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Stephen Nolly

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Cinematographer, Director, Photographer (Still) and Screenwriter

Los Angeles, California

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About Stephen

Stephen Nolly is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and has received a Drama Desk and an OBIE Award. He is the owner/Operator at Old Factory Films, a production company dedicated to creative innovative digital content in a boutique, handcrafted agency.

Unique traits: Multi-ethnic, polyglot, polymath



  • Guernica

    Guernica War Historical Drama When a young German spy is sent into the town of Guernica to ensure its destruction, his mission becomes jeopardized when he falls in love with a beautiful Basque Rebel, forcing hime to choose between saving the town and revealing his betrayal to her, or remaining loyal to his country and allowing her to perish with the rest of the city.

  • Chillmark

    Chillmark Thriller In the town of Chillmark on Martha's Vineyard, 1 in 25 people are born deaf, but new medical advancements may bring an end to that... until the body count starts rising. Because in the town of Chillmark... No one can hear you scream.

  • Werwolf

    Werwolf Action War Historical Towards the end of WWII, the Nazis created a fail-safe- group of commandos called the Wewolf Squadron- ordered to stay undercover if Germany lost the war and re-establish the Third Reich. Little did they think that their greatest threat would come in the form of a ragtag group of children.

  • Go Fuck Yourself

    Go Fuck Yourself Action When aging former government hitman Jack Ronin falls in love with a rival assassin, he can't help but see in her a younger version of himself... and the experiments he underwent while in the Agency.

  • FISH

    FISH Thriller Film-noir Historical During the Great Depression in New York City, the police were on a manhunt for a Cannibal Serial killer that preyed on children. The only problem was, once they caught their killer, the children kept disappearing.

  • Take Me To Havana!

    Take Me To Havana! Action Historical Biography In 1969, airline hijackings become so common, the President sends his White House "Plumbers" to fight the threat- until they encounter former-CIA spook DB Cooper.

  • Superstition

    Superstition Fantasy Like most teenagers, Joanna Avery is embarrassed oh her mother... but she has good reason to be. After she is embarrassed at school because of her mothers hoarding and neurotic OCD rituals, Joanna breaks one of her mother's "Rules" and realizes that he mother was the Last Witch on Earth, and she has accidentally opened up the gateway for Malicious leprechauns to cause havoc on Earth.

  • Folie A Deux

    Folie A Deux Romance Comedy When a Psychiatrist falls for for his institutionalized patient, they begin to both exhibit the same set of symptoms of neuroses, and fall crazy in love.

  • Pineland

    Pineland Action War When a local cop in the town of Vineland encounters a Green Beret training mission gone rogue, he is one man against an army in this reversal of First Blood.

  • Blue Light

    Blue Light Action War When the Pentagon ordered the formation of Delta Force, Col. Charles Beckwith told them it would take them 24 months, and so "Blue Light" was formed as a counter terrorist unit. IN July of 1978 when Delta Force became operational, Blue Light officially disbanded... but the group is still rumored to operate under black ops.

  • The Moscow Rules

    The Moscow Rules Action War Historical Drama Two Fulbright scholars are recruited by the CIA to spy on the Soviet Union during the cold war and are unwillingly thrust into the world of tradecraft known as "The Moscow Rules".

  • The Doom Officers Club

    The Doom Officers Club Thriller War Historical The OC in Denang, Vietnam, where fighter pilots would often sneak into a bar where they would have drinks and meet their soviet fighter pilot counter parts in an agreed upon "neutral territory". When one of the drivers loses a wingman, he decides to plot his revenge with an assassination in the bar.

  • Farmboy

    Farmboy Action A genius Townie bartender gets into a brawl with one of the recruits from "The Farm" in Virginia. When one of the instructors sees the raw talent in him, he is brought in as an agent, only to later be revealed as a Russian sleeper agent.

  • Pound of Flesh

    Pound of Flesh Action An Organ Harvester preying on people from third world countries meets his match in a UN investigator in this Cat and Mouse game a la "Day of the Jackal".

  • Paper Tigers

    Paper Tigers Historical Drama When two asian half-brothers are shipped to America to war on the Railroads at the turn of the Century, they endure hardship and bigotry as they try to work their way towards San Francisco's Chinatown... only to see the city destroyed by the earthquake of 1906.

  • The China Box, or Love Bot

    The China Box, or Love Bot Drama When a computer programmer falls victim to a "Russian Bride" scam, he continues his romance with the "Bot", invoking his heroes Alan Turing and Oscar Wilde to justify his feelings for a computer program.

  • Uprising

    Uprising War Horror Drama In a WWII concentration camp, a young Jewish man is stripped of his new wife and his dignity, and finds solace only in a willingness to survive,

  • The Other Side of Paradise

    The Other Side of Paradise Sci-fi Horror Drama When a brilliant bio-engineer loses his wife to cancer, he buries himself in his work, experimenting in ways others dared not dream... until he finally develops the perfect drug: A drug that eradicates cell death... a modified cancer genome. When WHO regulations ban his experiments, his pharmaceutical company buys him a remote island to continue his research where he can be alone... with his newly alive wife.

  • Samaritans

    Samaritans Horror Comedy A pair of bible-thumping girls go house to house looking for be invited in... because they're really vampires.

  • Dollhouse

    Dollhouse Horror Historical During the Civil War, a rich plantation owner builds a huge miniature mansion to house his daughters dolls. When the war ended, he murdered all his slaves in the dollhouse instead of setting them free. But once the modern day owners move in, mysterious things start to happen involving the dollhouse outside.

  • SEED

    SEED War Historical Drama During the siege of Leningrad in 1942, a special police force was created to combat cannibalism. One of the most heavily attacked areas was the Leningrad Seed Bank, where 14 scientist barricaded themselves inside, protecting the genetic future of our planet. During the siege, two of the scientist died of malnutrition... while protecting bags of grain and rice.

  • Do Unto Others

    Do Unto Others Romance War Historical Drama During the War in the Falklands, a Sadist torturer begins a "complicated" relationship with a Masochistic prisoner. Their sessions begin to develop a honest, albeit unconventional, intimacy... until one of them reveals a secret.

  • Memories of the Future

    Memories of the Future Sci-fi When a man falls in love with the illegal clone of his dead wife, they must escape into a future where only one of them can survive.

  • Japanese internment camp horror

    Japanese internment camp horror War Horror Historical Asian-American children are herded into internment camps in the united states, and start trading horror stories, which start to come true.

  • Myths over Miami

    Myths over Miami Thriller Horror Drama When children at different orphanages and homeless shelters around miami begin trading ghost stories, most of them are an amalgam of the r various cultures... except for the one tale they all tell of the woman who comes for them in their sleep.

  • The Beer Hall

    The Beer Hall Action Drama A young boy in Nigeria is treated like a slave and works all day... until he happens upon a copy of Mein Kampf and he leads a revolution in Nigeria... Of National Socialists!

  • Off The Rez

    Off The Rez Action Crime When a Native American Tribe's Casino becomes very lucrative, they attempt disavow members of their tribe to increase their share. When that proves unsuccessful, gangland murders start to take place in this native-american "Godfather" epic.

  • Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Action Music Historical A cuban special police force is tasked with quelling the uprising of rock and roll own the 60's. But when one inquisitive officer finds a radio on a rooftop that receives rock and roll from america, he questions what other things he believes in in this rock and roll Fahrenheit 451.

  • Backcountry

    Backcountry Drama When two friends go backpacking through rural china, one of them suffers a debilitating bout of mental illness and is hospitalized. With no other english speakers around, our hero must continue his journey through China until he can cross the border and get help for his friend... only in his solo travels, he begins to experience the same delusions that plagued his friend.

  • Fantastic Liar

    Fantastic Liar Drama Young Joseph is the most amazing storyteller at the orphanage, because he is a fantastic liar. When he meets Alan, a soft-spoken boy who can read and write, the two of them become fast friends, with Alan handling the book smarts, and Joseph handling the street smarts. But when Alan is picked to be adopted, he says that Joseph is his brother to avoid them being separated, and they go on to become one of the greatest screenwriting "brothers" of all time, writing "Casablanca".

  • General Tso & The Panna Cotta Warriors

    General Tso & The Panna Cotta Warriors Animation Family General Tso and his refrigerated Panna Cotta Warriors wage war against the pantry foodstuffs, led by the Head Nilla In Charge.

  • Christmas in Megatown

    Christmas in Megatown Animation Family Fantasy When young Billy wakes up as a worker in a toy factory, he wonders how he ever got stuck there, then remember being taken away for his bad behavior. He begins to hate Christmas because of all his overtime, and struggles to find the True meaning of christmas amid all his toil.

  • I Heart Masha

    I Heart Masha Animation Drama Gothic Fairy Tale of Forbidden Love bewteen a brother and sister lost in the woods.

  • Fugu

    Fugu Animation Family Fugu is a poison blowfish that falls in love with balloons, but everytime he gets around them, he puffs up and kills them. Will Fugu Find love?

  • Gospel of Judas

    Gospel of Judas Musical When Jesus asks his most trusted friend to help with an unthinkable task, will he follow his divine Grace, or do what is right in his heart?

  • O&E

    O&E Musical A modern Rock Opera of Orpheus and Eurydice

  • Second Hand

    Second Hand Romance Drama A young man hires a prostitute on his birthday, and struggles with having genuine feelings for her despite her occupation.

  • The Seconds

    The Seconds Action Drama Fantasy With a story as old as Job in the Bible, God and the Devil act as "Seconds" in great duels among history, pledging only their influence but never direct action., which comes to a head in turn of the century London.

  • Speaking in tongues

    Speaking in tongues Comedy Crime When a linguist is tasked with finding speakers of foreign languages due to state mandates, he must find a fluent speaker of Klingon, only to stumble upon one of the greatest contributors to the Oxford English Dictionary was a man in an Asylum whose knowledge of Trivia helps him some unusual crimes.

  • Pruno

    Pruno Comedy When a hot-tempered celebrity chef is sent to jail, he must survive amongst the inmates the only way he knows how: by cooking.

  • The Yard

    The Yard Comedy A series about a children playground with all the politics of a prison yard.

  • Public Servant

    Public Servant Comedy Crime A minimum-wage worker at a storage facility kills time by going through abandoned units and "Dressing Up" as their former owners... until he becomes the wrong person at the wrong time.


  • Austin Film Festival Second Round

  • Drama Desk

  • OBIE Award

  • Mensa

  • National Merit Scholarship


  • NYU - Tisch School of the Arts

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