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I am an African American male, now entering my late 50's, born and raised in the most fantastic metropolis on Earth, New York City (specifically the "boogie-down" Bronx). Depending on my particular POV of the day, I consider myself blessed or cursed with the qualities of generosity, thoughtfulness, and vigorous curiousness. Similarly, I can be forgetful, lazy, and a master procrastinator. I am a very proud liberal, and would immediately encourage anyone and everyone to fight for what is right, fair, and decent. Going through life, from the moments of earliest discovery of one's body to the embarrassing perceived moments of pre-post teendom. Then later, from the agility and sometimes thoughtlessness of young adulthood to full-on adult and now approaching 'old geezerland', the one center of my life, my loves, and my near-religious beliefs was the world of cinematic entertainment. There has never been nor ever will be a form of human communication that has profoundly moved me, changed me, enraptured me, scared me, and educated me as the film world has done. It is my religion. I am a lifelong acolyte of its description of the collective human psyche. With no shame, I proclaim my constant admiration for its existence, and the influence it has on our societies and on us individually. From the earliest creators, to the most recent artists of mass media and streaming services, cinema is life.




  • Project: 606

    Project: 606 Thriller Sci-fi A renegade government agent sets out to locate her former lover, a scientist turned into a violent creature abandoned on the frozen plains of Antarctica. Battling both the harsh elements and government assassins hot on their trail, the agent and the man-creature survive the initial ordeal to find sanctuary in the South American jungles, only to discover they were part of an overall scheme called Project 606.

  • The Apostle of God

    The Apostle of God Budget: $30M+ | Thriller Mystery After an ex-hitman’s world turns upside down, he must escape law enforcement and a mob boss’s posse before attempting to get away to Canada with stolen cash. 

  • The Uniform aka Regulations

    The Uniform aka Regulations Budget: $10M - $30M | Other Drama The Uniform is about a soon-to-be retired police officer, who has been on the job for 30 years. He is a widow with three daughters; he is currently involved with a woman who is a Hospital Director. She has one son, an 18-year-old who is running a bit rough. She has been divorced from her husband of 25 years for two years by the story’s timeline. During a routine stop, the cop is involved in a near-fatal shooting of a 17-year-old boy. 

  • Me the People aka US Citizens aka The powerless

    Me the People aka US Citizens aka The powerless Budget: $30M+ | Thriller Independent The story unfolds about a local town legislation held hostage by ‘tweens’ with automatic rifles and explosives. Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, it will be a very dark comedy of sorts.  The kids come from a swath of along the socio-economic spectrum. After another mass school shooting, the kids don’t post or communicate using the web, they meet in person, use dumb NRA members to get them into shooting clubs (or something along those lines), and even join a “Kid’s Militia” to train how to use weapons, everything else they study for sites like YouTube. The idea of holding local politicians hostage came from a movie they saw on cable TV (a low-budget film on a streaming site).  NOTE: at present, this story needs a TON of work to get it a bit more solid in my mind.

  • The Fourth Horseman

    The Fourth Horseman Budget: $30M+ | Thriller Mystery The surface of the story is about espionage and counter-espionage agents surviving in a post-9/11 world (circa 2006).  However, underneath this “false reality”, it is about death. It is about the single destination every living creature on Earth must eventually confront—one’s demise. The streaming series format fits best the concept of the Fourth Horseman,  facing one’s mortality and the lives of friends and loved ones. Former Soviet spymaster Yulien Leontiy (false name: Jean Richaud) is dying and wants his former protege (and surrogate son) Vladek Zhukov (false name: Jon Oslander) to be with him near the end. The story is not solely about a “Bang-Bang-Boom” storyline, even though that was part of their professional lives it no longer has sway over any of them. Vladek/Jon, deep down, wishes to come to terms with his wife and six-year-old daughter’s death.  His frustration and deep-seated anger about their deaths is in part fueled by his in-laws. Isadora (aka Malvina) and Marvin (aka Alexi) are ex-Soviet spymasters, living in exile and misguided by fear of lost privilege and power in that world. Their ability to hold sway and rank within their former government is gone. It had driven them both to the brink of a violent madness, an attempt to ignite what had been lost to time. They eventually believed that Russian Intelligence, once the lone source of their core beliefs, had been the ones solely responsible for the deaths of their daughter and granddaughter. It is they who maintained the deep-seated anger, and in turn, added fuel to the fire at the center of Vladek/Jon’s emotional pain. He rejects them and rebukes their attention but he feels connected only through the mutual grief they all share. As the show’s plot progresses, they discover something else altogether about themselves with the real grieving and the guilt coming slowly to the top. It is the fear of the truth and the refusal to face reality. This deepens external and internal loathing of themselves, their former profession, and life in general. 

  • Devil in an Armani suit

    Devil in an Armani suit Budget: $1M - $5M | Thriller A middle-aged down-on-his-luck gambler puts everything on the line to pay a violent mobster one million dollars he owes before 12 midnight. If he misses the deadline his wife and kids will be killed. Accompanying the gambler's search for the cash is a semi-retired mob enforcer who is a friend but has been to kill him if the deadline is missed.

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