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Youssef Spartacus Kdiry

Creative Director, Motion Pictures at The MoonStar Film Odyssey
Content Creator, Creative Executive, Director, Director of Marketing & Distribution, Editor, Film/theatre Journalist, Filmmaker, Graphic Designer and Screenwriter

North Bergen, New Jersey

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About Youssef

A Cinematic (and Completely Non-Biased) Hagiography


Born in the barbaric land of Nova Caesarea (New Jersey) the same year eventual Best Picture Oscar®-winner THE GODFATHER was released, this talented-but-humble multi-hyphenate pinpoints JAWS as his earliest moviegoing occurrence during the summer of 1975. It was a religious experience that was repeated in May 1977, when a low-key science-fiction/fantasy named STAR WARS graced those first 32 screens—one of which Lil' Youssef dragged his father to at the Hudson Mall Cinema in sunny Jersey City, NJ that fateful Wednesday.


School, fast food, martial arts training, mullets, pop music & totally '80s movies starring: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Charles Bronson, Sho Kosugi, Jean-Claude Van Damme & Dolph Lundgren.


After earning a B.A., Media Arts degree at New Jersey City University—with a stopover at the storied New York University to immerse himself in their popular Film & Video Production curriculum--Youssef landed at HBO, spending a decade reviewing movies for the HBO/CINEMAX channels. Apparently, the opportunity to screen/program thousands of movies (and getting paid to do so) was too great a temptation to pass up...even for the budding filmmaker on the cusp of the New Millennium and forthcoming Digital Revolution.


Youssef put his versatile talents into developing & launching his multimedia production firm, The MoonStar Film Odyssey (www.moonstarfilmodyssey,com)—a flourishing bastion of creativity & production that has transcended some recent difficult years into new and exciting endeavors.w


Youssef embarked on yet another odyssey through academia and earned an M.F.A., Motion Pictures & TV degree at the prestigious Academy of Art University (San Francisco, CA)—where his two screenwriting theses have become the nexus for The MFO's cinematic endeavors into the higher echelons of the motion picture industry.


In addition to developing this movie, Youssef and The MFO have another two-dozen high concept movie projects in the development pipeline—ideally to be shot on film stock (35mm or 65mm) and lensed in the anamorphic widescreen format (e.g. Panavision®). Each movie project will have companion marketing/branding websites & social media outlet pages connected to it—all created & developed (in prelude) by the lad from Nova Caesarea.


  • 776 B.C.

    776 B.C. Historical Adventure A beloved, but aging Greek general must compete in the very first Olympiad to save his daughter from the clutches of a wicked king--potentially setting off a Greek civil war in the process.

  • Action Heroes

    Action Heroes Action Comedy Sylvester Stallone & Arnold Schwarzenegger star as aging action stars who must nut-up for a real-life adventure! 

  • Atlantis

    Atlantis Adventure Fantasy An epic movie about the fabled lost continent of Atlantis.

  • The Autumn of Terror

    The Autumn of Terror Horror Historical The Whitechapel murders of 1888 reveals sinister motives in this terrifying new vision of the greatest cold case in crime history.

  • The Bottom Line

    The Bottom Line Romance Comedy A Jersey filmmaker pitches a horror/mob movie called UNDEAD GOOMBAHS at a big Hollywood studio, much to the chagrin of the studio mogul's uppity daughter.

  • Cardinal Sin

    Cardinal Sin Thriller Crime A former war veteran-turned-Roman Catholic priest executes criminals and nudges warring mob factions against each other in the hopes of eliminating the bad element in NYC.

  • The Circle

    The Circle Horror Adventure What goes around comes around…in any lifetime...  

  • Dalton + Garrett

    Dalton + Garrett Music Other Best friends; mentor-student; music stars. Before taking on the dastardly Brad Wesley for the soul of Jasper, MO, the duo cut an awesome album chock full of songs that represented Americana at its most flavorful. MIJO is a classic!

  • Dalton Bouncer Academy

    Dalton Bouncer Academy Other Documentary DALTON BOUNCER ACADEMY is an intensive curriculum designed to train the next generation of security personnel in the principals of our late founder Dalton--the warrior-philosopher immortalized in the classic docu-drama ROAD HOUSE (1989).

  • The Devil's Rain

    The Devil's Rain Thriller Horror The big-screen remake of the cult 1975 horror movie.

  • Discotheque

    Discotheque Musical Drama New York CIty, 1979.  Disco... Sex... Drugs... Polyester...  It's all waiting for you at the DISCOTHEQUE.

  • Doomsday Prep

    Doomsday Prep Action Thriller A kinetic action-thriller involving luxury bunkers at the doorstep of the Apocalypse...http://www.doomsdayprepmovie.c...

  • Eternity

    Eternity Horror Adventure The epic saga of the Vampires across the infinite canvas of Time. 

  • The Great Space Race

    The Great Space Race Sci-fi Adventure In space, no one can hear you scream…because they’re all flying too f---ing fast!    http://www.thegreatspaceracemo...

  • The Hans Gruber Experience (featuring The Nakatomi Bandits)

    The Hans Gruber Experience (featuring The Nakatomi Bandits) Musical Documentary Though long considered the villains of the violent & spectacular Nakatomi Plaza robbery on Christmas Eve 1988, one question has emerged in the decades since: what if Hans Gruber and his merrily-malevolent men also cut a snazzy jazz album in the process?

  • The Legacy of Passion

    The Legacy of Passion Musical Fantasy A young, despairing, former dancer experiences a spiritual odyssey in the rolling hills of Southern Spain—where he trains in the passionate art of Flamenco under the tutelage of his deceased dancer-father’s spirit in order to battle the forces of Darkness bent on destroying his family and prevent them from reclaiming the Legacy of Passion...

  • Liberty

    Liberty Thriller Historical The creation of the Statue of Liberty is the backdrop for an epic tale of international espionage.

  • Loch Ness

    Loch Ness Thriller Adventure An epic film about Loch Ness and its mysterious, underwater dwellers.

  • Masque Of The Red Death

    Masque Of The Red Death Thriller Horror A lavish remake of the classic Edgar Allan Poe horrorfest involving crumbling societies, despotic CEOs, hedonistic Halloween parties and one uninvited guest...

  • The McClanes

    The McClanes Music Documentary The only record album ever produced & performed by John & Holly McClane! 

  • Metropolis

    Metropolis Sci-fi Thriller An epic and lavish remake of Fritz Lang's classic 1927 Expressionistic Film masterpiece.  http://www.thefutureismetropol...

  • MoonStar

    MoonStar Action Sci-fi The Future.  A government agent/mystic ninja master battles the forces of Evil against the backdrop of an international martial arts tournament in an effort to thwart World War IV...

  • The Most Dangerous Game

    The Most Dangerous Game Thriller Adventure An epic, cinematic retelling of Richard Connell's classic 1924 short story.

  • Oasis Of The Dead

    Oasis Of The Dead War Horror In 1918 French Morocco, a remote Foreign Legion outpost comes under siege by legions of undead ghouls.

  • The Phoenix

    The Phoenix Sci-fi Adventure The feature film version of the cult 1980s TV show.

  • Prisoner of Vampires

    Prisoner of Vampires Horror Fantasy A young student runs afoul of vampires while researching in an old library. Based on the cult '80s novel by Nancy Garden.

  • Road House: The Quintessential American Movie

    Road House: The Quintessential American Movie Action Documentary ROAD HOUSE (1989) is the quintessential American film. This documentary will prove why!

  • Star Blazers: Celestial Armada

    Star Blazers: Celestial Armada Sci-fi Adventure They were the valiant…  They were the chosen… They were Earth’s last hope…

  • Stasis

    Stasis Sci-fi Thriller A gripping science-fiction adventure-thriller set at the exactly line where Earth's atmosphere meets outer space...

  • The Summer of Terror

    The Summer of Terror Thriller Historical The feature film version inspired by those 12 days of terror during the 1916 shark attacks in New Jersey--a combination of nature gone wild, WWI scare tactics, political corruption and scientific anomalies.   http://www.thesummerofterror.c...

  • Tango & Cash 2

    Tango & Cash 2 Action Comedy The potential sequel to the popular 1989 hit TANGO & CASH.

  • Tombs of the Blind Dead

    Tombs of the Blind Dead Thriller Horror The big screen remake of the classic 1972 Spanish horror gem.http://www.tombsoftheblinddead...



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