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By Michelo Milfort

GENRE: Action, Drama, Film-noir, Independent, Thriller
LOGLINE: A young man, desperate to find answers, seeks out to his online peers for answers, only to realize that he has just made the biggest mistake of his life.


Sinners Repent!!! takes us on an unsettling journey with seven people whom are connected by their deadly sinful natures. Throughout their journeys, these individuals refuse to embrace the fact that their actions are wrong, and so they choose to use extreme logic to prove their wrong doings right, believing that society is jungle in which only those with the greatest reasons will survive and that God could not give a damn less about the affairs of men. Having shared their journeys in a social hub, Job (The Cleanser) chooses to invite the other six over to an exclusive place for a peaceful game of poker in order to get a better understanding of their logic. As the game night progresses, Job realizes that he has made the wrong decision of inviting these people over as their humanity slowly decays into that of savages, unleashing the gates of hell upon each other, causing total chaos, in order to preserve oneself. In the end, those who survived the night are left with the same question they started the night with, Is the difference between right and wrong enough to bring them to their knees, before a God who doesn't care, to repent?

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