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Jay James

Jay James

Actor, Director, Musician, Producer, Producer of Marketing & Distribution, Singer, Sound Mixer, Voice Artist and Wardrobe Supervisor

Rochester, New York

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January 2013
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> 2 weeks ago
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About Jay

Jay James: Not your average kid from the streets. He definitely stands up to the reputation of being slick witted and his rhymes can have you singing along hours after you’ve heard it, guaranteed to be remembered. His style is Nas' flow with Jeezy's intensity and on the mic he goes harder than a mother. Jay James, is a rapper out of Rochester, New York. While his fan base has grown impressively over the past year, Jay James' dedication and determination continues to show and grow. His music is a guaranteed good time, unique in many aspects and catchy.

"Ever since I was a kid I always listened everything except country, but mostly rap. I remember I used to ride in the car with the fam and I'd be blaring the latest hip hop album. I studied music, it was all I needed and I could trail off into the wonders of their mysterious lives. The love, hate, cash, cars, girls, hustlers, killers, but most of all the go-getters. Little did I know I was setting myself up for the future. I used to pretend to be the rapper, pretending to be on stage spitting every lyric with precision as if I was Jay Z or Eminem myself. I felt the blood rushing through my veins and weird little things started happening at an early age that kept pushing me towards music. One day I was at church sitting in the back pews. Sitting close by was a lady, an old friend of my dads before he passed away. My mom never really liked to talk about him I think mainly because she just plain didn't like being reminded of the perfect life she once had. So what this lady was about to tell me I had never known. I guess my dad was the choir leader and the person who led the singing at church and he used to sing solos and she told me he had the most beautiful voice she had ever heard. I was stunned. This was my destiny, I knew deep down I had the soul of a musician, it just didn't hit me till a few years later..

It was around the time Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane had just hit it big and I had just moved into a college party house with the boys. I just got a puppy and life was good. Around the time I moved in I bought a new video camera. Ever since 'The Truman Show' first came out I sometimes imagine that there's dust size cameras everywhere and someones always watching. I'm crazy I know. So I wanted my very own Truman Show to become a reality. I just HAD to film everything, I just had to keep having my friends film me and the crew doing stupid shit. We had parties on Fridays and Saturdays all summer long. At these parties me and the guys used to freestyle, it's so easy its fun, just gotta rhyme about shit around you or how you feel. Anyways, one day a friend brought over his old rhyme book and I started reading some rhymes, some were cool, some were pretty fucking amazing. Next thing you know me and the boys were spending hours getting as high as possible listening to all these beats and we would video tape and record us spittin freestyle after freestyle, day after day.

If Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane could do it, so could I. I started writing and writing and to this day I cant stop.

Then the weird times came. We got kicked out of the party house for having too many parties so I bought a house with my buddy. It seemed like right after we moved in that Swine Flu came around and I freaked out pretty bad. I had been to jail once years back for a couple months and I read a shit ton of books while I was in there, and one of them was a book about a Pandemic that took over the world and killed millions. So when H1N1 hit the scene, I thought it was the end of the world. I started going to church again and calling all my family and friends and started telling them to watch what they do and stay home as much as possible and buy tons of bleach and hand sanitizer. So there was that and then a girl I had dated for a short time a couple years back had contacted me. I was shocked because I had left her with a broken heart. She had moved far out west so we could only call eachother and text. My mind was on her night and day and I just cant explain how I felt those days, maybe someday I'll tell you why my gut was really tossing and turning.. THEN I heard MGMT's Kids. This was the moment of no return. I don't know if it was the feel good, pure genuine fun of the original music video or the words of the song, "show yourself, take only what you need from it." I just kept thinking about how the song reminded me of being a kid and how innocent we were and in elementary we would dress up as whatever we wanted to be and we all wanted to be cops and firefighters and nurses but times changes. Our minds change, but deep down theres a side in all of us that wants to leave a mark, a simple poem, a song, a piece of art. I have to leave a mark. When I die, I want to die knowing I have changed lives, I made dreams come true, but most of all I just want the world to smile and laugh and dance and enjoy the little things in life.
So with the combination of the Swine Flu, my x that had come back into my life, the MGMT song and my roommates constant rambling of conspiracy theories, I felt like I was going insane and the lyrics started spilling out of me ten times more. I couldn't sleep for weeks, I'd lie on the couch for hours straight just typing into my blackberry to no end. The emotions started pouring into my music. It wasn't just smoking, guns, girls and bottles anymore. I bought all the equipment I needed to record and built my own studio. Albano and I were obsessed with making music, it was an everyday thing. We would call each other and spit our latest hottest rhymes we had written minutes earlier. We started picking beats to remix and I started reading and building my network in the music industry. I started making music videos like crazy and I'm obsessed with always having a new song or mixtape to work on. You can't ever have too much on one plate. I have one plate and tracks are spilling off the table.

I have open ears to hear anyone's music and their opinion and am constantly looking for Artists with the same heart, dedication, persistence and drive as me to help Rochester take over Hip Hop and the music world in 2013 and years to come. To my family, friends and fans: I love you and want to say thank you for supporting my music and keeping me motivated to follow my dream. You know who you are.

I will continue to pour my heart and soul into music until I can't anymore. I will dig deeper into my life and experiences and share them with you from now on, no bullshit. I'm here for a reason and so are you. I don't make music to be famous, I just want the world to dance my music.

"One dreamed of becoming somebody. Another stayed awake and became somebody."

This is just the beginning. Nothing's impossible."

- Jay James

Unique traits: I am very confident, open minded, down to earth, and optimistic. I'm always looking for new opportunities. I have a bachelors degree in Business Management and am currently self-employed as a Property Manager and Fitness Trainer and Music Producer. I enjoy the finer things in life, like driving expensive cars, dressing in the latest fashions, and traveling to exciting and exotic places.

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