety disorder, he hopes it will be the end of his troubles... and a way to get closer to its pretty conductor, Aurora Pilar (Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival "Best Actress" winner, Laura Alexandra Ramos). Little does he know, he's about to endure the battle of his life. In a performance that skillfully juggles drama and comedy, Langdon leads a colorful cast in this poignant character study. Nerve is an "instant indie classic" that takes real risks. Written by Anonymous

  • Buck Wild

    Buck Wild (2011)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Buck Wild. Professional junk hunter. He takes on the scariest, meanest junk you've ever seen. You think you're brave enough huh? Well welcome to the junk jungle baby. We'll see if you walk out of here alive.

  • Daughter of Fear

    Daughter of Fear (2011)
    Film (Horror and Mystery) Actor A stylized "Punk Noir" thriller that explores the psychological effects of abuse.

  • The Quarter Lifers

    The Quarter Lifers (2011)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • 1000 Ways to Die

    1000 Ways to Die (2011)
    Television (Documentary, Comedy, Drama and Horror) Actor Several different deaths based on true stories.

  • Behind the Red Motel Door

    Behind the Red Motel Door (2011)
    Film (Comedy, Crime and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Lost Heroes

    Lost Heroes (2011)
    Film (Short) Writer The luck of the of the once fearsome Frenetic Five has taken a turn for the worse. Between child support payments, transient living and an unapproachable mayor, the group find themselves fighting to survive. Follow the plight of the Frenetic Five as they attempt to regain Superhero status against all odds. Will they be the guardians of the city once again? Written by Trina K. Sandal

  • Coneboy

    Coneboy (2010)
    Film (Short, Mystery and Thriller) Actor A question about a photographer's moral and it haunts him.

  • Dirty South

    Dirty South (2010)
    Film (Action and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Hunchback

    The Hunchback (2010)
    Film (Thriller) Actor Born with extreme Kyphosis of the back, (Hunchback) Melvin Jenkins is ridiculed and persecuted by children and adults alike his entire life. No one could know this little boy would later become a horrific masked mental torturer. We learn in the third grade, Melvin's worst persecutor was an African American boy named Theodore Johnson. Teddy as his school mates call him, labels Melvin "The Camel Boy" and his tormenting of Melvin is relentless. Melvin turns paranoid and psychotic as a result. Finally during middle school, the Johnson's move way to East LA. Melvin, becomes a wizard at the computer, never loses track of Teddy and through his high school years, hires investigators under a fictitious name to keep tabs on Teddy. At eighteen, Teddy turns gang banger and earns the name of "Knuckles". Melvin moves out of his home and becomes a recluse in Alaska day trading in the stock market. He is successful and with in two years, becomes a multi-millionaire. Later he travels to Zurich for ... Written by Steve Roeder Sr.

  • The Subhuman

    The Subhuman (2010)
    Film (Action, Crime and Mystery) Actor A year ago, Joseph Burke's father was killed by the mob. After several attempts of trying to find the killers through police action, he decides enough is enough and begins to take matters into his own hands. With a gun, a bottle a booze, and a quick tongue, he ventures into the Mob underbelly to seed out those who wronged him. Written by Anonymous

  • Wolf at the Door

    Wolf at the Door (2010)
    Film (Adventure, Comedy and Drama) Actor WOLF AT THE DOOR is the tale of one man's struggle to justify the existence of miniature golf in the eyes of God. If he cannot complete his divine mission -- score a perfect 18 holes-in-one in a single attempt -- the world will face annihilation. Written by Anonymous

  • Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Chrimbus Special

    Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Chrimbus Special (2010)
    TV Movie (Comedy, Fantasy and Music) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Subprime

    Subprime (2010)
    Film (Comedy) Actor An off beat family minefield of a comedy dealing not only with todays housing crisis and employment downturn. Leo Monroe a young suburban adult is forced to reexamine his beliefs about everything he holds dear.

  • Operation: WASTE.LAND

    Operation: WASTE.LAND (2010)
    Television (Action, Drama and Sci-Fi) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Grover Complex

    The Grover Complex (2010)
    Film (Comedy) Actor In southern California, awkward Latino teen Grover (Fernando Noor) is struggling with one of life's big problems, "Does size matter"? When Grover gives his long-time crush, Bambi (Heather Tocquigny), a ride home one night from a party, a humiliating rite of passage happens that sends him into a spiral of self-doubt for the next two years. Now a film student, Grover has a chance encounter with Bambi and decides to prove to her just how much of a man he truly is. With the help of his faithful and funny friends Ron (Matthew Moy) and Lorenzo (Victor Kelso); his fickle brother, Fabio (Jesse Aguilera); and some "enhancements", Grover must face off against his arch-nemesis, Ricky (Tristan Scott), to show Bambi the true measure of a man. Written by Claire Wasmund

  • 1000 Ways to Lie

    1000 Ways to Lie (2010)
    TV Movie (Reality-TV) Actor Several ways of people lying.

  • Speed Dating

    Speed Dating (2009)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor When a group of loner outcast singles try desperately to find true love through a speed dating event, the most unlikely ones actually achieve their goal. The whole point of speed dating is to determine what kind of a person is sitting across from you and if you would want to date them. Everyone has their quirks and issues, some more obvious than others. The ones with the more obvious outward issues are judged and laughed at by the ones with issues that are more easily hidden, but in the end, it was only the ones with those clear outer issues that had the ability and openness in their hearts to find true love. Written by The team @ Inner Vizion

  • Finale

    Finale (2009)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Actor A family descends into a vortex of denial and paranoia after the death of the oldest son. Though labeled a suicide, the bizarre circumstances lead the mother, Helen, to believe there are darker forces at work. Black paint was thrown over everything reflective in the son's decrepit Victorian house, an explosive trap set in his bedroom and a woman from his past haunts the cemetery where he lies buried. But when Helen's investigation threatens to ruin the life of her teenage daughter, Kate, and possibly her own sanity, she realizes there is but one escape from this nightmare world - the very route attempted by her dead son. Finale captures mystery, horror and suspense in the colorful visual style of the 1970's Italian gialli. Written by Anonymous

  • He's on My Mind

    He's on My Mind (2009)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Actor Elementary school teacher, Kayla King thought she had the perfect relationship, and after an impromptu wedding, Kayla discovers that not only is she the other women...she's the other wife. Devastated, Kayla vows to figure out "WHY MEN DO WHAT THEY DO", and is spontaneously imbued with the ability to intercept men's thoughts. That's when the fun begins. Kayla newfound ability will present her with more than she bargained for, both in her personal life and at work. Written by Anonymous

  • Faded Memories

    Faded Memories (2008)
    Film (Drama) Actor The story of two teens, Cassandra and Lucas, as they get involved in a timeless love story against many odds.

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