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Toronto, Canada

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About Matt

Best known as the indie darling who helped reinvigorate the Western genre in Canadian cinema when his micro-budget feature Spaghetti Western starring Colm Feore, Six Reasons Why, took the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival by storm. Followed immediately by an Entertainment Tonight exclusive and an international bidding war, when the dust settled, Six Reasons Why was on the market in over a dozen countries with distributors like ThinkFilm, E1 Entertainment and Image releasing.

Shortly after, Canadian production companies like Nomadic Pictures were quick to scoop up the rights to Matt’s follow-up Western screenplays, with two of them currently in development. His forrays into the Science Fiction genre have been met with enthusiasm from industry and audience alike, with Muse Entertainment and ContentFilm picking up a TV series concept and feature film respectively. When the short film he helmed in 2012, D.N.E.: Do Not Erase won the Best Science Fiction Award at its world premiere at massive genre convention DragonCon, the SyFy Network immediately put a feature into development with Matt writing and directing.

An avid pioneer and contributor in the newmedia space, Matt has independently produced and directed several viral web-shorts, guest directed for many of the internet’s most popular online series, as well as factual entertainment web-series that have gone on to be sold to mainstream television broadcasters such as the award winning wine series Grape Notes, for the Food Network and the weekly Hellenic newsmagazine, Your Greek News, for Greece’s #1 Television Network, Mega Cosmos.

Outside of his own projects in film and television, Matt has spent 6 years as the Festival Director of the Mississauga Independent Film Festival. 



  • Six Reasons Why

    Six Reasons Why Independent Sci-fi Western If You're Not Cheating, You're Not Trying Hard Enough


  • Hunter's Moon

    Hunter's Moon (2017)
    Film (Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama and 3 More) Director When the lavish launch party for the mobile gaming app "Werewolf" is interrupted by a parish priest who condemns the game as the devil's work, the partygoers are convinced it's another opening-night publicity stunt. Until they find the body of the first victim. Written by Anonymous

  • Amazon

    Amazon (2017)
    Television (Action, Fantasy and History) Director When the armies of the renaissance come knocking at Avalon's mystical doorstep, the thin line of defense between the world of science and the world of magic is tested in ways that may spell the end of the faerie forever.

  • Tactical Girls

    Tactical Girls (2016)
    Television (Action and Comedy) Director It's para-military hilarity when three crass women who work at a trucking company go on nightly tactical missions to empower themselves against their belligerent boss, until one mission goes totally off the rails.

  • Renaissance

    Renaissance (2016)
    Film (Drama, Romance and Sci-Fi) Director After the accidental death of her husband, a renown geneticist creates a clone of the deceased in a desperate effort to restore life to the way it was. As the clone assimilates the modern world, unforeseen effects propel it out of control.

  • Prelude to the Six Day Road

    Prelude to the Six Day Road (2013 - 2015)
    Television (Short, Action, Drama and Western) Director When two sworn enemies awaken in the dusty wreckage of a rockslide, their only hope for survival lies in reconciling their differences.

  • Clone One

    Clone One (2015)
    Television (Action, Crime and Sci-Fi) Director Add a Plot »

  • Doomsday

    Doomsday (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama, Sci-Fi and Western) Director When two battle-hardened warriors smash their way past the undead and into the safety of a church, each comes to discover the truth about the woman whose back she's been protecting all this time.

  • Mutant World

    Mutant World (2014)
    Film (Sci-Fi) Writer When a meteor crashes on Earth, a group of people seek shelter in a bunker. Ten years later, they need supplies and leave the bunker, discovering that the survivors have turned into mutants.

  • MSquared Presents

    MSquared Presents (2013)
    Television (Action and Biography) Director World class musical acts perform live and tell stories for an intimate group of fans, with the backdrop of the palatial Pink Castle.

  • Kinder Surprise for Girls: Gender Surprise!

    Kinder Surprise for Girls: Gender Surprise! (2013)
    Film (Short, Comedy and News) Director The topic of gender equality is explored through chocolate and toys for kids.

  • Man of Steel Song

    Man of Steel Song (2013)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Music and Musical) Director With Marvel showing up DC at the box office, Man of Steel better make lots of money if the other members of the Justice League stand a chance of having their shot on the big screen.

  • Ca$hi - 7 Grains... Lying to You

    Ca$hi - 7 Grains... Lying to You (2012)
    Film (Short, Comedy and News) Director In the spring of 2012, investigations revealed that Kellogg was using GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in some of the 'natural' products they sell under the brand name of Kashi. Since the FDA does not regulate the word 'natural' in the way it does the word 'organic', Kellogg's claim of Kashi being 'natural' is not illegal. But thanks to this short film spoof on Kashi's advertising, now you know. Written by Anonymous

  • Fu*K That Dog

    Fu*K That Dog (2012)
    Film (Short, Crime, Drama and Romance) Director When the only female police detectives in their precinct are stuck together on a roadtrip, they are forced to confront the issues that plague them both - causing the darkest corners of their personal lives to emerge.

  • Wolverine vs. Gladiator in: Les Miserables

    Wolverine vs. Gladiator in: Les Miserables (2012)
    Film (Short, Action, History and Musical) Director Two of the greatest warriors and voices in the history of film go head-to-head to decide the victor in the sing-fight to end all sing-fights.

  • Ca$hi: 7 Grains Lying to You

    Ca$hi: 7 Grains Lying to You (2012)
    Film (short) by Internext Studios Director

  • D.N.E.: Do Not Erase

    D.N.E.: Do Not Erase (2012)
    Film (short) by Internext Studios Director

  • Wolverine vs. Gladiator in Les Miserables

    Wolverine vs. Gladiator in Les Miserables (2012)
    Film (short) by Internext Studios Director

  • Sunny & the Suitcase

    Sunny & the Suitcase (2011)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Fantasy and Romance) Director International sex symbol Sunny Leone has a hard day at home.

  • (2011)
    Television (Documentary and News) Director Hosts Matt and Nat are your guide through the world of geekdom from Avatar to Harry Potter, and Avengers to Superman.

  • Nat & Marie

    Nat & Marie (2011)
    Television (Documentary and News) Director Nat and Marie are two brunettes in a blonde girl's world. But, guess what, we've got control of the cameras now, chicas and we're going to take over the internet.

  • Marvin

    Marvin (2011)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Cinematographer Marvin is serious about his movies...deadly serious. When an inconsiderate patron of Marvin's video store continuously takes advantage of the "no late fees" policy, Marvin takes matters into his own hands.

  • Matt + Nat go to India

    Matt + Nat go to India (2010)
    Television (Documentary, Adventure, Music and News) Director When a filmmaker and a journalist visit the mighty Indian subcontinent with nothing but a camera and a sense of adventure, the month that follows is a harrowing adventure from the highest peaks, to the most beautiful beaches, to the most heart-wrenching architecture and gut-wrenching culinary experiences. Written by Anonymous

  • The @Pack

    The @Pack (2010)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Director The story of five filmmakers, Dany, Jeff, Mike, Daniel and Matt, and their quest to make only the finest in filmed entertainment.

  • Grape Notes

    Grape Notes (2010)
    Television by The Food Network Director

  • Pavlo: Stage to Screen

    Pavlo: Stage to Screen (2009)
    Film (Documentary and Music) Director The incredible story of Mediterranean Musician Pavlo's journey from a live stage performer to an internationally broadcast music phenomenon.

  • Greg Frewin Magic Man, Home for the Holidays

    Greg Frewin Magic Man, Home for the Holidays (2009)
    TV Movie (Family) Cinematographer Canadian viewers will have a unique opportunity to experience the jaw-dropping skills of Greg Frewin, Canadian illusionist and 'International Grand Champion of Magic

  • Six Reasons Why

    Six Reasons Why (2008)
    Film by Internext Studios Writer, Director, Producer

  • BSGcast

    BSGcast (2008)
    Television (Documentary, Drama, News and Sci-Fi) Director The #1 Battlestar Galactica aftershow, the BSGcast brings interviews, commentary, reviews, convention coverage and satire of the most revolutionary sci-fi television show of the decade.

  • Code Revival: Coming Down

    Code Revival: Coming Down (2007)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Drama and Music) Director As his high begins to wane, singer Kon is searching for something that can fill the void that's left inside. His journey through drugs and sex leads him to the high he feels when he's on stage, performing with his band-mates.

  • A Comicbook Orange

    A Comicbook Orange (2007)
    Television (Biography, News and Talk-Show) Director A Comicbook Orange is a weekly comic book web series featuring rapid-fire reviews and interviews with top industry creators. The team packages the series with custom special effects, creative intros and outros, and promotes interactivity with their audience. Written by Casey McKinnon

  • Your Greek News

    Your Greek News (2007)
    Television (Documentary, Family, History and News) Director Your host Anastasia Tubanos serves up your weekly dose of Your Greek News, bringing you stories from the Hellenic Diaspora around the world.

  • Galacticast

    Galacticast (2007)
    Television (Short, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror and 1 More) Director Add a Plot »

  • Your Geek News

    Your Geek News (2006)
    Television by Internext Studios Director, Host

  • Roots of a Man

    Roots of a Man (2005)
    Documentary by Internext Studios Director, Producer

  • Toronto Bites

    Toronto Bites (2004)
    Television (Documentary, Action, Comedy and News) Director Celebrity Chef Jeff Campagna tours the most multi-cultural city on Earth in a ravenous quest for the best that Toronto has to offer. From Shawarma to Ice cream, he eats more of it than any man should in a single day, all in the name of bringing you the verdict on who does it best. Written by Anonymous

  • Last on Earth

    Last on Earth (2004)
    Film (Short, Drama, Fantasy and Mystery) Director Jake awakens to a world that has been inexplicably emptied of all life but his own. A mysterious stranger, dressed in black, follows his every move.

  • Genesi: The First Key

    Genesi: The First Key (2003)
    Film (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Director When an alien war comes to earth in search of a lost key to peace, the lives of two young lovers are turned upside down by the Military in a hunt to get to it first.


  • Winner: Best Science Fiction, Dragon*Con Film Festival

  • Winner: Great Taste Award - Taste Awards


  • Ryerson University; Radio & Television Arts

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