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Michael Segun Smith

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Lagos, Nigeria

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About Michael

I am Nigeria based story writer who have written many works to my credit and looking for a screenwriter that will work in partnership with me in developing my stories or ideas into movie scripts for feature production. My works are of numerous genres such as: Horror, Crime, Suspense, Thriller, Romance, Adventure, Epic, Fiction and Non Fiction Stories and I have Copyright for my works. Interested screenwriters should please contact me via email at: mickysmith65@



  • Hidden Facts

    Hidden Facts Romance Crime "Why would a mother toss her 4 month old baby in a well to drown? Lola Dougherty graduated college with a banking degree and a handsome husband. But greed tainted her idyllic life after an elderly, childlessbillionaire offered her his fortune if she’d be his baby mamma. Lola doesn’t think twice. She’s ready to divorce her husband and claim her fortune. That is until— She finds out she’s already pregnant. And herhusband’s the father. What’s a girl to do? When she finds out her pregnancy cannot be terminated, she has the baby. But the billionaire’s offer is still on the table, and she’s still married with child. Until that child goes missing and is found drowned in the village well. Only the child wasn’t Lola’s only obstacle. She must also get rid of her husband and the billionaire’s right hand man as well as clear any suspicions about her baby’s murder in order to clear her matrimonial path to the billionaire". Hidden Facts is based on a true Nigerian story.

  • Behind The Cross

    Behind The Cross Thriller Horror Stephen Murdock due to selfish aggrandizement and in order to compete with other famous pastors in the world establishes his own church and becomes its General Overseer. Then in searches for power to performmiracle and to acquire ill-gotten wealth is secretly initiates into cultism where he's task to be sacrificing one among his church member quarterly to a deity "Asmodeus". Soonest, nemesis catches up with him inpursuance of his efforts to sacrifice his church member' fiance who happens to be a member of the CIA for the deity Asmodeus, his secret get exposes to the general public then finds self in great obfuscation and ends up his life in catastrophe chaos in this interesting thriller story.

  • Message To Bazo

    Message To Bazo Thriller Crime Bazo is a market place of no returns to strangers and law enforcement agents in the country where eminent people across the globe are secretly patronizing numerous types of shady deals such as: Classical "A" Drugs, Human Cloning, Human Trafficking and Money Laundry, the CIA Boss Mcoyet Pagag secretlyestablishes it. Following the discovery of Bazo by the Country' President, a special agent Michael Smith is task to carry out investigation on whom the owner of Bazo is and where it is situated in the country. The CIA Boss, in order to protect his interest on Bazo finds self ending up in his rivers of tears as he sends a wrongful guy (Michael Smith) on a wrongful day and wrongful mission to Bazo, a market place of no returns to strangers in this interesting thriller story.

  • Contretemps

    Contretemps Adventure An undergraduate theater arts student Michael Smith finds self in imbroglio after loses his both parents to almighty demise. In order to complete his theater art course in the university withdraws his younger brother Felix from school, puts him under the custody of a wealthy neighbor who employs him as maid and finally absconds with him. Soonest, Michael Smith joy turns melancholy as he visits the wealthyneighbor's house in order to check on his younger brother Felix welfare, only to see that the wealthy neighbor has abscond with his younger brother. Then in searches for Felix whereabouts, Michael and his friends encounters series of contretemps, parts of which they meets with a mermaid and a living corpse then knows a lot of secrets about mermaids, her dwelling place, how to differentiate male from the female, how they uses to have their kids, signs to be seen and hears if a mermaid is passing bye beneath the ocean and the secret between mermaids and the living corpses in this adventure story.

  • Cataclysm

    Cataclysm Romance A dropped out university student Flora Shaw (19) in searching for how to keep body and soul busy and to liberate her darling fiance James Simpson (21) from poverty is introduced to the President of a film company Jack MacDonald (42) for employment. Before she could be gets employed into the company, she's tasked to use what she has to get what she wants part of which she has sexual intercourse with the company' key executives. What is the poor girl has to do than to accept the offer in order to remove her darling fiance from poverty and soonest she gets paid. Subsequently she establishes her own private company, appoints her darling fiance the head of the company and both fixes a date for their wedding. Unfortunately, luck runs against her and finds self in cataclysm on her wedding day as her darling fiance could not be seen at the venue of the wedding and only to see that her darling fiance denies ownership of the pregnancy she's carrying in her womb, impregnates two among her friends and  marital knob with her niece in another church, claims ownership of her multi million dollars company on same wedding day then arrives at conclusion to let vengeance takes its due cause in this sadistic romantic story.

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