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About Sara

After studying acting and coming to London, I got into telly as a VT technician. My personality shone through and I was soon told I should be 'in front of the camera'. I decided to make my way in presenting, watched and talked to those working as presenters in the TV Station and clinched my first job within the month; a short film about Ducati motorbikes.

My other love is 'films' and I got to host Laurel and Hardy live shows, then, meeting BBC Radio2 producer Barry Littlechild, I became a reporter for the 'Cinema 2' programme.
Eventually I hosted my own programme on Thames FM 'The Armchair Travel Show' and was also dubbed 'The best Personality Led Reporter' for the Central Office Of Information Radio show OKUK.

Recording a report for the 'Cinema 2' programme, about foreign students learning film in the UK, I was asked if I could act, use my motorcycle skills and be in a graduates short film. On the back of that short I got asked to be in a feature, 'Chasing Dreams'. That first feature honoured me with a front credit and made it to The London Film Festival.

By this time I had established myself in Voice Overs for Eurosport and was also narrating programmes for The Travel Channel too. A producer then offered me a chance to play a presenter in a TV feature. 'Jim's Gift', directed by Bob Keen was my TV acting debut and has since become the most expensive DVD I've found on Amazon!

I decided to make an acting showreel which ended up being a 15 minute short film shot on 35mm and sending me to Cannes Film Festival on a private jet to attend the daily screenings at The British Pavilion. 'Cafe D' Paris was a batism-of-fire for 35mm film producing. I won out being a welcome guest on the fuji film, Lee Lighting, Panavision yacht. My first Cannes experience has never been beaten.

Luckily, TV technical work helped me pay off my debts and my film performance helped get me cast in a BBC film 'Riot At The Rite' and an ITV drama 'The Commander'.

I continued to go for film acting work, VO work and presenting opportunities, sometimes mixing the disciplines and I've clocked up producing five short films that have all visited international festivals, including two award winners. '15' and 'Gent and Gypsy'
I became known as 'The Voice Of Ben Wheatley's World' giving character voices on his first six films, most notably 3 voices on 'Sightseers and 4 voices on 'High-Rise'

I spent two years on the Granada show 'Men and Motors' as the Biker Meet Vox Pop presenter and worked for many years voicing programmes for The Open University course material.

Presently I am enjoying the releases of 'In Fabric' (two roles and a voice soundscape part) from Peter Strickland, out in the UK and soon to be released by A24 Releasing in the USA. Also, 'Borley Rectory' from Ashley Thorpe, starring Reece Shearsmith, will be released in October 2019.
I'm voicing a documentary and I'm writing and producing 5 little scenes, iconic of the genres I've chosen, each 2 minutes long, depicting the essence of Sci fi, Soaps, Comedy, Film Noir and Period Drama.

Actress, Presenter, Voice Actor and Voice Artist. I have established work in these disciplines. Now I'm directing my little scenes too so, I'll see how that goes next.

I just love this industry and when I'm not on set acting or voicing in a studio, I'm supporting anyone I meet in the industry to inspire them to reach their next goal. Anything to keep the film biz wheels turning and keep sundials of talent out of the shade and basking in the sun.

Fave review . . . Actress Sara Dee is a delightful, focused & experienced professional with screen presence, an impressive acting range & a proven ability to carry a lead role with ease. Sara has many principal & staring roles in award-winning shorts, quality ITV dramas, BBC films & theatrically released features to her credit . . . METRO NEWS -

Unique traits: Multi Potentialite Creative. Mentor by boot camp. Passionate.


  • The Haunting Of Margam Castle

    The Haunting Of Margam Castle (2020)
    Film by Andrew Jones Northbank Entertainment Catherine The Bride American prapsychologists check out the hauntings of Margam Castle based in Wales UK

  • Borley Rectory

    Borley Rectory (2017 - 2019)
    Film by Ashley Thorpe (Documentary, Drama, Horror and Mystery) Ethel Bull The story of the Borley Rectory, the most haunted house in England and all who lived there.

  • In Fabric

    In Fabric (2018 - 2019)
    Film by Peter Strickland (Drama, Fantasy, Horror and Thriller) Jocelyn, Shop Assistant and Voices The adventures of a haunted dress

  • Cute Little Buggers

    Cute Little Buggers (2016 - 2019)
    Film by Dir. Tony Jopia (Action, Comedy, Horror and Sci-Fi) PC Hitchins

  • Hiding

    Hiding (2018)
    Film (short) by Harry Roth Brenda Two-hander tale and my aloof character gets the upper hand. Nasty!

  • Prevenge

    Prevenge (2017)
    Film by Alice Lowe Catwoman Pregnant woman seeks revenge. Comic horror. Uncomfortable humour. You really shouldn't laugh it's so gruesome, especially from a woman in her condition but you can't help yourself.

  • 15

    15 (2015)
    Film by Dir. Martin Pavey (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Sharon

  • Sightseers

    Sightseers (2014)
    Film by Dir Ben Wheatley VO Radio, Exhibit, Tanoy

  • A Field In England

    A Field In England (2013)
    Film by Dir. Ben Wheatley Voice Of The Field

  • The Three Musketeers

    The Three Musketeers (2010)
    Theater by Dir. Jonathan Kaufman (Drama) Queen Anne Epic out door play of the Three Musketeers. Sara Dee plays, Queen Anne, Mdm Dartagnan, Nun, English Maid and French maid

  • Jim's Gift

    Jim's Gift (1997)
    Film by Dir. Bob Keen (Adventure and Drama) Sadie Broad A boy finds a video recorder at a boot sale and buys it from the mysterious seller. It shows him the future and the past if he FF or Rew. Trouble ensues . . .

  • Cafe D' Paris

    Cafe D' Paris
    Film by Dir Alan Moss Lauren

  • Zombie Office

    Zombie Office
    Film (short) by Dir Johan Kruger Gabrihel Domme Boss

  • Flash Back

    Flash Back
    Film by Dir Martin Pavey Sarah

  • Riot At The Rite

    Riot At The Rite
    Television by Andy Wilson Lady Hysteria

  • The Commander

    The Commander
    Television by Dir Charles Beeson Margaret Rawlins

  • High Rise

    High Rise
    Film by Dir. Ben Wheatley (Drama, Horror and Thriller) VO Radio, Lift, Tanoy Based on JG Ballards novel 'The High Rise'. The hierarchy is made evident within the block and rebellion ensues.

  • Chasing Dreams

    Chasing Dreams
    Film by Dir Caleb Lindsay Linda

  • That's English

    That's English
    Television by Dir. Andrew Morgan Felicity

  • The Night Heron

    The Night Heron
    Theater by Dir. Ian Rickson Sam - cult member

  • End Of The Night

    End Of The Night
    Theater by Dir. Pip Minnithorpe Ava Bree

  • Absent Friends

    Absent Friends
    Theater by Dir. Oscar Blend Diana

  • The Song Of Deborah

    The Song Of Deborah
    Theater by Dir. Laurence Summers Deborah


  • Tree Of Hope Charity, Performance Artist Award

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