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Rob Moretti (born 1971) is an American film actor, writer and director, known for Crutch (2004) and most recently Truth (2013).[1]
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After a string of short films and features starting at the age of 15, he moved behind the camera in order to produce a semi-autobiographical film about his life as a recovering addict and alcoholic Crutch (2004) through his own production company HP Productions, later known as Left of Center Entertainment.
Rob Moretti wrote, produced and starred in Crutch, a semi-autobiographical film based on the life growing up the child of an alcoholic mother and struggling with his own demons. The film was shot on a shoestring budget and ended up being released in New York City on September 17, 2004 to relatively positive reviews. Anita Gates of The New York Times stated the film is a "nicely structured drama". [2] The film came in at #4 for highest grossing films per screen on its opening weekend. In 2006, the DVD release by the now defunct Allumination FilmWorks and landed in the Top 50 DVD Rentals in the US for 3 consecutive weeks.[3] Later, after a long legal battle to retain his rights to the film, he licensed it overseas to Optimale in France and cmv-Laservision. The film had its first television airing on the Q Television Network, followed by HereTV in 2011.[4]
In 2011 he began working with filmmaker Kenneth del Vechio as Executive Producer on the film An Affirmative Act, a pro-gay marriage film, starring Charles Durning, Eric Etebari, Costas Mandylor, Rachael Robbins, and Blanche Baker, about a lesbian couple where one pretends to be a man in order for the two to get married and equal benefits.[citation needed]
Shortly after came the role of Glenn in The Great Fight starring Robert Loggia, Joyce DeWitt, Charles Durning, Martin Kove, Angela Little, Rachael Robbins, and Eric Eteberi, is about an autistic savant who becomes an MMA fighter.[5]
He also did a brief cameo in The Life Zone starring Blanche Baker. To date, the film has been a huge success on Netflix, despite its controversial subject matter.[6]
In 2012, Moretti convinced Sean Paul Lockhart and Blanche Baker to star in his LGBT thriller Truth. The film was completed in mid-2013 and played in film festivals around the world including FilmOut in San Diego, Philadelphia QFest and one of the oldest gay film festivals in the United States devoted to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, as well as Chicago Reeling Film Festival.[7] It has also premiered overseas at Homocrom in Germany.[8] The film opened in New York City on January 10, 2014 to mixed reviews. The Village Voice called the film "hammier than Easter brunch, but its depictions of rejection transfiguring into violence are always affecting and distressing."[9] P.H. Davies review of Lockhart's performance "manages at times to convey vulnerability, rage, and madness with a certain kind of veracity. "[10]
The film can be seen in over 20 countries on many VOD platforms and has been distributed on DVD by TLA Entertainment Group in May 2014.[11] The film swept TLA’s 2014 Gaybie Awards including Best Actor Sean Paul Lockhart and Best Director Rob Moretti.[12]
Health related issues

In 2011, Moretti was finally diagnosed with Vestibular Laybrithitis, and inner ear disorder that affects balance. Most patients recover from this syndrome, however, only a small percentage of people live with this on a permanent basis. He spent over a year and a half recovering with physical therapy at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation. While recovering he came up with the concept for Truth and a year later began production.[citation needed]

Year Film Role Notes
2014 Truth Director, actor, producer Psychological thriller film
2004 Crutch Director, actor, producer Drama
Year Film Role Notes
2004 Crutch Executive Producer, actor Psychological thriller film
2010 An Affirmative Act Executive Producer, actor Drama
2011 Phantom Images Executive Producer, actor Drama
2014 Truth Executive Producer, actor Psychological thriller film
Genre Year Title Role Episodes Notes
Film 1989 Dead Dudes in the House S
Film 1991 Scenes from a Mall James Dean Shopper
Film 2004 Crutch Kenny Griffith
Film 2010 An Affirmative Act Marty Pearce
Film 2011 The Grand Theft Shmuel Bornenude
Film 2011 The Great Fight Glenn
Film 2011 Phantom Images Darwin King
Film 2011 The Life Zone Robert
Film 2014 Truth Robert
Film 2014 Out to Kill Gene Sherman
Film 2014 Snapshot Robert French
Short film 2014 Reunion Greg Walters 18 minutes
TV series 2015 Mansions and Murders Chiropractor "Loved to Bits and Pieces" 1 Episode

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