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About Sarah

Sarah is a British actress and filmmaker who trained at New York's Lee Strasberg Institute of Film and Television. She is a Dual Citizen of the UK and USA.

She was born in the Lake District in England and she spent a large part of her childhood growing up in Qatar, in the Middle East where she started acting at the age of seven when she was cast in a community theatre show.

Some of her favorite stage roles are Viola from Twelfth Night and Nora from A Doll's House and she loves working in both stage and film.

She starred in theatre productions throughout her school years playing lead roles in several productions. After studying Sociology at the University of Leeds, Sarah realized her future career lay in the performing arts and she studied acting at The Lee Strasberg Institute of Film and Television in New York, on their two year conservatory program. After doing some independent films, she was cast in a play 'Reality TV' directed by Jim Tommaney.

She then made her Off-Broadway debut in the Manhattan Repertory Theater's production of 'Men' directed by Ken Wolfe, quickly followed by another Off-Broadway appearance in the showcase 'Conflict', at The Producers Club. Sarah has appeared in several award-winning features and is a member of BAFTA.

Her most recent films include Duality, which she wrote, produced and starred in and which was narrated by Deepak Chopra and also starred Jon Foo and Don Most. She also played the lead role of Alice Clark the LAPD's first female detective in the 1940's film noir Unsolved, and British Nurse Patricia Evan's in the WWI period film Game of Aces.


  • Horizon

    Horizon (2018)

  • Forever Not Maybe

    Forever Not Maybe (2018)
    Film Actress

  • Go for Hope (A World War II story)

    Go for Hope (A World War II story) (2018)
    A World War II stor Producer

  • Game of Aces

    Game of Aces (2016)
    Film (Action, Adventure and War) Actress A rescue attempt of a German traitor during World War I has unexpected consequences and sets off an adventure across the Arabian desert.

  • The Embryo Who Came in from the Cold

    The Embryo Who Came in from the Cold (2016)
    Film (Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy and 1 More) Actress 5 IVF embryos embark on a journey to find their mother.

  • Sanctuary

    Sanctuary (2016)
    Film (Thriller) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Violence

    Violence (2015)
    Film (Crime and Thriller) Actress A psychologist is gradually broken down to the point of no return in his life; but was it his work or his past that sends him over the edge, to do the most unthinkable things. All of this happens to him in the middle of chaos breaking out during the London riots.

  • Unsolved

    Unsolved (2015)
    Film (Short, Crime, Mystery and Thriller) Actress Detective Alice Clark and Detective Jane Wells are two women fighting crime in Los Angeles in the late 1940s. As some of the first female detectives in the LAPD, these women have challenges that go beyond the call of duty. When the body of a young aspiring actor is found mutilated and dumped in the LA River, the two women go on the hunt for the killer. Once the crime scene photos are leaked, every reporter in town wants a piece of the story and Alice and Jane find themselves under the microscope and under pressure to solve the crime. As details come to the surface and witnesses show up claiming to have information on the case, the women soon find out there might be more at stake than just solving the case. Written by Anonymous

  • Duality

    Duality (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama and Mystery) Actress Duality is a film about a man who is traveling between different universes against his will. Through his experience and struggle the film looks at the power of choice and his inner and outer conflict with dual realities. The film is made as visual poetry and also touches on theories of consciousness, space/time, and quantum physics. Duality is Narrated by Deepak Chopra and features the poetry of Rumi. Written by Leap4wrd LLC

  • Close Up

    Close Up (2014)
    Film (Short) Actress Add a Plot »

  • The C Gate

    The C Gate (2013)
    Film (Short, Drama, Thriller and War) Actress At a busy International Airport, from different worlds and cultures, two young girls cross paths. In an environment of injustice, conflict and the struggle for power; they collide in a dialogue about how to best to deal with the impact of war. Written by Anonymous

  • Z'amour

    Z'amour (2013)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Sh*t British People Say in the USA

    Sh*t British People Say in the USA (2012)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actress Parody of Shit Girls Say, but British and with more people.

  • Folklore

    Folklore (2012)
    Film (Comedy and Sci-Fi) Actress Over the course of one day, an android, a water nymph, a time traveler, a couple aliens, a vampire, and many other mythic beings of folklore are interviewed and asked to update a fictional government agency on their lives. 'Folklore' touches upon the many laughs, joys, awkwardness and plights of life that any of us will be able to identify with...whether we are human or not. Written by Anonymous

  • The Finder

    The Finder (2012)
    TV Series Actress

  • Girls Night Out

    Girls Night Out (2012)
    Film (Short) Actress Two friends are placed in a dangerous, time-sensitive situation.

  • One World

    One World (2011)
    Film (Short) Actress A short film which explores how people can help their environment. It asks questions about what we can do to make changes in our daily lives to help our planet. As each person makes a change, this can snowball to affect the world on a global scale. Written by Film Guy

  • Mondays

    Mondays (2010)
    Television (Comedy) Actress Mondays follows the lives of twenty something Los Angeles couple Matt and Jenna; their relationship, their friends and their dogs.

  • A Guy and a Girl

    A Guy and a Girl (2009)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Actress The lives of four old friends intersect one night in Los Angeles after one of them comes back to rekindle the past with his ex-girlfriend...or does he?

  • Latent Lava

    Latent Lava (2008)
    Video Game (Action) Actress A computer based feature film, a group of highly trained mavericks, known as Latent Lava, set out to foil a terrorist group intent on blowing up a school in the heart of a major metropolis.

  • 30 Rock

    30 Rock (2007)
    TV Series Actress

  • The Perfect Man

    The Perfect Man (2006)
    Video (Drama) Actress A college student Jane decides to make a project for school. The subject is 'The Perfect Man' and she films interviews with several men. The guys don't know they are being filmed and she enlists the help of her friend Lucy to complete her plan. However things don't quite go as she planned. Written by Sarah Lynn Dawson

  • Sand

    Sand (2005)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress A young and up-and-coming film developer, Blake Driver, is highly in demand for the vacancy at hotshot executive Morris Bergman's prestigious production company. The void is set to be left by the firing of Oliver Heupel, a family man whose marriage is on the rocks and in great jeopardy after his untimely dismissal. While scrambling to put together his latest blockbuster, Bergman is also trying to save his own marriage. His wife constantly questions his faithfulness to her and his dedication to his children. One of the pieces of this blockbuster is Amber Leonne, a beautiful actress vying for the lead role in Bergman's film. Aside from being a struggling actress in a cutthroat industry, Amber finds herself stuck in a relationship with her unsupportive and unemployed boyfriend, Tyler, who'd instead rather sit around their dingy apartment playing video games all day. In order to improve her chances of finally landing her "big break", Amber resorts to pleasuring the producer in sleazy ... Written by Gabriel Garbar

  • Reunited

    Reunited (2005)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress Maria and her new fiancé David go to visit her estranged father Borris, who blames himself for the death of her mother. Borris was an artist and still feels tremendous guilt. Slowly they rebuild their relationship.

  • Scumbag

    Scumbag (2004)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress Ali anxiously awaits her boyfriend, Tre, at her apartment late one night. When his car is stolen along the way, it throws an unexpected wrench into their plans. Even more unexpectedly, the culprit turns out to be someone with a direct connection to Ali. Written by Film Genius

  • Twisted Lives, Endless Secrets

    Twisted Lives, Endless Secrets (2004)
    Video (Short and Comedy) Actress A once leading soap opera writer, Bill on a once hot show, with now declining ratings, overhears a plan to have him fired. In retaliation he writes into his script a series of twists, not realizing that God is having the same difficulty writing his life story. As the soap descends into melodramatic nonsense and the leads are killed off, we step into the heavens to see what is in store for Bill...a happy ending? Expect more twists! Written by Sarah Lynn Dawson

  • Birthday

    Birthday (2003)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress A crime family's oldest son comes of age and he must prove himself in front of his father and his associates on his birthday.

  • Serial Killer

    Serial Killer

  • Three Days of Darkness

    Three Days of Darkness

  • I'll Meet You Back Then

    I'll Meet You Back Then

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