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By Michael Dougal

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family
LOGLINE: “Adventures in Little League” is a cross of “Are we there yet” and “Bad news bears”.


“ADVENTURES IN LITTLE LEAGUE” Synopsis by H. Michael Dougal “Adventures in Little League” is a cross of “Are we there yet” and “Bad news bears”. Joe Carter has lost all his money from AIG ponzi and gambling. His wife Debra and son Dillon, are upset with him and Debra, threatens to leave him after discovering he bet against his son's baseball team. Joe has to save face with his family by taking the baseball team to the nationals twenty five hundred miles away in San Francisco. Their regular coach had a heart attack and only Joe is available for the job. The real adventurer begins when Joe bets the trip money at the dog track and has to find a way to get the team to the games in time. With the help of his friend Fred, he takes a job driving a RV with billboard advertising about erectile dysfunction on both sides to a medical convention also in San Francisco. As they set out, nine misfit kids accompany Joe across the country in the bright yellow RV, only to discover that things never go as planned. They ford across a river, Tyrone gets food poisoning, they leave Jose at the truck stop, Haruki falls off the cliff and gets stuck in a tree branch by his leg brace, a large bear destroys the inside of the RV and they all have to sleep on the roof. A dinosaur tears the roof off, a fire burns out the inside and a giant doughnut gets stuck sticking out the top. If that wasn't enough, they get arrested causing the delay in getting to the game in time. Just when all seems lost, they get a police escort to the ballpark barely in time to register. After loosing the first game the team is ready to give up. Joe explains they will be losers if they quit and winners even if they lose the game but stay and play. They lose two out of three games but win a sponsorship and a new coach. The team only wants Joe for their permanent coach. Joe gives up gambling and wins his families respect again and a new software contract earning him the money that they desperately needed. “Adventures in Little League” is a family-friendly comedy, about the trials and tribulations of doing what is right and getting from point A to point B proves to be just short of a nightmare.


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