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Jane Alexandra Foster

Screenwriter, Director and Producer

London, England

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I’m a Londoner, born, raised and based, and I’ve been lucky enough to work in various sectors of the film/media/fashion industry. However over the past ten years, I’ve targeted writing, directing and producing work in drama, for screens of all kinds and sizes which is my passion, and now my full time profession. I currently have several feature scripts/projects at several stages of development, some my own and some commissioned. I love structure and world of story, and am really strong at both, which is good as my own work, although commercial, and passionately story driven is always a mix up of genres, normally between Scifi, thrillers, fantasy, romance and action! Audiences today are so incredibly sophisticated, and we live in a global society where information is readily available, so stories can be as complex, rich and inspired, and as wide as the imagination, experience of life, and psychological development allows. I’m also a strong believer in experience making the best stories, and writing what you love to write. For me that’s taken from a wide base. My early career was spent at Toni & Guy as an artistic Director, and as part of their London based, but International Artistic Team. I travelled with them to hair shows, went on photographic shoots, produced shows, presented shows, and was one of six nominated as London hairstylist of the Year at the UK Hair Awards. After, I enjoyed a successful freelance career which included ‘A’ listers’, a lot of travel, and latterly, film shoots. Always passionate about films, and a notable writer through my school days, it was an extended trip to Goa, India, to make a low budget feature, which jolted me to realise that writing and directing was where my true passion lie. It also fuelled an introspective period of learning, a growing desire to help preserve the natural world, and a passion for mysticism, and eastern spiritual philosophies, all which are woven through my stories and characters.

I also was accepted to study, and won a full UK government bursary, on an MA course at Goldsmiths, University of London. I wrote and directed my first feature film, ‘Gracie’, (micro budget super 16mm). It’s an urban, surreal fable/thriller about a heartbroken young woman’s journey to reconnect with her own truth and belief in a higher force for good, set over one long night where her life and that of a Girl far more vulnerable than her, hang by a thread. ‘Gracie’ has just been released online, with more releases to come. I also produce, as it’s really the only way forwards in the UK, especially if you have a strong, clear voice. I’ve two other projects which I’m closely involved with in this way. ‘Aura’, about a group of spiritually and evolutionarily advanced beings, fighting for their freedom and identity, is inspired by the fantastic spiritual concepts found in multi-million world best seller, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, by famous spiritual leader, Paramahansa Yogananda. Then there’s ‘Day Six,’ which I’m directing, which is a race against time an ailing, Alien Timeshifter must make, to save a Girl who will save Earths’ oceans from ecological disaster in the future, and therefore save Earth from disaster, if the life force sucking Aliens who are after her don’t get her first. I also have a spec script, ‘Kuanyin’ a heightened reality, almost fantasy heist movie, which has a heartbreak tale of revenge, and forgiveness at its heart. I’m also attached to three commissioned screenplays as writer: ‘Rebecca Newton and the Sacred Flame,’ by best-selling Greek Fantasy author, Mario Routi, ‘Megan’s Game,’ a romantic thriller by Tony Drury, (also attached as director), and I’m also attached as writer to Paul Emmanuel’s family/action story, ‘Gun Play.’

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    DAY SIX Budget: $1M - $5M | Other Thorian Time Searcher Vie, has to find and save brilliant marine biologist Natalie from their arch enemy, the Arunans, because in the current timeline, her death not only signals the demise of Earth's oceans, but the death of the Thorian race too’.


    MEGAN'S GAME Budget: $1M - $5M | Romance Crime When high flying financier David‘s charged with a murder he can’t recall, of his arch business rival, the evidence is irrefutable, only Megan, a welsh War widow he’s only just met, believes he’s innocent. But can she cut through the dark underbelly of high city finance surrounding the murder to the truth in time?


  • One Night

    One Night (2018)
    Film (Romance) Producer An American rock star falls in love with a single mum he mistakes for a groupie.

  • The Guardian Angel

    The Guardian Angel (2016)
    Television (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Writer Hannah lives locked inside a silent life of despair, which she fears will soon end at the hands of her abusive parents. However, when a knife keeps appearing under her pillow, and a voice that she thinks is inside her head won't leave her alone, Hannah begins to realize that just maybe, she may have an ally not of this world. Written by Jane Alexandra Foster

  • My Guardian Angel

    My Guardian Angel (2016)
    Film (Thriller) Writer At the young age of eleven, innocent autistic Hannah has already experienced the unbearable burden of loss when her beloved twin sister Angel, who were inseparable, unfortunately, died. Under those circumstances, still not in terms with her loss and living under the same roof with her abusive and uninvolved parents, Hannah will seem to have a fresh start at her new boarding school, nevertheless, there too, mistreatment and alienation await her. Eventually, desperate Hannah unable to overcome the constant impediments, she will seek comfort in even the smallest of things, however, as the mellow, yet persistent and penetrating female voice inside her head grows stronger by the day, the subtle innuendos of an otherworldly companion will become a certainty. Written by Nick Riganas

  • Gracie

    Gracie (2015)
    Film (Drama, Fantasy, Mystery and Thriller) Producer 2am. As 29 year old suicidal Gracie tries to get up the guts to jump off Waterloo Bridge,17 year old Ellie runs up begging for help, in fear for her life from a Man who's chasing her. Shocked out of her misery, Gracie drags the Ellie to what she believes is the safety of the back streets... But when those after Ellie snatch them both, a dark night begins which changes their lives forever, because, love and light do always conquer, and sometimes in the most surprising way, but come morning will it be enough to survive? Written by Jane Alexandra Foster

  • Unify

    Unify (2015)
    Film (Short and Sci-Fi) Producer In SciFi/horror, 'Unify', Hadians and Arrachans are at war over 'Arracane', but now the hybrid animal/machine 'Harvesters' which mine the powerful resin, have turned. Annihilation certain, a few desperate Hadians try to contact a strange ship, arrived in orbit, hoping for escape...

  • Black 2 Sugars

    Black 2 Sugars (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Producer What starts simply as a coffee between two strangers turns into something much larger involving conspiracies, computers, the I-ching, and finally life and death.

  • Persona

    Persona (2014)
    Television (Comedy and Drama) Director Lives, loves, laughs and longings delivered directly to your phone in daily, byte-sized "appisodes". Secrets are unraveled, lies exposed, hopes crushed and true love ... ? Well, you'll have to wait and see! Follow four very different people as they embark on a series of extraordinary life-adventures in a brand new continuing drama series designed specifically for the 21st Century. Written by Anonymous

  • Caroline Leiroz: Flying Home

    Caroline Leiroz: Flying Home (2012)
    Film (Short and Music) Producer A teenager in search of love goes home after dance class.

  • The Beginning of Light

    The Beginning of Light (2001)
    Film (Short, Drama, Mystery and Romance) Producer The Beginning of Light is a choreographed film to 2 poems. The first poem tells the story of the young Woman, who, devastated by the death of her lover, finally lets him go. In the second Poem, she muses on what her life could be, and a possible new love , a young Man watches her unseen. As her mood lightens, he takes over the reading of the poem, and realizes that he can't take his eyes off of her. Written by Jane Alexandra Foster

  • Megans Game

    Megans Game
    Film (Thriller) Producer Lovely widow Megan, lost her soldier husband and childhood sweetheart, to the Iraq conflict eight years ago, and believes she will never find or trust love again. Bitterly divorced, city high flier David, is in the critical stages of the biggest and most ruthless deal of his life, and the last thing he needs is love. However, when the pair meet, sparks unexpectedly fly, and against all the odds, Megan's defences at last begin to wash away... Until David's charged with murder. A murder whose roots go deep into the darker, sordid underbelly of high city finance and abuse, and deep into David's own dark past, and the evidence of his guilt is irrefutable. Now, will her love for a man she's only just begun to trust, be enough to overcome the overwhelming case against him, and will the truth ever, really be known? Written by Jane Alexandra Foster

  • Gun Play

    Gun Play
    Film (Action) Writer Inspired by the movies of Hong Kong action maestro John Woo, three estranged brothers must come together to avenge the murder of their father.

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