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By Tom Batt

GENRE: Comedy, Crime

A mismatched group of students plan to steal the cruel headmaster’s prized award on prom night to exact their revenge.


Mr Creedy is the tyrannical headmaster of an English Upper school. Cruel and strict, he is hated and despised by both pupils and teachers alike. He runs the school like a dictator, punishing those for the most menial of crimes.

After Creedy cuts his brother from the school football team for missing a penalty, sixth-form student Jake Fox decides to take it upon himself to turn the tables and teach Creedy a lesson. Jake is Creedy’s nemesis, having had several runs in with each other in the past. The opportunity for revenge comes when Creedy is awarded Headmaster of the Year much to the surprise of the entire school. Presented with a gold statue, Creedy revels in the glory, giving Jake the idea to steal it.

He recruits a rag tag team of pupils to help him pull off the heist during their prom. This includes best friend and dodgy dealer, Max. Ladies man, Vince and the new girl, computer wiz, Tina.

Each has their own reason for wanting revenge on Creedy. Max had money stolen by him, Tina was given detention on her first day for no reason and Vince wants to get back what Creedy took from him, his comic books.

Unfortunately these guys don't have the faintest idea how to pull off such a task. They devise a fool proof plan and prepare without Creedy sniffing them out. As well as him they have fellow pupil and Creedy's nephew Christian on their backs eager to learn what they are up to, ready to snitch.

The group pull of the heist and celebrate. However the next day Creedy realises his award is missing. He investigates and finds a flaw in their plan exposing what they did. He gathers them up ready to dish out their punishment, but they are saved by the revelation of Creedy’s misdeeds.

Creedy is discovered embezzling money from the school account and is promptly arrested. The gang get away with it and Creedy is no longer the headmaster. Jake’s brother is back in the football team and all ends well.

‘The Inbetweeners Meets Ocean’s Eleven’ Criminal Class is a crime caper, aimed at a teenage audience, but would also connect with older audiences. Everyone had that mean teacher at school they would have loved to get back at. This story explores that fantasy.

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