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By Gary Schmad

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama
LOGLINE: Plundering a 16th century Spanish treasure ship only to shipwreck on the rocky Baja coast, pirates who would be kings conquer the natives who return the favor by sending them directly to hell before they can pick up the trail of the lost treasure in their next lives in present day old Mexico..


In the 16th century an English pirate plunders one of the richest Spanish treasure ships ever to set sail from the Orient and then, suddenly, disappears from the pages of history. Shipwrecking somewhere off the forbidding Baja coast with enough gold, silk and pearls to live like kings for several lifetimes, their hidden treasure lies worthless in a sacred Indian cave. Conquering and raping the natives to provide them with enough food, drink and whores to pass the time away only serves to get most of these men who would be kings killed by an Indian uprising that forces the last three lone survivors out to sea in a leaky dinghy and, then ,swallowed up by an endless sea. Just as the fates are about to cut their strings, a mysterious island with a coven of siren beauties appear to save the day. Next life, present day, the fates throw these same three characters, re-incarnated now as a father and his two bastard sons, together again to work out their karma as they search for their long lost treasure in the Baja. Stealing the lost pirate ship’s log from the church in San Ignacio only serves to get the father killed by some dark, foreboding hombres just as he closes in on the gold. His estranged bastard sons are reunited over dad’s disappearance, taking up the search where he left off as they re-steal the ship’s log only to let loose a flurry of dark demon forces. While the father has paid the ultimate price for his sins, his two sons stay just one step ahead of death’s doorway as they course through every monastery and whorehouse in the Baja searching for the lost gold only to get stranded at sea (again) in a sinking boat shot to shreds by these pursuing dark forces. In a kind of near death experience, they meet their dead dad in a Siren-like astral whorehouse where he illuminates their destiny, then tricks them back to life to find the treasure and work out their unfinished karma. Facing their final showdown with the Mexican Mafia, the church and the inscrutable fates, bullets, sinners and whores fly every which way before their final fate is revealed.

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