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By J. Alberto Leyes

GENRE: Mystery, Sci-fi, Thriller

On the brink of and end -of-time cataclysm and besieged by dark powerful forces, a man at the edge of elightment attempts to save humanity by helping them make a transcendent leap in evolution.


A journalist discovers, through contact with inter-dimensional beings, where humans come from and how they are to fulfill their destiny. By telling him that he is in charge of triggering the next step of human evolution, he is put to the test against the powers that be, who have kidnapped and threatened to kill his family to prevent the evolution from happening. ​​Religions and world Masonic conspiracies have enslaved humans in “The System,” a program that was imposed by the “true masters,” an alien race that has just reappeared on the planet. A polar shift will wipe out humanity if he can’t convince people to change their ways, but the conspirators would rather see the world destroyed than release their grip of power.

J. Alberto Leyes

Jessica Arael Marrocco Hi J. Alberto, I think the screenplay is a paranormal masterpiece. Love the mention of Winchester MA, near my home town. All the elements and realities that I understand fully. I speak your language of the esoteric.

Adrienne Baranowski

Great logline. Intriguing and inviting.

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

ooooh, sounds familiar (like, half the stories in my head). How much of this do you kind of feel is real?

William Gunn

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William Gunn

Fascinating concept. I'd like to read the screenplay.

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