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By Michael E. Berg

GENRE: Horror, Comedy

Two slackers with dead-end jobs try to turn their haunted past into reality TV stardom.


"Ghostbusters" meets "Office Space"

The one element always missing from paranormal reality shows is the paranormal — until now.

Set in 1997, this haunted house tale centers on Frank and Chris who investigate disturbances for public access TV as an amateur ghost hunting team called "Spooked." Their results always come up short, and the late nights interfere with jobs they love to hate: collections agent and gas station attendant.

When TRC arrives in town to award the most promising local show a national time slot; Frank's spunky would-be girlfriend, Brooke, helps them find new potential hauntings -- unaware an ancient evil named Ted resides in her father's refurbished Victorian manor.

Ted was the catalyst to Spooked's formation and now toys with Brooke's family through a series of devilish pranks.

Spooked becomes a shoo-in after recording an angry janitor apparition in a bathroom, that is, before a rival prick destroys the videotape. Things turn around for them in a bad way when Ted possesses Brooke's father and threatens heinous acts with an axe.

Armed with new pseudo-scientific tools and religious everyday items (holy soda), these ghost hunters battle Ted to not only save Brooke's family but their shot at a major cable channel.

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