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By Derek McHenry

GENRE: Action, Sci-fi

An intergalactic soldier, must join forces with the local Sheriff and his son, if she is to stop a resurrected alien warlord from gaining its strength and extinguishing life on earth.


Disguised as a beautiful woman, the space witch Demonatrix, tricks the town mayor and others into installing her “space telescope”. In actuality, it opens a dimensional portal, freeing the banished warlord, Necro-Tron. Demonatrix offers the mayor as a vessel to the weakened Necro-Tron.

Across the galaxy, Hunter Kess learns of the plot to free Necro-Tron and reports in, only to be ordered to Earth.

Sheriff Barnett reunites with his son Jimmy, who has just returned from Europe. They witness Mayor Tallman stagger to his office.

The Sheriff drives Jimmy home and updates him that there is an ongoing communications black-out around the area, including phones and internet.

Hunter Kess plots a course to earth.

Demonatrix enters the Mayor’s office and hypnotizes the mayor’s secretary Barbara. The mayor feeds on Barbara.

There is a freak lightning strike a mile away from the Barnett home. Unbeknownst to Jimmy, another alien warrior has arrived on earth and is wearing similar armor to Hunter Kess.

Jimmy finds the site of where Necro-Tron was summoned. There he is attacked by a Warrog. Jimmy is saved by Hunter Kess. Kess kills the Warrog. Kess notices an approaching figure and is startled by its similar armor. Kess reveals herself to the warrior. Kess is knocked out by the warrior and it moves to search the site. The warrior leaves and Jimmy carries Kess home.

In the morning, the police have discovered the portal site.

With technological assistance, Kess “syncs” up with Jimmy and learns English. She warns him of Necro-Tron and the power he possesses from his piece of “the mantle”. Necro-Tron siphons power from the dark portals he creates. Kess tells how her partner sacrificed himself knocking Necro-Tron through the last portal.

The Sheriff comes home.

An alien assassin enters the neighboring trailer and opens fire on the Barnett trailer. Kess returns fire. Kess charges up her weapon and fires a final blast and kills the assassin.

The Sheriff, Jimmy and Hunter Kess investigate the mayor’s office and find a plan for another portal. Necro-Tron would need at least twenty people to power this portal.

At the local fairgrounds, everyone is welcomed by the human form of Demonatrix and is asked “who wants a lifetime of free Wi-Fi?”.

At his office, Barnett, Jimmy and Kess rally the deputies. Jimmy finds that the only place big enough would have to be the fairgrounds.

The good guys attack just as the portal is activated, sucking the life out of the Wi-Fi thirsty townsfolk. Battle rages and Jimmy is swallowed into Necro-Tron’s gelatinous chest cavity.

The dark warrior arrives and attacks Necro-Tron. Necro-Tron tears him in half and throws him to the ground. Vapor rises from the remains and storms past Necro-Tron, into the portal. Necro-Tron’s chest bursts open and Jimmy tumbles out. Kess powers up her gauntlet and punches Demonatrix into Necro-Tron and the two are pulled into another dimension. The portal closes.

Jimmy rises with Necro-Tron’s piece of the mantle, but he absorbs it before he can hand it to Kess.

Jimmy demonstrates his new power on the last remaining alien warlord.

Earth has a new defender.

Nathaniel Baker

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