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By Kris Simonian

GENRE: Action, Drama, Sci-fi, War
LOGLINE: A dystopian future where a small band of rebels fight for the survival of freedom against the massive and omnipotent Republic ruled by a shadowy Leader.


Every citizen in the Republic is loyal to the State and its illustrious Leader. All of their needs are met - shelter, work, and safety – and no one within it's boundaries questions authority. As long as the status quo is maintained no one complains. Life is bliss.  And least that's the official story.  But outside the walls of the State - in the ruins of the old world known as Gehenna – a small group of outsiders are forming a rebellion to take down the despotic Leader. Members include not only residents of Gehenna but certain people who live within the borders of the State. The movement is growing but it needs help to enact their plot.  Enter “The Ghost”. A well known mercenary who seems to be able to slip across the border with ease and cause havoc when the price is high enough. Both sides are aware of his presence and skill and both realize that this man could be a valuable asset...or a dangerous enemy.

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