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About Katie

I have been acting since childhood. I have portrayed almost every type of character in every genre'.
I am always looking for more work in this industry, and would love to make new connections.


  • Knight's End

    Knight's End (2019)
    TV Series Actress

  • Rayden Valkyrie

    Rayden Valkyrie (2018)
    TV Movie Actress

  • Wretch

    Wretch (2018)
    Film Actress

  • Angel

    Angel (2018)
    Film Actress

  • Loss Prevention

    Loss Prevention (2018)
    Film Actress

  • Mom and Dad

    Mom and Dad (2017)
    Film Actress

  • Help

    Help (2017)
    Film Actress

  • JL Ranch

    JL Ranch (2016)
    Film Actress

  • Hazard

    Hazard (2016)
    Film (Short and Horror) Actress A killer is on the loose, a group of small town criminals are trying to execute their latest plot, and plenty of blood is about to be spilled.

  • Thanatophobia

    Thanatophobia (2016)
    Film (Short, Drama, Horror and Thriller) Actress "Thanatophobia" is set in Lexington in the present day. It follows Ernie Cranshaw, a seventy eight-year-old man deeply scarred by a terrible past who lives alone in his humble ranch home. After suffering another horrific nightmare triggered by an event from his childhood, he awakens the next morning and visits a 50s-styled diner. While there, he's approached by a mysterious stranger who offers him a unique opportunity - a favorite classic theater is showing a week of free classic films before closing its doors for good. Hesitatingly, Ernie heads off through a rainy night to the theater, but what lies inside may just send him to the brink of madness. Written by Peter Dimako

  • The Freeze

    The Freeze (2016)
    Film (Crime, Mystery and Thriller) Actress On an otherwise mundane morning, Shelly McKenzie wakes up in a cabin, on the outskirts of Lexington Ky. Suffering from temporary amnesia, she notices she is surrounded by EKG patches connected to an old school photo booth. She is EVEN MORE startled by the myriad of dead bodies, lying around her. Not just any dead bodies, but rather several F.B.I Agents, all connected to a major investigation with international implications. Shelly leaves the cabin in a daze, until she can regain her memory. As her memory returns, Detective Scott Martin, arrives to investigate the deaths in the cabin. Detective Martin immediately notices evidence that is cryptic, but all pointing toward the next day at 11:01 A.M. Shelly also discovers this specific date and time, but is arrested and charged with the deaths. Proclaiming her innocence, the next day arrives and at 11:01 A.M, EVERYONE and EVERYTHING FREEZES IN TIME. Based on actions, they took the previous day; the only ones immune to the 24 hour ... Written by unknownman

  • Thornton Nearing Mars

    Thornton Nearing Mars (2016)
    Film (Short) Actress Astronaut Charles Thornton is relaxing in retirement when he begins to imagine/re-live memories that are not his own. Thornton's second chance at life begins by reconstructing his final flight.

  • Under the Surface

    Under the Surface (2016)
    Film (Drama) Actress Add a Plot »

  • The Wicked One

    The Wicked One (2016)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Actress A group of traveling friends who are hoping for a fun filled weekend getaway, find themselves in the cross hairs of one of the most dangerous and prolific serial killers in history.

  • Intrusion: Disconnected

    Intrusion: Disconnected (2016)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Actress Nearly a year after the events of INTRUSION the mysterious death of the rose bud killer leaves questions unresolved. Now with the body count rising once again and Holly's mental stability slipping, she claims the killer is still alive. Written by Craig Everett Earl

  • Awakening

    Awakening (2015)
    Video (Short and Horror) Actress A man receives debilitating news about the death of a loved one and is given an opportunity to change the past at the cost of losing everything.

  • The Hush

    The Hush (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress Are you woman or man enough to enter your darkest dreams? Are you human enough? The story opens with Dylan, in fact, the whole film is from his perspective. He has a friend who seems to have good intentions for him. That goes well for as long as it can. Honestly Dylan is losing things, important pieces of his already fragile life. Dylan has already started having lucid dreams, becoming more and more in control of them. He meets Saeed there who seems like a laid back friend to Dylan. Dylan also meets Alicia, a sweet, child-like woman who intrigues Dylan's craving for heart-felt love, since things with Molly, his wife, have turned cold and distant. Dylan now has his dreams to turn to. Will he find what he is looking for in his dream life? Or is the sword of Damocles quietly brandished over his thought-pounding skull? Written by D.M. Meyer

  • Intrusion

    Intrusion (2015)
    Video (Thriller) Actress Holly Jensen leads an overly dramatic life. It's one that is spent trying to avoid her problems and forget the past. Best friend Kali has the perfect solution to making Holly feel better. It's a game called "Wrong Number". However, the man on the other end finds the joke less than funny and decides to play a game of his own. A game where Holly will become the pawn. It's a character-driven thriller where everything has consequences and something as beautiful as a rose can be turned into any woman's, worst nightmare. Written by Anonymous

  • Roshambo

    Roshambo (2015)
    Film (Comedy) Actress Roshambo follows a three man film crew on their journey through the world of competitive Rock, Paper, Scissors. What seems like a ridiculous game on the surface is slowly revealed to be one of the most intense, heated and unpredictable sports they could have imagined. Written by Anonymous

  • Chain of Events: The Movie

    Chain of Events: The Movie (2014)
    Film (Comedy, Family and Romance) Actress A romantic comedy shot entirely in the city of New Albany Indiana... A couple down on their luck encounter divine intervention and a inheritance that changes their lives forever. Starring... KATIE STEWART, ALEX MUNCY, DALE MILLER, STACI WESTRICK, MARDELL ELMER and SILVIO WOLF BUSCH.

  • Darkling

    Darkling (2014)
    Film (Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actress Our innate fear of the dark is validated by the fact that there has been something evil living in the dark since the dawn of time. A police detective and his friends come face to face with this evil thing. A story of fear and the effects that it has on its victims and their loved ones. Written by Anonymous

  • Before the Dark

    Before the Dark (2013)
    Television (Drama) Actress Immortal warriors called the Carpathians, vampire hunters, suspect a vampire is hiding his kills in the carnage that is the Turk wars. With human wars coming ever closer to their hidden village, the Prince of Carpathians, Vladimir Dubrinsky finds himself torn between his son's growing madness and his visions of a future, shared with a Lycan seer, of their races at war. Vladimir's life begins to unravel and making the wrong decision could result in the extinction of his entire race. Written by Sheila Clover English

  • Girl/Girl Scene

    Girl/Girl Scene (2010 - 2013)
    Television (Comedy and Drama) Actress Lots of gorgeous women make out while competing in physical courage, personal tragedy and educated wit. This all happens in Lexington, Kentucky, where you can get lots of booze - and stuff.

  • Revelation Trail

    Revelation Trail (2013)
    Film (Drama, Horror and Western) Actress A frontier preacher's life is destroyed when a gruesome power consumes the land; he now must make the choice to give in to ruin, or find his purpose in the fight against the mysterious undead. Joined by the town lawman (who has entirely different personal demons to confront), the two men learn the extremes they're willing to go to in order to make it to the next day, as well as the depths people will go to when they truly believe in something. Written by Anonymous

  • Nightmare Fuel

    Nightmare Fuel (2012)
    Film (Horror, Music, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actress Every October, live entertainment creeps into every town in America. People are transformed into monsters, while others pay gladly for horrific performances. But sometimes, acting isn't enough for the spirits that rule Halloween. And this year... the spirits want the encore of a lifetime. Written by HillJack Russell

  • Well Kept

    Well Kept (2011)
    Video (Short and Horror) Actress When Donna comes home from picking up her daughter Maddie, things aren't what they seem. Unbeknownst to Donna, people are becoming infected by an unknown virus and changing into raging crazy people. What secret is Donna holding back?

  • Dar Rang

    Dar Rang (2011)
    Film (Horror) Actress Four teens go into an abandoned house, but only two come out.

  • Overtime

    Overtime (2011)
    Film (Comedy, Horror and Sci-Fi) Actress Raph and Max only kill bad guys, and only after their boss Sam, a high-powered attorney, has cashed a nice paycheck for getting her sleazy clients off the hook. When Sam sends our heroes on a routine hit, they find themselves caught up in a conspiracy they never imagined. But whatever trouble they've gotten themselves into is nothing compared to the wrath of Raph's wife if he doesn't make it home in time for his son's birthday party. Being a good hit man is tough; being a good dad is killer! Written by Brian Cunningham

  • Othering

    Othering (2010)
    Film (Short, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actress After moving into a townhouse, Daniel soon finds that dealing with his divorce papers is the least of his problems. His new home appears to have a life of it's own. And even though it's sat vacant for nearly three years, the neighbors contend that the previous occupant still resides within. Written by Anonymous

  • Revenant

    Revenant (2010)
    Film (Short and Horror) Actress Maria finds her husband cheating on her with another woman who turns out to be the queen of a clan of vampires. She kills Maria's husband in front of her leaving Maria to spend the next two years hunting the vampires only to find that being human has too many limitations. Written by Kenneth Dowell

  • Soup Kitchen

    Soup Kitchen (2010)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Actress Add a Plot »

  • The Last Temptation of Fluffy

    The Last Temptation of Fluffy (2010)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actress The cute and fuzzy alien returns to hunt mankind for a third time, and Trish Angel is the only person who can stop him. This time, Trish uncovers a secret government program involving Fluffy that may prove to be an even deadlier than Fluffy itself. Featuring Erica Goldsmith, Kayla Perkins, and legendary Moron Movies star Len Cella. Written by Anonymous

  • In Mysterious Ways

    In Mysterious Ways (2010)
    Film (Drama) Actress With his life spiraling out of control, Chad Thomas uncovers a mysterious secret that helps him learn the true meaning of faith and forgiveness.

  • Halloween Homecoming

    Halloween Homecoming (2009)
    Film (Horror) Actress Add a Plot »

  • The Legacy

    The Legacy (2009)
    Film (Action, Comedy and Horror) Actress They thought the legend was just for laughs... They're DEAD WRONG! The film follows a group of young people on their spring break camping trip... Without warning their numbers start to fall as they are viciously hunted down by a unknown killer! Are the legends true? Does the "Reaper" exist or is the murderer much closer then they think? Written by The Crowe

  • Hell-ephone

    Hell-ephone (2008)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Actress The story of a prank gone horribly wrong. A group of college students, led by "The Circuit Maker", a Svengali-like professor, make prank calls to funeral homes. After intently researching the obituaries, they try and convince whoever answers the call that they are the deceased calling from the great beyond. As the prank gets larger than life, gaining national attention, they attempt the biggest prank ever: they will 'Hell-ephone' the funeral of a recently executed serial killer, known as "The Sea-Monster". When the Sea-Monster's mother drops dead after taking the call, the kids start showing up dead. Mike Stone, the leading detective on the Sea-Monster case, is convinced that the Sea-Monster has returned from the grave to avenge his mother's death. The rest of the police force, however, doesn't buy that theory. Now cavorting with the ultimate evil on the other side; has the Sea-Monster been given to power to come back and continue the reign of terror that was interrupted for ten years... Written by Frank Santoroski

  • Haddonfield: A Halloween Fan Film

    Haddonfield: A Halloween Fan Film (2008)
    Film (Short, Horror and Thriller) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Shoot the Moon

    Shoot the Moon (2008)
    Film (Action) Actress Add a Plot »

  • The Bilbee Boys

    The Bilbee Boys (2008)
    Film (Comedy) Actress The Bilbee Boys are your average boys without a care in the world... until Rosemary moves in next door. The boys try to impress her in their own way, but fail. When school starts the boys take desperate measures to secure their place before the rest of the boys in school do. The Bilbee Boys explores the insecurities, societal pressures and media influences teenagers and young adults face, through the eyes of three teenage brothers. Written by Anonymous

  • Tech-Mare

    Tech-Mare (2007)
    Film (Short) Actress Add a Plot »

  • The Disappearance of Lunastar IV

    The Disappearance of Lunastar IV

  • The Eyes of Ami

    The Eyes of Ami

  • The Vampire Santa I: The Beginning

    The Vampire Santa I: The Beginning

  • Terror at Crimson Creek

    Terror at Crimson Creek

  • Wonder Woman: Molded from Clay

    Wonder Woman: Molded from Clay
    TV Movi Actress

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