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By Scott A Gore

GENRE: Horror

When a highschool girl, who's trying to make the world a better place, is traumatized by the death of loved ones, she seeks to escape the pain and unknowingly release the monster from within her.


In 2018, Karen Roberts is the quintessential girl next door living in the small town of Paradise, PA. She has a loving dad and a step-mom, a younger sister she adores and she's well liked and involved in her school and community. Not only that but she also has a aspiring film making hobby with her younger sister that she hopes someday will become a career.

But there is something going on below the surface in Karen's life and we begin to see the cracks as she unsuccessfully tries to avoid the pain and grief that primarily started when her mother (Sharen) died as she was just entering her teen years.

Her coping strategy is to stay busy, help others, protect her little sister, talk with her therapist but none of that is cutting it. She also has a pair of Baoding (Meditation) she uses increasingly as a way to escape and not feel the pain. When she "hides" in the balls we see the monster within her rear its ugly head.

Karen is trying to hold her life together but her relationship with her sister, who is her best friend, is deteriorating and her world is coming apart. Good news of having her movie accepted into a Film Festival and getting accepted into UCLA Film school isn't enough to keep her afloat when she loses her sister to suicide. Her friends and family try to help her but she pushes them away and isolates herself and begins to hurt others intentionally.

With her world crashing in on her, Karen tries to make a go of it but is rejected by others so she isolates herself even more and starts to implode. Her Baoding balls, once a source of refuge, now become an impregnable fort from where she launched attacks at others culminating with an attack on her parents and best friend (Trevor) while also hoping to find herself before it's too late.

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