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By Marc Masciandaro

GENRE: Comedy, Horror
LOGLINE: A seventh-grade boy’s popularity plummets when a girl challenges him to a fight.


Fresh off the game-winning home run in the little league championship, Sam Mazzola enters junior high on top of the world. His grades are impeccable, he’s got more friends than he can count, and the cutest girl in class just asked him out. But when Janice Jankowski, nicknamed Janice Fatcowski, challenges him to a fight one day over an incident he doesn’t even remember, his world begins to crumble. Everyone knows you can’t fight a girl. And secretly he’s afraid she’ll win. Girls mature quicker than boys, unfortunately, and she’s nearly twice his size. It’s a lose-lose, and avoidance seems like the lesser of two evils. But Janice won’t rest, and her threats escalate: taunting him in front of his peers, planting a dead rat in his locker, and even stalking him at home. There’s nowhere to hide, and weeks of mounting anxiety culminate in one night of stained bed sheets. Sleepover night. By homeroom next morning, Sam is officially an outcast. A circus freak to lampoon during indoor recess. But he’s done running. Fed up with eating at an empty lunch table, he arrives at the only logical conclusion: accept Janice’s challenge. The fight is on! And the whole school will be watching.

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