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By Terri L. Bea

GENRE: Not selected
LOGLINE: When a 21st Century woman of wealth and power suddenly becomes a 18th Century slave she discovers that the freedom to hate is a curse and being bound to love is a blessing.


Olivia Parker is a self centered, self sufficient successful black woman in the upper crust of Manahattan. Although well respected, she despises anything that resembles compassion and love considering it a plight on society and those who desire it to be burdens. During a rare moment of doing for others she interrupts her busy schedule to visit her alzhiemer stricken mother who lives in a nursing home. After a fall out she rushes out of the confines of familiarity only to run head long into destiny. When a resident of the home warns of impending doom and a second chance Olivia races away ending up in a head on collision with fate. Although she survives, she is awaken to find herself smack dab in the most traumatic times in african american history. In order to be free from the present nightmare she most help a small band of slaves find freedom. Olivia soon discovers that her life is connected to other lives and can not survive separated from the power of love.

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