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By Edward Leech

GENRE: Drama, Historical

After an unjust prosecution, the apostle Simon faces impending execution but is miraculously rescued by an angel from a dungeon to become Rome's most-wanted fugitive.


A merciless despot, King Agrippa plans to squash a movement known as “the way”. He captures and murders James, one of the leaders. Apostles Simon and John escape Agrippa's net to hide in Northern Galilee. John eludes capture, but Simon's caught by a squad of Roman soldiers lead by a ruthless centurion. Following a swift and unjust prosecution, Simon is sentenced to death during Passover to appease the Jews. The church plans an ambush to rescue him but the centurion quells the plot using battle-hardened reinforcements. Simon's execution is imminent, and the church's only option is prayer. The group meet at Mary Magdalene's house in Bethany for intercession on Simon's behalf. Simon's shackled in a Roman dungeon guarded by elite soldiers. An angel appears, violently shakes the prison, and delivers him. Outside the city walls of Jerusalem, Simon realizes it's not merely a dream. He races to the town of Bethany to share his miraculous escape with his followers. Suddenly, Jesus appears, announces a blessing, and disappears taking Simon with him to an remote location. King Agrippa holds the soldiers responsible for Simon's escape and has them crucified. He places a bounty on Simon's head across the entire Roman empire: Wanted - Dead or Alive. As a legion of soldiers attempt to locate and kill Simon, he writes a letter of encouragement to the church. After King Agrippa dies unexpectedly by God's hand, Simon returns to Jerusalem no longer fearful of the repercussion to his own life.


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