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By L Fabry

GENRE: Adventure, Sci-fi, Thriller
LOGLINE: Within the gender-segregated walls of a school for the mysteriously gifted, a group of four students stand out for all the wrong reasons.


On a snowy night, a team of soldiers are ordered to shoot down an unarmed teen that can barely climb a fence. But he still manages to kill some of them without firing a shot. Not long after and on the exact same spot, a group of guys play football in a private school, The Hall. The game is immediately stopped when Dr. BYFRON (40’s) arrives. She is the first women they have seen in a while. On the other side of the school, the girls are shocked at a new student’s arrival. TRINA (20) their age but is being escorted by armed soldiers led by Agent Melissa BECK (25). After meeting with the doctor, the DEAN (50-60) decides it is time to integrate the genders on a small scale. He calls Trina together with fellow students DALE, SAMUEL, and CATHERINE (all 20-ish). Why the four are special becomes apparent when they reveal abilities for Trina: telekinetic, Dale: chemical configuration, Samuel: shape shifter, and Catherine: telepath. While the other three students are happy about being in The Hall, Trina seems ready to mentally blast her way out and has to be talked down by Dr. Byfron and the Dean. Prom queen virtuoso Catherine also isn’t excited about having Trina as her new roommate, especially when she is in the middle of writing a secret letter. On the guy’s side, Samuel likewise sneaks a letter past Dale. At a formal dinner, the three other students tell Trina different stories about how they come to their special abilities. Evolution, a virus, and other theories are given. What they do agree on is that The Hall is the best place for them. However, they don’t know how meticulously The Hall is keeping tabs on them. As Dale walks Trina back to her side, he kisses her before they part ways. It is all but forgotten the next day as the four students get a lesson in their abilities from Dr. Byfron. When it comes time for Catherine to read numbers from the student’s minds, she gets one really wrong to Dr. Byfron’s horror. After a near fatal show of ability from Trina, the Dean orders everyone to the doctor. In the waiting room, Trina bails even though Catherine warns her of an immediate danger. As Dale and Samuel hang around outside, an elite military team surrounds them. In a danger they’ve never experienced before, the four students and Dr. Byfron run for their lives. Although they work together for the first time, Samuel takes a bullet to the gut. Although Dale wants to, he doesn’t know how to heel his dying friend. He doesn’t have to. Samuel manages to shift the bullet out and re-stich himself. After escaping with the help of Agent Beck, Samuel asks if she’s received any of his letters. She shuts him down and not for the first time. He’s so upset he doesn’t see Catherine pass a note to Dale, revealing that they’ve had a secret relationship for a while. But Trina notices. Back at The Hall, Agent Beck is furious at the use of live rounds against the students. The Dean admits that Samuel was shot intentionally to prompt Dale into advancing his abilities, and that the military team has actually been working for The Hall. The mysterious number Catherine read earlier was actually from Dr. Byfron, who requests retraining in anti-telepathy from the Dean. And he isn’t done with his four students yet. He is determined to make them into what he wants at any price.

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