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By Michael E. Berg

GENRE: Historical, Adventure

After witnessing a werewolf murder their father, two scholarly brothers vow to eliminate any mythical threat they discover under the guise of fairy tale collectors.


As little boys, the Grimm Brothers witness their father mauled to death by werewolf. Years later, Jacob and Wilhelm are researching legends of Germany, hoping to find and kill the monsters these myths are about.

After fighting off an Alp in the palace, they learn of Baba Yaga's treachery and set off towards Lichtenstein to stop her. Jacob's girlfriend, Marie, joins them as they trek through the countryside until crossing paths with Gretel who leads them to the candy cottage to help save her brother Hansel.

Wilhelm shoves the witch into the stove and continue on. Baba Yaga arrives to the cottage and we learn the witch is her estranged sister. After leaving a bath house, Marie and the brothers are viciously attacked by a werewolf. They barely escape with their lives but eventually reach Baba Yaga's hut.

Baba Yaga traps Marie in a tower, turns Wilhelm into a frog and seduces Jacob into having sex with her. All looks lost until Marie escapes the tower and mortally wounds Baba Yaga: saving the brothers before Baba Yaga’s hut gets knocked off a cliff by a giant and crashes against the rocks below.

A Black List reader noted: “The script is truly a thrilling adventure with exciting action sequences that will be fun to watch. The setting feels grounded to the era but heightened enough to take on the magical realism of the world.”

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