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About Ron

Mr. Newcomb has 20 years’ experience in the independent film industry where he has produced several short films along with three full-length feature films. He has done many of the roles in film, but currently enjoys directing. Ron has also written films, and currently in post-production on his next project, "The Rangers".

Since establishing himself onto the independent film scene in the Washington DC area, Mr. Newcomb has been a script and production consultant on several projects, and hosted several speakers on the subject including his own seminars. He maintains a very active relationships, in the Washington DC indie film community, and is a founder of the DMV Producers Association.

Mr. Newcomb is an alumnus of the distinguished Act One Writing Program in 2004, the Dov S-Siemens Film School in 2008 and is trained in Final Cut Pro. Mr. Newcomb was voted the AMTC’s 3rd overall best Actor in 1997. He is also the co-owner of www.TheFantasy.Network.

Mr. Newcomb’s diversified experience stems from serving the community as a Police Officer, is a former Marine, and in 2007 he helped launch a start-up IT Company as an Operations Manager. He holds a Master’s Degree and currently supports the Marine Corps in the IT field.

Unique traits: Producer, Marketing, Crowdfunding



  • Outlawed faith

    Outlawed faith Budget: $1M - $5M | Sci-fi Western Young Jonah's faith carries him and his young sister, Celine, to the last borderland town, Harpdale, in order to escape captivity. They seek out his mother's old friend, the famous reformed gunslinger Kulta; but what they find is more than what anyone bargains for. Set in a Sci-Fi Western town with the air of a Steampunk theme, this tale will begin a journey of high adventure.


  • The Rangers: Sons of Throi

    The Rangers: Sons of Throi (2018)
    Television (Fantasy) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Mount Hideaway

    Mount Hideaway (2017)
    Television (Drama) Actor A spy, a thief, a private eye, and a country preacher solve crimes in a small rural town.

  • Star Wars: Extraction

    Star Wars: Extraction (2016)
    Film (Short and Action) Producer Desperate to gain an advantage against the forces of the Empire. The Rebel Alliance sends in a team to find the location of the Empire's secret base. A single pilot managed to get away, he may hold the fate of the Rebellion in his hands.

  • The Courier

    The Courier (2016)
    Film (Short and Fantasy) Producer "The Courier" is a micro-short of a cat & mouse game to the death. An assassin shadow elf has the location to an ancient blade. Should he get it back to his master, Prince Korlan, he will know the whereabouts of the blade and unleash darkness over the world of Adrasil once more. Will the wood elf guardian be able to reclaim the beliggen (wood elf for location) stone? We will find out...

  • The Rangers: Furies

    The Rangers: Furies (2016)
    Television (Fantasy) Producer Add a Plot »

  • The Rangers

    The Rangers (2016)
    Film (Fantasy) Producer The Rangers is about a special force of soldiers, known as Rangers, who were founded long ago by King Aenarion to guard and watch the borders of the Kingdom of Olaran. Each episodic season follows the adventures of the unit of Rangers led by Brander Noke, also known as Wolf, and their new rookie Soren Fell. Together, they must help their world overcome its greatest challenge, as they face their own personal demons. Written by Ron Newcomb

  • The Rangers: Rangers of Throi

    The Rangers: Rangers of Throi (2016)
    Television (Fantasy) Producer Add a Plot »

  • The Rangers: Drustan Chronicles

    The Rangers: Drustan Chronicles (2016)
    Film (Short and Fantasy) Producer An elite Ranger must venture out on his own to defend his country against the newly discovered orc war band.

  • Outlawed Faith

    Outlawed Faith (2016)
    Film (Short, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Producer Young Jonah's faith carries him and his young sister, Celine, to the last borderland town, Harpdale, in order to escape captivity. They seek out his mother's old friend, the famous reformed gunslinger Kulta; but what they find is more than what anyone bargains for. Set in a Sci-Fi Western town with the air of a Steampunk theme, this tale will begin a journey of high adventure. Written by Ron Newcomb

  • Vengeance a LARP Comedy

    Vengeance a LARP Comedy (2015)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Producer LARP is near and dear to our hearts here at The Forge, but sometimes we take ourselves a little too seriously. Together with the Film Program and Cheryl Rhoads Acting Classes we delve into the realm of VENGEANCE.

  • C'est la Guerre

    C'est la Guerre (2015)
    Film (Short and War) Producer War betrays us all. The heroic idea of war is a childhood dream, as these men learn the harsh and brutal betrayals of war. Members of the 82nd Airborne, are joined by members of the 29th Infantry along with French Partisans to save a young french girl, Melisandre; in this tale of harsh realities. Written by Ron Newcomb

  • Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey

    Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey (2014)
    Film (Documentary, Adventure, History and News) Producer Look around you for items marked 'Made in the USA'. How many items did you find? Could the loss of manufacturing jobs be a vital reason why our economy is struggling? Does 'Made in the USA' mean anything anymore? After witnessing the tragic effects caused by a factory shutdown in his hometown of Ravenswood, WV, Josh Miller takes off across the country for 30 days on an epic journey into the heart of America seeking to discover the answers to these questions. Written by Anonymous

  • Genre Wars: Resistance Rising

    Genre Wars: Resistance Rising (2014)
    Television (Adventure) Producer An original web series, which combines the elements of medieval fantasy, film noir, martial arts, science fiction, steampunk and more. Will you join us on the journey?

  • Rise of the Fellowship

    Rise of the Fellowship (2013)
    Film (Adventure, Comedy and Fantasy) Producer Randall Dooley is a geek. His three best friends are geeks too. He works in a game shop, he spends all his free time playing online games, his older brother bullies him unmercifully, his widowed mom doesn't understand him, and he's hopelessly in love with the prettiest cheerleader in high school. In short, he's a loser. All of that changes when he hears of the Lord of the Rings gaming competition in Orlando, Florida. Finally! Meaning in life! The FellowsHip is a buddy-comedy written in honor of online gamers and The Lord of the Rings. Full of Tolkien-references and good-hearted parody, The FellowsHip will appeal to Tolkien-fans and gamers alike, as well as anyone who's never been part of the in-crowd. Written by Anonymous

  • The Geekie Awards

    The Geekie Awards (2013)
    Film Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • Heritage

    Heritage (2013)
    Film (Short and Drama) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Add a Plot »

  • Genre Wars

    Genre Wars (2011 - 2012)
    Television (Action, Fantasy and Mystery) Producer Genre Wars is a group told tale, a mystery, and a serial all rolled up in one. Starting with the basic premise of a distant plant, Kabathan, inhabited by a variety of tribes/nations/groups or as we chose to call them, "genres". It was a world at peace... until recently. The source of that peace, is something or someone called the Onyum. It is now missing from where it once held all things in balance. Was it stolen? Destroyed? Is it an object of great magical power, or technological power, or both? Is it a person? No one knows... yet. Written by Newcomb, Ron

  • The Pharmacist

    The Pharmacist (2012)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Drama) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director The Pharmacist is a short narrative film that shows the limits of technology for the modern, self-service lifestyle. It follows an overwhelmed community pharmacist, Hal, as he confronts a new in-store rival: a pharmaceutical vending machine named Green Cross. Written by Michael Cassidy

  • Settled

    Settled (2012)
    Film (Short) Miscellaneous Crew Following America's economic collapse, resources are scarce, and violent Scorchers prey on the weak. A small group of survivors encounters a helpless stranger and decides to take him in, despite warnings from Jack (Josh Murray). As Jack struggles with maintaining order and surviving a lethal leg wound, his housemates discover the strangers secret, which could help save Jacks life.

  • Life Fine Tuned

    Life Fine Tuned (2011)
    Film (Drama, Family and Music) Producer The journey shows us what sound a spoiled young rock star makes when she is out of tune with life and how far her understudy will go to replace her. Star is the center of her universe when she discovers how small it really is. Paths cross between those climbing up the ladder, those falling off, and those putting the ladder away. This fresh, contemporary film offers the sounds of classical, rock, and bluegrass colliding as lives intersect, resulting in a new sound, a new life, a new beginning. In the end, Star discovers that the art to fine tuning her life is much like tuning a violin so she is in harmony with those around her, as she finds the family she never had. Written by Anonymous

  • Fair Is Fair

    Fair Is Fair (2011)
    Film (Drama and War) Actor An Afghanistan war veteran returns from the war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When he finds out that his wife was accidentally killed in a hotel room with another man, he follows the man home to seek revenge.

  • Guardians

    Guardians (2011)
    Film (Short, Action, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Actor Reality is surrounded by an alternate realm where beings called Guardians exist to protect chosen humans. One human, The Nexus, is the current target of the Minions, the dark beings of the alternate realm. Two Guardians, Jade and Jacqueline, must seek out and protect The Nexus from a Minion attack. Written by Anonymous

  • Innocence Lost

    Innocence Lost (2010)
    Film (Short, Action, Drama and War) Actor A mini story about a US Special Forces team on patrol in Afghanistan who encounter Islamic militants, and the innocent get caught in the crossfire. A scene from the independent drama feature 'Fair is Fair.'

  • Wait Your Turn

    Wait Your Turn (2009)
    Film (Romance) Actor Thad MacArthur comes unexpectedly back into Eve Cassidy's life, after breaking her heart in college. But this time Eve is different. After much soul-searching and the influence of a friend, Eve decides to remove sex from the equation in her relationships. Is it a coincidence that Thad is thrust back into her life just as she places this impossible-seeming stipulation on her relationships? Is it fate that Thad might be the man who can honor her decision? Thad and Eve must decide whether they can put their history behind them to build a future together or if their story will end in a bitter repetition of the past. As Eve and Thad struggle to make these choices they are influenced by two other couples dealing with similar issues. Love can be a complicated matter, especially when trying to overcome the past. As each couple faces the decisions of love and life they realize that the right person is out just have to wait your turn. Written by Anonymous

  • Like It Was Your Last

    Like It Was Your Last (2009)
    Film (Short and Sci-Fi) Director Add a Plot »

  • My Turn

    My Turn (2002)
    Film (Drama, Action, Crime and Thriller) Producer Every day we make choices. Be they large or seemingly inconsequential, they all hold repercussions. As an alcoholic security guard finds himself thrown in the middle of a million dollar movie theater heist, one man's search for wealth is interrupted by another man's search for himself. When a man makes a deal with the devil, his life is not the only one affected. Written by Kate Danley

  • Hell on Earth

    Hell on Earth
    Film (Short and Sci-Fi) Producer Two survivors, wanting something more for their lives, learn the night is filled with more than just darkness and nightmares.

  • Search Engine

    Search Engine
    Film (Comedy) Producer An everyman must pick up the pieces after his life and the lives of his fellow small-town residents are completely upended by a hacker releasing their internet search histories.

  • Daily Bread

    Daily Bread
    Television (Drama) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Seven millennial women with cookbooks, guns, and the desire to rebuild civilization, fight to survive without losing their humanity in a world gone dark.

  • The Mark

    The Mark
    Film (Short and Action) Producer an assassin finds hope in the survival of a little girl, and chooses hope over loyalty.


  • Best Feature Film Gen Con 2012.

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