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By Blake Adams Bailey

GENRE: Crime, Film-noir, Independent
LOGLINE: Fifteen years after abetting DB Cooper in the only successful high-jacking in American history....four desperately inept criminals meet to collect their fair shares.


Four guys arrive at a cabin to collect on a high-jacking they 'believe' they helped commit fifteen years prior. Only problem is, the high-jacking was a hoax perpetuated by an escapee from a mental institute who gets off by 'copy-catting' famous crimes. This time the crime happens to be DB Cooper's Famous cabin and the surrounding woods, with five deeply flawed characters. One night four boys escape from Walla-Walla Juvy Hall, when on their first night on the lam, a mysterious man creeps into their camp sight, dragging a parachute and carrying a black briefcase. He promises if they help him get away, he'll make them all rich men...only hitch is they'll have to wait fifteen years for the statute of limitations to run out to get their money. Though ARCHIE would rather take it now, but a Corvette, some beers, and 'cruise'...they all agree that they do not want to spend the rest of their lives on the lam. Fifteen years have passed and FOUR VERY EDGY men have arrived expecting the kind of money that can turn their pathetic lives around. Only problem is, each one thinks he deserves it ALL, based on their one simple formula: how crappy their lives have been times the number of years waiting for the money. JOHN, the heartless drunk, believes he is better and smarter than the rest and is soon convinced they will all simply eliminate each other given the room to do so. WINDSOR, having been 'of money', and allowed to go to Juvy by his dad to learn a lesson on gambling, needs all the money to repay what he promises to be his 'final debt' ...really, he swears! BERNIE, is the tricky one. See it's his Dad that arrived that night. He's wants to one day be as cool a criminal as his Dad , and sees this as an opportunity to show him just how bad he can be by take all these guys DOWN! That way he figures he can 'hang' with his Dad on the next crime. And finally Archie, the poor white-trash scary-one. He's the only one of the bunch really capable of killing in cold blood. All these guys see Archie as the 'gun' they need to eliminate the others. The only problem is it's just very hard to get the easily distracted Archie to point his gun in the right direction. If Archie just had a brain, John a heart, Windsor some courage, and Bernie could just get 'HOME'...back with his Dad, they might actually pull off their GOAL! A character driven, very stylized dialogue piece, in the vein of 'Reservoir Dogs' if it was flying over '....the Cuckoos Nest'.


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