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Patrick Coppola

Actor, Director, Line Producer, Producer and Screenwriter

Boston, Massachusetts

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  • CITY OF FOOLS - a new novel

    CITY OF FOOLS - a new novel Crime Drama Thriller A seemingly typical cold blooded gang killing between Boston’s Rox Boys and their rivals, the Pan Man Klan, leads Private Eye Jake Rossi down a perilous path unearthing a terrorist plot set to cripple Boston’s infamous Big Dig and shut down the city. Private Investigator Jake Rossi, the protagonist in CITY OF FOOLS, is a tougher, yet more flawed and vulnerable version of Spenser (in Robert Parker's SPENSER FOR HIRE novels). When 19-year-old Jimmy Mason disappears after a gang murder, he becomes the number one suspect and is hunted by the Boston Police. Eddie Mason, Jimmy’s grandfather, calls on his friend, ex-Navy SEAL turned Private Eye, Jake Rossi, to help find him before the police or the Pan Man Klan do. Jake’s investigation reveals that Jimmy, an up and coming professional fighter, has befriended a group of diplomatic brats from the African country of Burundi who attend Boston University. Jimmy’s relationship with the beautiful Johana Mugabi has even caused him to convert to the Muslim faith and begin a perilous trip with heroin addiction. Convinced these diplomat kids are hiding something, Jake follows his raw instincts. His relentless investigation leads him from hip nightclubs to Boston’s inner-city slums; uncovering missing shipments of the plastic explosive C4, Russian detonators and an army of suicide bombers - all pieces in this jagged, terrorist puzzle. When the FBI, Homeland Security and the Boston Police doubt his claims, he calls on the help of Boston’s crime lord, Donato Mastrocola, whose legitimate empire, Modern Construction, was the lead builder of the Big Dig project. Mastrocola is aware of the missing C4, since much of it was stolen from under his company’s nose, and he has been searching for it himself. A man of great pride, Mastrocola is determined to preserve the integrity of the Big Dig and punish those who stole from him. He details the possible weaknesses of the structural integrity of the project, convincing Jake that the Big Dig is susceptible to a terrorist attack. As he gets closer to piecing this intricate puzzle together, Jake’s life becomes endangered, and he’s framed for the original gang murder by the cunning student terrorist cell. With time ticking down, Jake Rossi races frantically across Boston, desperately trying to stop the terrorists and save the City of Boston from devastation.

  • When I Was A Redskin

    When I Was A Redskin Drama Family Sports When I Was A Redskin - Written By: Patrick Coppola - 101 pages – Youth Sports Drama Based on a true story. Logline: When a fiery 11 year-old Little Leaguer faces an avalanche of obstacles, his decisions and struggles guide him to becoming a champion on the field and off. Synopsis: Its spring, 1970, and 11 year-old Patrick, is about to grow up in a hurry and watch his life take shape forever. Patrick’s idol, Johnny Spinelli returns from basic training for three days before heading to Viet Nam. Patrick’s baseball team, the Redskins, are battling for a championship, while at school he battles with a vindictive nun trying to survive the final days of sixth grade. At home, his relationship with his tough-love styled father suffers due to his problems at school and his fear of not living up to his father’s expectations on the baseball diamond. Johnny’s three days home are cherished. While Johnny helps solve Patrick’s hitting problems, he teaches him some very important lessons about life. Before Johnny heads off to Viet Nam he asks Patrick to keep an eye on 11 year-old Cheryl Fucci; Patrick’s schoolmate, a cute blue-eyed blonde who wears leg braces and whose older brother, Bobby, has recently died in Viet Nam. Bobby was Johnny’s best friend and had asked Johnny to watch over his sister. Patrick reluctantly agrees. He is a bit shy about being with Cheryl, and his friend’s teasing, causes a strain on their young relationship. Things seem to be on cruise control as the Redskins close in on their rivals, the Elks. Patrick is playing well and writes about it to Johnny. Patrick survives his first school dance; he defends Cheryl by punching out a bully, and begins to bond with her. In a must win game Patrick makes a diving catch to win, but injures his arm badly. The doctors tell him his Little League career is over. When news from Viet Nam comes it is bad. Johnny is killed within a week. It is 11 year-old Cheryl, who has already dealt with her brother’s death, who keeps Patrick together. With Johnny’s death and the daily problems he faces with his nun at school, Patrick loses faith in God and in himself. When the Elks loose their final game creating a playoff for the championship, Patrick could care less. He leads a classroom revolt and his father is summoned to the school. Patrick listens from down the hall as his father defends his son’s actions. On the ride home Patrick realizes the love and support he has always had from his father. His relationship with Cheryl is strained after she tells him that his team needs him and that if she had the ability to play like everyone else she wouldn’t waste it. Patrick sees how Cheryl’s leg braces have hindered her and is afraid to permanently damage his arm. She challenges his fears. After some soul searching he decides to play in the game without telling his family. When his father notices his uniform is missing he rushes to the park and spots Patrick wearing a black armband. He tells his son he has a lot of class and he can dedicate this game to Johnny. Patrick tells his father “I’m dedicating it to you, dad.” The game is an up and down battle with Patrick playing with physical and mental pain before his family and friends. The Redskins triumph and so does Patrick whose life has taken shape forever.



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