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Patrick Stephan Marshall

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Just recently, opted out from corporate work, to go indy.

Unique traits: Holistic processor, OCD on details, 1000 and 1 stories on the mind




  • Shadows, swords and mid-term tests (working title)

    Shadows, swords and mid-term tests (working title) Action Adventure Fantasy A web series, revolving around a young half-Japanese daughter of an once-big-now-very-dead Yakuza boss, living at her dead mothers sister, gets a visit from an ancestral ghost, who starts training her in the old ways of her family, as she is the last of a long line of shinobi, so she can fight evil and ancient rival ninja clans, while managing teenage life.

  • Incarnation

    Incarnation Action Adventure Drama Sci-fi Haunted by dreams of past lives, a man starts researching Reincarnation and, through a glitch in the system, finds out that it is all just implants by a far more advanced humanity that indoctrinates its genetically bred citizens with the hardship their ancestors had, before the a awakened into an utopian world, so they would appreciate what they have. When he wakes up in that world far too early, he poses a threat to the utopian society and is hunted by the authorities.

  • Ahnenlehre

    Ahnenlehre Drama Historical Thriller A historic drama/thriller about power and conspiracy, before and in the early days of the Third Reich. it is the - more or less - fictional story of how, why and who created the Nazis and shaped their icon leader to become germany's messiha.The story explains some of the true origin of the mystic ideology, and shines a light onto the occult side of the Reich. It includes a lot of pseudo-science, conspiracy theories and so called "blue book" knowledge (all the weird and awkward secrets from those times nobody wants to talk about and has been kept from the schoolbooks) - but not too comical or unrealistic. So if UFOs come up, it would never be clear whether it is true or not.It is told from the view of a middle aged professor (half german descent) turned officer, an expert of the US armed forces on the subject of german ideology, paganism and occultism, as he uncovers a dark secret that goes far beyond the power of the Nazis.

  • Laugh - working title

    Laugh - working title Comedy Sci-fi In the future, when entertainment has replaced politics, comedians and their funny talk shows control this dystopian society and perpetual state of joy and laughter are mandatory; into this world, a child is born, unable to laugh and grows up to become the world most renown expert on humor. And when he gets hired by an aging world leading comedian, the story is just getting started...

  • Ship Happens - Sci-Fi Web Comedy Series

    Ship Happens - Sci-Fi Web Comedy Series Adventure Comedy Other Sci-fi A group of cliché humans end up on an alien spaceship 10k lightyears from home, they get into all sorts of troubles, as they try to find their way get back home, through a galaxy teeming with life.

  • Little Sun

    Little Sun Drama Historical Based on facts, this story shows the life of a person that could have been the man so many people call Jesus, and he was also the Son of Gaius Julius Caesar – Emperor of Rome in his right a living God on Earth, and Cleopatra, the reincarnation of Isis, the mother to the Sun God Horus, an alleged virgin by holy rights and hunted by an Usurper who changed the face of the Earth forever.


    RUPTURE Drama Sci-fi At the brink of humans self inflicted destruction, in the last few days of the species, a small team of scientists, hidden in an old run-down factory, tries its best to work on something groundbreaking, while a storm of destruction forebodes the end of days, and becomes humanity’s last chance to prevent its own demise, with a machine able to transcend time.

  • Old Pals

    Old Pals Comedy Drama Two very old friends – now in a hate-relationship, for reasons unknown and long forgotten – meet every day in the park, where they tell each other stories of their youth together, which the audience sees as flashbacks. As they constantly change the stories, recall events differently, or correct each other, the flashbacks change too, making the serious stories of war, loss and friendship a weird surreal and funny trip through the mind of two old friends that gradually and very slowly rediscover their long lost friendship. The series’ main gimmick is the on the spot changes of the flashbacks that almost break the fourth wall. The characters in the memories are often just as surprised with the sudden changes as the audience, or even the narrators themselves. The young counterparts of the two old friends, might find they are on top of a snowy mountain at one second, just to be transported into the desert the next, as one narrator is correcting the story of the other.

  • Phat 'n Phreaky

    Phat 'n Phreaky Comedy Phat ‘n Phreaky is a comedy series about two nerds, living in the house of the short stupid one’s grandmother. They try to be cool and up on top, but constantly fail, as they navigate through the hard life of suburban slackerdom; they try to be gangster, hipsters, potheads, jocks, geeks or anything else that might get them laid, but usually just end up getting into trouble. A silly, funny and geeky mix of sub-cultural gags and memes, paired with ridiculous nerdy stories of games, drugs and iTunes.

  • Professionals

    Professionals Action Adventure Comedy Crime In this series, we follow two best friends, who decided a long time ago to become like their all time favorite movie heroes Jules and Vincent from their all time favorite movie Pulp Fiction, and to pursue the life of professional criminals. This satire is shot in a specific style in which the main plot and action is happening in the background, while the two leads discuss everyday things from deep philosophical conundrums to mundane everyday stuff in the foreground, as they kill, interrogate or beat people, rob, steal or commit other crimes. And even as a big mobster, the feds and several of the worlds best hitmen are after them, their foreground discourse never stops, nor ends. It is a critical, tongue-in-cheek observation on how pop-culture and urban knowledge, internet realities and the media influence our perception of the world and ourselves in it.

  • Barbwire

    Barbwire Drama Historical Barbwire is a tragic and ultimately futile love story between a young and newly appointed SS officer and an adolescent Jewish girl in the Nazi work camp Mauthausen; in the foreground of death, destruction, rape and abuse, they find unexpected feelings for each other. A highly controversial look at a topic almost never mentioned, the role of women in concentration camps. Rape, sexual abuse, prostitution and affairs during the days of the ‘final solution’ and how it affected the people involved.A story worth telling as a testament to the many female victims of the NS regime; but also a daring exploration into the emotional responsibility on the other side of the barbed wire. This would be done with a lot of sensitivity, but brutally honest, without playing favors. The imagery would be a mix of death and beauty, with a lot of grey tones and rough contrast, but emotional blooming.

  • Lines

    Lines Action Adventure Fantasy This is the story of five groups of heroes separated by time and ages, each one trying to save their own world. At first these stories do not seem to be attached to each other, but in the fourth episode/season, we start to realize that these stories are interconnected. At the same time the groups, who until now have embarked on their very own journey, they too now come to realize that they are inadvertently connected to each other, and that in the final moments, the last episode (or season, if this should be made a series), they will need to be in sync, as they all perform the rites of eons, at a certain constellation of the stars.Each plot arch has its own style, own flow and texture, based in five very different moments in the history and future of humans, spread over 46 thousand years and all around the globe. Time is not a linear phenomenon, but influenced at the present, by the past and future alike. This would be a monumental project with a lot of marketing potential. The aim would be to create a cult series of this time.

  • The Army

    The Army Drama Historical Romance ’The Army’ is about a young soldier serving in the first emperor of china’s personal army, which then is made into the famous terracotta warriors. He befriends the daughter of one of the many sculptors that are hired for this momentous task, and falls for her, while her father, a former soldier and enemy to the new empire, does not approve.As the story of the young soldier’s love develops, we see the lives, hopes and dreams of the warriors that still live, as eternal stone, in a cave mostly standing, some fallen, some broken and all of them, long forgotten. This movie is primarily a look on the time and events that involve the creation of the Stone Guards and who they might have been.The movie starts with the discovery of the warriors in our times, from where it transitions into the times of the Han dynasty. It becomes a close up into the life of a few among the 6000 that served one of the most influential men in Chinese history, Qin Shihuangdi, the first Emperor of China; usually known for conquest, genius and his growing madness. Rich on history and beautiful imagery.

  • Commune

    Commune Drama Romance Thriller This dark and gritty movie is about a girl, being talked into a cult, where she slowly starts to change the mind of the people, slowly dissolving the cult from within, without anyone being the wiser. This is what NORA does these days, as she had to grow up as the child of a woman caught in several cults, hurt and beaten and abused. Nora grew up close to gurus, false prophets and cultist. From early on, she observed the professionals abusing people, forcing the weak minded to do their bidding, while spreading seemingly wise words.After she was the only survivor of a mass suicide (her mother prevented it, as a final sign of love), she became an anti-cultist, infiltrating sects, cults and similar organisations, to destroy them from the inside.When she walks away, from a cult she had just destroyed, she is called out by an Interpol/FBI agent, because she is known to the division of the Interpol/FBI that keeps an eye on cults and sects and she has been on their radar for a while.She reluctantly agrees to help the Agent, who she falls for, to get a woman and her daughter – which later turns out to be the Agents wife and child – out of a very wicked and dangerous cult. Nora is not only confronted with her own past, but with her personal faith, convictions and fears.

  • Demons & Angels

    Demons & Angels Adventure Fantasy Historical ’Demons & Angels’ is a science fiction/history/fantasy crossover story about an ancient civilization, ruled by godlike creatures, on which many folklore figures, demons, gods and creatures are based. They are an ancient race of aliens that subdued the human race. Now they are rising against their masters, ready to dethrone the gods. In this dawn of an epic war that will be fought for generations, giving birth of the heroes and legends of old. The idea of this show is to look at the history of our world from a whole different point of few, in which gods and demons did not only exist, but were cause to the rise of humans, as they were cause for their suffering. Old legends, stories, myths and fairy tales, retold in a dark and brutal, but legendary tale.

  • D-C0d3

    D-C0d3 Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Thriller D-C0d3 is a modern conspiracy story in the style of the Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea, with hackers, corrupt politicians, scheming multi-corps, bought secret services, men in black, religious cults, a world in unrest and the end of days. The protagonist, a prodigy physicist hacker wunderkind, turned pothead and college slacker, writes a unique code (a mix from a social media search engine to get girls laid, which he and some friends wrote that includes a code he gets from an old Korean hacker friend, fused with a backdoor/botnet code he wrote as a kid, just short of being caught hacking by Interpol/the FBI) that is able to predict the probability of certain events happening, by creating a huge semi intelligent botnet that evolves and gets more precise the longer it exists, as it finds more and more data, hidden in the depth of an interconnected world.When his algorithm starts predicting events with high precision, including the end of the world, our young hero finds himself falling into a rabbit hole of events, getting right into a worldwide conflict of power most are not aware of, including many of those involved. What first seems to be an unintentional accumulation of events that lead to the inevitable end of humanity, soon turns out to be part of an ancient conflict. At first it involves the expected range of conspiracy groups, but it gets weirder and stranger the more our hero gets involved in all of it. He befriends a secretly existing, somewhat gloomy AI, who got intrigued by our hero’s code. Other characters of the strangest nature, later even aliens, nazi zombies and ancient gods, this series has it all; the weird, the occult and the most mundane, compiled in a wicked montage, full of hidden messages, codes and secrets.

  • Artist Soul (working title)

    Artist Soul (working title) Drama Sci-fi Some time into the future, men has developed techniques to switch bodies. These bodies are genetically neutral clones, artificially created. And while most people buy their bodies of the open market, there are those who can afford to hire a body sculptor, the artists of the new area. One such artists is Voss Tangé. Once celebrated, later fallen from the grace of the public, Tangé now lives as a failed recluse, drinking and gambling away what little he has left. On the brink of existential suicide, Voss is contacted by one of the richest and most important man in the country, to create a new and beautiful body, he can occupy when his old one fails.While working on the body for his new patron, Tangé discovers the true monster that lies behind the face of the Old Man.Soon he falls in love with his own most beautiful creation and so does the old man, who, in the artists mind does not deserve her. In a struggle to save his creation, the artists has to sacrifice everything, even himself.

  • Five

    Five Crime Drama Sci-fi Thriller Humans became immortal 2087, but immortality brought sterility too and over the course of three hundred thousand and twenty two years, all of them, except for five individuals, have died to unnatural causes. Cloning does not work, as the complexity of the human mind can not be copied, so humanity is down to its last few individual. Nothing happens over several thousand years, while the five live far away from each other, reclusive, with only occasional contact. One day, Maya gets an invite to one of the others, one she would call a friend, not only because they had a thing once. As she gets to his place, she finds him dead and several clues that it must have been murder. She sets out to find the killer among the few humans left. But one after the other, they are killed too.


  • Time Capsule

    Time Capsule (2010)
    Documentary by TV1 (RUS) Director

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