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By Kahish Kverdasmith

GENRE: Comedy
LOGLINE: Texas tycoon, under criminal investigation drives to Humboldt county moving “temporarily” into a counter culture neighborhood where all are mutually annoyed and entertained .


This is a situation comedy about the lives and lifestyle of people living in Humboldt County. The depiction of the area is a composite of Arcata and Eureka named.”EurKata”.Tara is a body worker, herbalist goddess who works from home and supports her ten year old daughter, Misty Rain who is home schooled, talented and a very grounded intellect. They live next door to Fannie and are good friends with the other neighbor Eddie. Tara is the healer and Misty is the one who has balanced adult logic and innocence that are endearing. Fannie Mae is a widow that lives alone and decides to take in boarders to fill the empty nest and also to make ends meet. Her neighbor Eddie is an entertaining gay animal rights activist who tutors computer science students and has a home internet business selling one of a kind clothing that he designs on his Marilyn Monroe mannequin. He gets short notice to move out of a house that once belonged to Marge McKinley who died eight years prior and willed her house to her sister who lives in Texas with a rich corporate tycoon. Vetch Lobaidy is an arrogant bigot who through poor management, scandals and corporate corruption finds his assets frozen and himself under serious investigation. He lives in denial and is an inconsiderate old fart who talks incessantly. His wife Laura Lobaidy never speaks a word because Vetch does all the talking. When Laura finally utters a word out loud, it is to her dog a pampered French poodle named FIFI who sports a bow tie. They go through a series of trials to get to ‘Eur-Kata where they arrive basically penny less except for a bit of savings his wife has from her rental. The old classic car that barely made it to Eur-Kata is further disadvantaged by the removal of its hub caps and a broken window that they discover after their first meal at the mission that they think is a trendy restaurant. These ultra rich folks show up practically in rags and in a getto cruiser to their new home in EurKata. The general response is 'there goes the neighborhood'.


Am on the final patient. There are at least a pilot and 6 following series written so far. It is written for TV and expected to be half hour shows.

Clive McDonald

It reads good to me, but it's very ambitous. Is there an arc to the six shows?

Kahish Kverdasmith
@Clive McDonald

As I am re reading it, I agree it is very ambitious. I am new to this kind of writing. I am not sure what an arc is exactly. I should have it ready to load up soon but am having a little trouble with Final Draft program. (probably cause I pasted the script from word doc) Now trying to edit and format to industry specs.

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