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Robyn A. Cole

Actor, Camera Operator, Crew, Director and Editor

New Orleans, Louisiana

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About Robyn

I grew up in the Maryland/Washington D.C. area and now reside in New Orleans, Louisiana. I performed on stage from the age of four until 2008 when I was accepted into the Full Sail University Film Degree Program. Throughout high school I was involved with the Maryland Shakespeare Festival in numerous plays as well as taking an interest behind the camera at the local Career & Technology Center studying TV/Multimedia. During this time I realized a career focused behind the camera would be more beneficial as well as to enhance my love of storytelling. After an intensive 2 year bachelor degree program at Full Sail in Orlando, Florida I made the move to New Orleans to begin my career in the industry in front of and behind the camera. I am also an avid writer; sci-fi being one of my favorite genres.

Unique traits: Welsh Dragon Tattoo - Upper Right Arm


  • 1959

    1959 (2016)
    Film (Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Live from Lincoln Center

    Live from Lincoln Center (2015)
    Television (Music and Musical) Editorial department Add a Plot »

  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates

    Jake and the Never Land Pirates (2012 - 2015)
    Television (Animation, Adventure, Family and Fantasy) Editorial department An animated TV show that follows a band of young pirates who spend their days competing against Captain Hook and Mr. Smee for treasure.

  • Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies

    Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies (2015)
    Television (Documentary) Editorial department Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Siddhartha Mukherjee, this three-part series tells the complete story of cancer, from its first description in an ancient Egyptian scroll to the gleaming laboratories of modern research institutions. At six hours, the film interweaves a sweeping historical narrative; with intimate stories about contemporary patients; and an investigation into the latest scientific breakthroughs that may have brought us, at long last, to the brink of lasting cures.

  • Sofia the First

    Sofia the First (2014 - 2015)
    Television (Animation, Family, Fantasy and Musical) Editorial department Sofia, is a little girl with a commoner's background until her mom marries the King and suddenly she is royalty. With the help of the three fairies in charge of the Royal Training Academy, Sofia learns that looking like a princess isn't all that hard but behaving like one must come from the heart. Written by Anonymous

  • The Following

    The Following (2015)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Editorial department The FBI estimates there are currently over 300 active serial killers in the United States. What would happen if these killers had a way of communicating and connecting with each other? What if they were able to work together and form alliances across the country? What if one brilliant psychotic serial killer was able to bring them all together and activate a following? Written by Jack

  • I Didn't Do It

    I Didn't Do It (2014 - 2015)
    Television (Comedy, Drama and Family) Editorial department Ultra-competitive brother-sister twins Logan and Lindy Watson spend their freshman year of high school with their three best friends. Each episode starts with a comedic 'what just happened?' situation as each twin spins his/her own vivid account of a certain occurrence or predicament. The series utilizes flashback scenes to tell the siblings' weird stories. Written by Anonymous

  • Painting the Town

    Painting the Town (2015)
    Television Editorial department Add a Plot »

  • K.C. Undercover

    K.C. Undercover (2015)
    Television (Action, Comedy and Family) Editorial department An outspoken and confident technology wiz and skilled black belt discovers that both her parents are spies and expect her to follow in their footsteps.

  • Miles from Tomorrowland

    Miles from Tomorrowland (2015)
    Television (Animation, Adventure, Family and Sci-Fi) Editorial department Follows the outer space voyages of young adventurer Miles and his family.

  • Secrets of the Dead

    Secrets of the Dead (2015)
    Television (Documentary, History, Mystery and War) Editorial department Mysteries involving notable historical events, people and locations are scientifically examined.

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

    Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (2014)
    Television (Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy and 1 More) Editorial department Mickey and his friends Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Daisy, Goofy, Pete, Clarabelle and more go on fun and educational adventures.

  • Gravity Falls

    Gravity Falls (2014)
    Television (Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family and 3 More) Editorial department When Dipper and Mabel Pines get sent to their great-uncle Stan's shop in Gravity Falls, Oregon for the summer, they think it will be boring. But when Dipper find a strange journal in the woods, they learn about some strange secrets about the town. Welcome to Gravity Falls. Just north of Normal, west of Weird. Written by Jack Fitzgerald

  • The Salinas Project

    The Salinas Project (2014)
    Film (Documentary and Biography) Editorial department About one hour south of the wealthy Silicon Valley, and twenty minutes east of the affluent Carmel area, sits the city of Salinas. The city is at the head of a fertile valley - an area brought into America's consciousness through the stories of John Steinbeck. On the east side of Salinas, in a primarily immigrant neighborhood known as Alisal, deplorable housing conditions and gang violence are part of daily life. Alisal is 92% Latino with a per capita annual income of $11,917. This documentary profiles the children of immigrant farm workers. Defying stereotypes, young people in Alisal are surviving and thriving. Without resources, and sometimes undocumented, their future is often uncertain, but their hope and resilience is abundant. Written by Anonymous

  • Castle

    Castle (2014)
    Television (Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery and 1 More) Editorial department Richard "Rick" Castle is a millionaire playboy who recently killed off his main character when a serial killer starts killing people like he does in his books. He teams up with New York police detective Kate Beckett to solve the case. He finds inspiration in Detective Beckett and starts shadowing her for his next book.

  • Amish Haunting

    Amish Haunting (2014)
    Television (Documentary) Actor Members of the Amish community retell their haunted experiences they believe resulted from violating their religious laws.

  • The World Wars

    The World Wars (2014)
    Television (History and War) Actor The World Wars tells the story of three decades of war told through the eyes of various men who were its key players: Roosevelt, Hitler, Patton, Mussolini, Churchill, Tojo, DeGaulle and MacArthur. The series examines the two wars as one contiguous timeline starting in 1914 and concluding in 1945 with these unique individuals coming of age in World War I before ultimately calling the shots in World War II. Written by Jiilo_Kim

  • Tiny Champions

    Tiny Champions (2013)
    Television (Comedy) Editorial department Add a Plot »

  • Henry Hugglemonster

    Henry Hugglemonster (2013)
    Television (Animation and Fantasy) Editorial department A happy young Hugglemonster named Henry goes on adventures with his friends and family. When they run into problems,Henry finds a way to save the day.

  • Now You See Me

    Now You See Me (2013)
    Film (Crime, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Four magicians each answer a mysterious summons to an obscure address with secrets inside. A year later, they are the Four Horsemen, big time stage illusionists who climax their sold out Las Vegas show with a bank apparently robbed for real. This puts agents Dylan Rhodes of the FBI and Alma Dray of Interpol on the case to find out how they did it. However, this mystery proves difficult to solve even with the insights of the professional illusion exposer, Thaddeus Bradley. What follows is a bizarre investigation where nothing is what it seems with illusions, dark secrets and hidden agendas galore as all involved are reminded of a great truth in this puzzle: the closer you look, the less you see. Written by Kenneth Chisholm (

  • Deadly Affairs

    Deadly Affairs (2013)
    Television (Documentary and Crime) Miscellaneous Crew From love triangles that implode to office romances exposed, stories of passionate love affairs turned crimes of passion aren't just happening on daytime television. They happen in real life and, sometimes, are even stranger than fiction.

  • Nightmare Next Door

    Nightmare Next Door (2013)
    Television (Documentary and Crime) Miscellaneous Crew "Nightmare Next Door" tells the tales of mysterious murders that rocked small-town America. Each hour brings you a new murder mystery and a new look into the evil that can lurk in the heart and soul of a tight-knit community. Interviews with investigators, prosecutors, family members and neighbors piece together the twisting tale of a classic whodunit. Written by Sirens Media

  • Killing Them Softly

    Killing Them Softly (2012)
    Film (Crime and Thriller) Editorial department Three amateurs stickup a Mob protected card game, causing the local criminal economy to collapse. Brad Pitt plays the hitman hired to track them down and restore order. Written by Anonymous

  • Grimm

    Grimm (2011 - 2012)
    Television (Drama, Fantasy, Horror and Mystery) Editorial department Portland detective, Nick Burkhardt, has seen some gruesome crime scenes, but nothing prepares him for the strange visions he begins seeing: seemingly regular people momentarily transforming into hideous monsters. A visit from his only living relative reveals the truth. Nick has inherited the ability to see supernatural creatures, and as a "Grimm," he is tasked with keeping the balance between mankind and the mythological. A reformed "Big Bad Wolf" becomes his greatest (and also reluctant) ally and confidant. It's not long before his work as a policeman leads Nick to the criminals he once thought were only found in fairy tales. Written by L. Hamre

  • Stolen

    Stolen (2012)
    Film (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor In New Orleans, the notorious bank thief and family man Will Montgomery steals $10m with his partners Vincent, Riley Jeffers and Hoyt. However, he has an argument with Vincent in the runaway and Hoyt leaves Will behind. He tries to flee but the FBI agent Tim Harlend organizes a manhunt and Will is captured, but he burns the stolen money to get rid of the evidence against him. Eight years later, Will leaves the prison and he goes to the house of his teenage daughter Alison Loeb, who has issues against him. Alison leaves Will alone in a coffee shop and takes a cab to go to a session with her shrink. However, a couple of minutes later, Will receives a phone call from Vincent, who is presumed dead, telling that he has abducted Alison and will kill her unless he receives the $10m of the last robbery. Now Will has twelve hours to find a way to rescue his daughter from the hands of the psychopath Vincent. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • What She Wants for Christmas

    What She Wants for Christmas (2012)
    Film (Family) Camera and Electrical Department Ten year-old Abigail (Brianna Dufrene) has written to the North Pole and asked for something very special this year - something she's kept secret from her mother.

  • Freelancers

    Freelancers (2012)
    Film (Action, Crime, Drama and Mystery) Camera and Electrical Department The son of a slain NYPD officer joins the force, where he falls in with his father's former partner and a team of rogue cops. His new boss, Sarcone, will see if he has what it takes to be rogue through many trials and tribulations of loyalty, trust and respect. When the truth about his father's death is revealed revenge takes him over and he won't stop until justice has been truly served. Written by Elizabeth Obermeier, Marketing Manager

  • Switchin' the Script

    Switchin' the Script (2012)
    Film (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Treme

    Treme (2012)
    Television (Drama and Music) Miscellaneous Crew Life after Hurricane Katrina as the residents of New Orleans try to rebuild their lives, their homes, and their unique culture in the aftermath of one of the worst natural disasters in the USA.

  • America's Lost Treasures

    America's Lost Treasures (2012)
    Television (Reality-TV) Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • Swamp People

    Swamp People (2012)
    Television (Action and Reality-TV) Casting department Welcome to one of America's last frontiers: the wild swamplands of Southern Louisiana, a place whose history stretches back to the 17th century. It's the start of the most exciting-and dangerous-time of year for the swampers, the month-long alligator season. During this 30 day window, swampers make most of their annual income culling gators. Follow these swampers through a time of year that is crucial to their survival: the 30-day alligator hunting season. At its core, this is a uniquely American story of a proud and skillful people fighting to maintain an ancient way of life in a rapidly modernizing world, despite the many perils and trials that stand in their way. Written by History Channel [us]

  • The Lost Soul

    The Lost Soul (2011)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor In a foreboding cemetery a man walks up to his lover's grave. In his grief her spirit appears. At the sight of his love he chases after her, but only to find her disappear every time he catches up. When he finally is able to confront her she offers him her soul and he then must make the ultimate decision. Written by Anonymous

  • Ragdoll

    Ragdoll (2011)
    Film (Drama and Fantasy) Camera and Electrical Department What happens when a young poverty-stricken girl is offered a chance to live out her days in a childhood wonderland? Ragdoll is an enchanting fantasy drama set during Great Depression era Chicago in the vein of Alice in Wonderland and Terry Gilliam's The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. It follows the journey of Billie "Bunny" Gasper as a living marionette leads her though a remarkable toy store and... shows her the marvels of a rich world she's no longer part of. Problems occur when Billie realizes being a part of this world means giving up everything she once treasured. Now she must decide between remaining in the isolated fantasy world and going back to a bleak but loving life with her hard-working mother. We all want what we can't have and that's why audiences will identify with Billie as she realizes it's hard to know what you actually have until it's gone. Written by Javelynn Tyler

  • Derek

    Derek (2010)
    Film (Documentary, Short, Crime, Drama and 1 More) Editorial department In just two gunshots, before the stranger runs away, Derek could not anticipate what would happen next. Life is a privilege, is the song he now sings.

  • Kalashnikov

    Kalashnikov (2010)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Tryst

    Tryst (2008)
    Film (Short) Actor Victoria is on a routine business trip and decides to take an evening by herself, but she is soon joined by a man who has other plans and her trip takes an interesting turn.

  • A Rock by Any Other Name

    A Rock by Any Other Name (2005)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor Add a Plot »

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