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By Edward Leech

GENRE: Drama, Family, Sci-fi
LOGLINE: After a gullible tween discovers a prophetic camera which exposes his school in flames, he must somehow alter future events to prevent the life-taking, catastrophic fire.


A young teen, while exploring his attic with his best friend, stumbles upon an antique camera owned originally by Billy Sunday. They have a blast discovering what's in their future after discovering the camera takes prophetic photos. All that changes when two snapshots from a second roll of film reveal a good friend will soon be critically burned while battling a blaze at their middle school.They lose the photos and no one believes their story. The fire is imminent.Along with an older classmate, they plan to change the future by preventing the fire. Their bratty, little sister learns of their scheme and blackmails them in order to include her in their plan. The four adventurers face multiple obstacles breaking into the school. Once inside, they're discovered by a janitor who is about to call their parents until he smells smoke. Investigating the source, a fire breaks out in a classroom. While the janitor and young sister call the fire department, the three boys attempt to extinguish the fire.A backdraft occurs, knocks the boys unconscious, and traps them in the treacherous fire predicted by the photos. With flames about to engulf them, they're rescued by the their good friend, a fire-chief. Airlifted to a local hospital, they are released several days later without serious injuries. Realizing the error of their ways, the teens ask forgiveness of their parents, and are prepared to face the consequences of their actions.As the teen returns the camera to the attic in the final scene, another roll of film falls from the bottom drawer of the dresser which sets the stage for a sequel.


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