J. Edward Betancourt

J. Edward Betancourt

Actor, Cinematographer, Director, Director of Development, Director of Operations, Fight Director, Film Festival Director, Filmmaker, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Marketing/pr, Producer, Screenwriter, Stunt Coordinator, Stunt Performer, Voice Actor and Weapons Specialist

Miami, Florida

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February 2021
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About J.

Project Developer / Screenwriter / Producer / Director / Actor / Inventor / etc.

Bilingual Latino: Spanish/English


- The Arts and Entertainment Economic Development Project.

- The Creative City - Creative Headquarters / Studios

- @nimate / Animation Development

- iCreate

- On Set Filmmaking University.

- On Set Acting University.

- Creator/Developer/Writer of dozens of projects. (In multi-stages. Will post about projects accordingly)

- Edward Betancourt Advertising: Marketing, PR, Branding, Design, Signage, etc.

- Etc.


- Martial artist: MMA, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Krav Maga, Extreme Martial Arts, Weaponry, Capoeira, Wrestling, etc.

- Former all around elite gymnast. Floor, Rings, Vault, High Bar and All Around State Champion.

- Platform Diver

- Parkour/Freerunner.

- Soccer.

- Other sports, cross training, for roles, or as a hobby: Archery, tactical, basketball, back horse riding, tennis, volleyball, mountain biking, roller blading etc.


Started studying music a little over a year to complement film projects, since music is the other half of a film. Guitar, piano, drums, voice, etc. In theory, my music studies were to be able to communicate with composers in their language, but that changed. Now, I look forward to start composing music/songs. *Maybe even be part of a boy-band??



"I take everything that I know, and try to make great things out of it."-J.E.B.

"I film or "die trying"."-J.E.B.

"Ordinary is boring."-J.E.B.

"For me, filmmaking is not a hobby or a job, but a lifestyle."-J.E.B.

"Creativity is the secret key of innovation, the seed and foundation of every profession and invention - the very spark of advancement and evolution."-J.E.B.

"Creativity is our every day - problem solving "magic wand"."-J.E.B.

"I love the freedom of expression through art, regardless of which one, and/or combined, like in filmmaking. One's vision in multiple art forms to tell a story. That's how we all experience life.-J.E.B.

"I create to avoid boredom"-J.E.B.

"The side effects of the Covid have been terrible, difficult and destructive, but also a challenge to reinvent ourselves as creative - problem solvers."-J.E.B.

- "Everything man made can be improved by another man or woman, including the industry standard."-J.E.B.

- "I'm hyperactive, obsessive, compulsive, with a twist of A.D.D. I'm a workaholic with an undiagnosed multi personality disorder. In short, I'm entertaining and whole lot of fun. Or how else would you justify everything above?"

- J. Edward Betancourt



  • Justice - The Beginning / From the W.O.J. Series

    Justice - The Beginning / From the W.O.J. Series Action Justice - The Beginning / Live Action Feature Film / Animated / Video Game / Etc. After his father goes missing in action and the official investigative report does not add up, law teacher Justin Garcia, is forced to go undercover and break a great promise to his dad, to find out what really happened to him. (From The W.O.J. Series) Copyrighted 2020-2021 J. Edward Betancourt.

  • Power Punch - The Willpower of the Warrior

    Power Punch - The Willpower of the Warrior Action (Not a logline. For reference only) When life is cruel and beat you down to the ground, there is only one way to survive... you fight back. That is what Miguel is going to have to do to make it out alive.

  • Pink Vengeance / From The W.O.J. Series

    Pink Vengeance / From The W.O.J. Series Action A once innocent exchange student craving the "American Dream", finds herself in a dark reality, when a night of fun turns into a nightmare, and a web of injustice. She will have no choice but to use her hidden talents to find justice, before there are more victims, in a community who fears to talk about the evil events. - J. Edward Betancourt

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