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Tallinn, Estonia

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About Jay

Writing novels and short stories. I started scriptwriting relatively recently by adopting my own stories in Sci-Fi Comedy, Fiction, Spy Thrillers, and Political Drama.

Worked in international consulting, research, insights, and management advisory.

I Lived, worked, and traveled through many places from Cambodia, Bangladesh, Taiwan to Sao Paolo, Rio, Paris, you name it.


  • The DEJAVU Project

    The DEJAVU Project Action Sci-fi Videogames consultant joins hands with a Virtual Reality private military technology firm to come back in time and use his storytelling skills to reconstruct the past to save the lives of citizens, and uncover a plot to establish an alternative powerhouse to rule the world.

  • This Never Happened Before

    This Never Happened Before Budget: $30M+ | Adventure Fantasy Newspaper intern has to cross the jungles in search of the flower of life to make it in time to the sacred waterfall before End-of-the-World solar eclipse.

  • Dream On

    Dream On Drama Fantasy 5 random people share the same dream where they meet over a coffee to discuss their real lives, until one day things get real.

  • Three Days of The Griffon

    Three Days of The Griffon Sci-fi Comedy An ATF agent has to team up with his colleagues from the international intelligence community to stop an intergalactic war.

  • BOOK 13: TIME

    BOOK 13: TIME Budget: $30M+ | Action Sci-fi An extraterrestrial scout trooper abandoned on earth to guard a time controlling capsule and a biomechanical engineer have to stop time reversal.

  • Earthly, Truly Yours

    Earthly, Truly Yours Sci-fi Comedy Mediocre intergalactic maintenance crew on a routine visit to planet Earth has to team up with unsuspecting humans to stop self-righteous Overmind from wrecking the entire universe.

  • Ten Scripts

    Ten Scripts Drama Full-time LA accountant part-time screenwriter gets a second chance after divorce when a good Samaritan delivers his scripts to a struggling Hollywood producer.

  • Making a Living (Pilot TV)

    Making a Living (Pilot TV) Drama Out of job change management consultant is back in the game in the middle of a huge merger when a corporation wants him to make the deal that's too good to be true happen.


    LOST AND FOUND TREASURE (ПОТЕРЯННОЕ И НАЙДЕННОЕ) Adventure Crime A small-time criminal gets on a road trip across the country to deliver a rare vase that holds the secret of the gold treasure.

  • Linkers: Look for the birds

    Linkers: Look for the birds Action Sci-fi Agents of an organization that invented teleportation go deep undercover to fight their nemesis. 

  • The Internationale: TV PILOT EPISODE

    The Internationale: TV PILOT EPISODE Thriller Crime An undercover agent goes rogue to stop an international shadow organization created by her own brother from deploying the deadly virus from the small orbiting satellites.

  • Two Dots

    Two Dots Mystery Drama Stranger stops a suicide attempt by a girl in the subway.

  • Two Dots: Point-Blank

    Two Dots: Point-Blank Crime Drama Man kills his wife and commits suicide to get the insurance policy for their daughter's chemotherapy.

  • Two Dots: You know my name

    Two Dots: You know my name Mystery Drama Celebrity star commits suicide to give her life in exchange for her late daughter's life.

  • See you on the other side

    See you on the other side Budget: $0 - $100K | Drama A young woman has to decide if she wants to be with a self-absorbed husband or her future twin sons she's carrying.

  • Axis Noxious

    Axis Noxious Thriller Drama The world of an angel of death turns upside down when he falls in love with an angel of life.

  • The Destiny: Hit & Love

    The Destiny: Hit & Love Comedy Crime Ne'er-do-well con hitman gets in trouble by falling in love with a daughter of a well-known gangster he is booked to kill.

  • Accidental Passenger

    Accidental Passenger Comedy Crime Ordinary office nerd and a small-time computer criminal accidentally team up on a bus trip through Europe to stop a multi-billion shady corporate deal.


    MINDMAPPERS: DEJAVU Action Sci-fi Agents of a government research unit that invented a remote mind-mapping technology to use any living person as a surrogate to solve crimes are trying to find an inside man who is after them.

  • The Cynic

    The Cynic Budget: $0 - $100K | Drama The richest man on earth abandons everything to become the modern-day cynic.

  • Hanging on a Wire

    Hanging on a Wire Romance Adventure Visual Effects artist stages his own death to get insurance and lure a police detective into a lucrative, yet dangerous criminal enterprise.

  • Starlight (Звездное Небо)

    Starlight (Звездное Небо) Crime Drama Double-agents start the invisible war on space control battlefield to eradicate competition.

  • Incantation

    Incantation Budget: $30M+ | Sci-fi Agents sent into the digitized mind of a professor to gain access to the formula of serum that will cure the very disease he created back in 1992.

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