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By Nathan Ludwig

GENRE: Action, Thriller, Horror, Crime

A US Marshal with supernatural abilities relentlessly hunts down a pair of serial killer cannibal brothers obsessed with unlocking the secrets of the wendigo legend.


1983. The American Midwest is in the grip of unspeakable terror at the hands of Mason & Wyatt Sheffield aka The Butcher Brothers. As serial killer cannibals, they've cut a swath of bloody horror across the United States and their latest ritual murders and destructive escape from authorities leaves them believing that they're now living on borrowed time. Mason, obsessed with cannibal lore and spiritualism, has been studying the legend and myth of the Wendigo for years and believes he can harness the power of eternal life from its jaws. With the begrudging help from a fellow ex-con, Native American criminal Dying Crow, the Brothers manage to lay low on a hidden Shoshone Tribe reservation in Northwest Wyoming where the Wendigo legend is said to truly exist. The Butcher Brothers are about to find out that the Wendigo is more than just a story.

On their trail is US Marshal Anastasia Fell. A former FBI agent with a shadowy past, she is obsessed with the Butcher Brothers and catching them. Leading a covert side investigation away from the main manhunt for the killers, Fell uncovers a terrible secret buried within a broken, rotten Shoshone Tribe family that threatens to destroy what little sanity she has left. And there's also the matter of rumors spread about her having supernatural abilities herself. Will she use them to catch the Brothers, or will she keep them locked away deep inside herself along with her jagged, haunted history?

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