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Garcia Sisters

Garcia Sisters

The Night Owl Chronicles
Screenwriter and Author

Melbourne, Australia

Member Since:
May 2020
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1 day ago
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About Garcia

Our names are Samantha and Allison and we are the Garcia Sisters. We are Australian based award-winning screenwriters and authors who are passionate about film and writing. We have created The Night Owl Chronicles Production, and together we've teamed up to write horror/paranormal feature screenplays that are part of a series. Each story we create is different, but nearly all of the characters are connected to each other in some unique way. It's a web of horror in the world of The Night Owl Chronicles. Welcome to our world... follow the owl.


  • The Door

    The Door Horror After moving into a new house and hearing disturbing knocks in the middle of the night, a teenage boy must stop evil entities from coming inside.

  • Cinema 4

    Cinema 4 Horror After waking up alone in a cinema, a teenage girl must find her missing half-brother and survive a demonic army that has overrun a shopping mall.

  • Wolf in the Woods

    Wolf in the Woods Horror A group of teenagers must escape a shapeshifting witch who is determined to seek revenge against them.

  • Monstra

    Monstra Horror When a teenage boy goes missing, a father must crossover into another world and save his son from a diabolical witch.


  • The Adventures of Max and Oscar

    The Adventures of Max and Oscar (2020)
    Print by The Night Owl Chronicles Writer/Author On this Halloween night, Max and his beloved dog, Oscar, will come face-to-face with a real zombie! It's a night of frights, tricks, and delicious treats. As the children of Salem collect sweet candy, a zombie will rise from the ground and cause chaos! With the help Arthur, a friendly ghost, Max and Oscar must stop the zombie and save Halloween!

  • Wolf in the Woods (FEATURE SCREENPLAY)

    Wolf in the Woods (FEATURE SCREENPLAY) (2020)
    Print by The Night Owl Chronicles (Horror) Screenwriter A group of teenagers decide to go hiking as a fun day out. Things take a dark turn when they are hunted by a shape-shifting witch who's determined for revenge. Not everyone is innocent and not everyone is guilty, but one thing is for sure...not everyone is a friend. Their secrets will either free them or kill them.


    Print by The Night Owl Chronicles (Horror) Screenwriter/Author Josh Riley knows his family’s old house holds painful memories from the robbery, but he hates the gloomy place where they’re living now. The rooms are too dark, and it always seems to be raining outside. Instead of reducing his anxiety, the new environment only makes it worse. Besides his appointments with a therapist, school is the only thing that makes Josh feel normal. Seeing his best friends and his girlfriend, Emma, helps him forget his worries. Then he meets the new girl, Amanda Wolf, and all the tension returns. Her black makeup, piercing green eyes, and subtle smirk give him the creeps. Shortly after her arrival, Josh begins to hear knocking at his front door after dark. Is it Amanda, the robbers from before—or something else? He tries calling the police, installing a surveillance camera, and even replacing the door, but still someone—or something—keeps pounding on the door and jiggling the knob. Days go by with more questions than answers. Josh’s parents are out of town, and his research keeps hitting dead ends. Then, one night when Emma has stopped by, she hears the knocking, and before Josh can stop her, she innocently opens the door…


    The Door (SHORT SCREENPLAY) (2019)
    Print by The Night Owl Chronicles (Horror) Screenwriter INSPIRED FROM OUR ORIGINAL STORY, WE DECIDED TO RECREATE "THE DOOR" WITH AN ALTERNATE ENDING THAT ENDED UP BEING OFFICIALLY SELECTED AT HORROR HAUS FILM FESTIVAL 2019! ENJOY... In the middle of the night, eighteen-year old Josh Riley suffers from insomnia. With his parents fast asleep, he heads downstairs to find some distraction. Before making his way upstairs, he hears several knocks at the front door. Someone or something wants to get inside, and after being tricked into opening the door, it's a battle of life and death. Even his father, who's awakened by all the screams attempts to save his only son. Josh's mother is also dragged into the nightmare as this evil entity waits for them one by one. It's one hell of a night, and the Riley's can only wish that they had never opened the door!


    Cinema 4 (FEATURE SCREENPLAY) (2019)
    Print by The Night Owl Chronicles (Horror) Screenwriter Isabelle wakes alone in the cinema. Everybody has gone, including her half-brother. She's officially alone in America's largest mall. Isabelle must find a way out and escape the dark entities that have overrun the mall.

  • Flight of no Return (PUBLISHED BOOK)

    Flight of no Return (PUBLISHED BOOK) (2018)
    Print by The Night Owl Chronicles (Horror) Writer/Author Young flight attendant, Lisa Gates, is deeply in love with Adam. He ticks all the boxes except for one — he’s married. His wife, Mary, is oblivious of their secret love affair. While Mary is away in New York to launch her successful jewelry line, Lisa spends a passionate night with Adam. He seduces her with love, expensive gifts and a promise to leave his wife once and for all. But during a routine flight to London, Lisa is shocked to see Mary sitting among the passengers. Her fiery red hair is not hard to miss. When Lisa attempts to get a better look at her, she’s nowhere to be found. Even though she is not on the manifest, Lisa is certain that Mary is on the plane. Hours into the flight, Lisa is psychologically tormented with terrifying things only she can see. Taking matters into her own hands, she searches every seat but still no Mary in sight. Fear and paranoia take over as Lisa alerts the crew of a possible missing passenger. They search high and low, but Lisa’s terror and erratic behavior worsens during the flight when she believes that Mary is out to kill her.Is Mary really on the plane, or is Lisa hiding something sinister from Adam? There’s nowhere to hide at 40,000 feet. Fasten your seat belt —it’s going to be a turbulent flight.

  • Cinema 4 (PUBLISHED BOOK)

    Cinema 4 (PUBLISHED BOOK) (2016)
    Print by The Night Owl Chronicles (Horror) Writer/Author Isabelle Humphrey resents her half-brother, Jason. One afternoon, she is forced to take him to the movies. Once settled into her seat in the cinema, she falls asleep. But when she wakes up, she’s shocked to discover that she’s completely alone. Wondering where everyone has gone, she leaves and finds herself completely abandoned in the world’s largest mall. She soon discovers other people left behind: two police officers, an old farmer, a shop owner, a paranoid young man, and her school bully, Miranda. All exits have been sealed shut, and all electrical devices refuse to work. There’s an oncoming storm that threatens them with a blackout, but they soon discover that they’re not completely alone: someone or something is watching them. A dark supernatural force is at work, and Jason proves to be the key. It’s up to Isabelle to be brave, find Jason, and end this horrendous nightmare once and for all. It’s a race against time for survival as this violent force takes them one by one.


  • FINALIST: Stage 32 Diversity Springboard Screenwriting Contest

  • FINALIST (Top 3): Filmmatic Pitch Now Screenplay Competition

  • SEMI FINALIST: Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards

  • WINNER: Best Feature Screenplay and Most Creepy Commercial Appeal - Creepy Tree Film Festival

  • WINNER: Best Short Screenplay and Best Creepy Climatic Development - Creepy Tree Film Festival

  • FINALIST: Best Screenplay for Cinema 4 - Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION: Feature screenplay The Door - A Night of Horror International Film Festival

  • QUARTER FINALIST: Best Horror Screenplay CINEMA 4 - ScreenCraft

  • WINNER: Best Horror Feature Screenplay for Cinema 4 - Creepy Tree Film Festival

  • SEMI FINALIST: Best Horror Screenplay CINEMA 4 - ScreenCraft

  • SEMI FINALIST: ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch Competition

  • QUARTER FINALIST: Stage 32 Diversity Springboard Screenwriting Contest

  • SEMI FINALIST: Stage 32 Diversity Springboard Screenwriting Contest

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION: Feature screenplay The Door - Horror Haus Film Festival

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