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Actress on stage & TV/Film. Voice over artist & first time screenwriter. I've done indie films screened at Sundance & other prestigious international festivals. Studio film, Diary Of A Mad Black Woman. TV credits include Barely Famous, Drop Dead Diva & Days Of Our Lives. Voice has been heard nationally & regionally in Macy's, Verizon Wireless, Bank Of America, Nick, Jr. & more. Booked series regular on ABC Family Pilot Rom Com. Worked on stage at the Alliance Theater , The Wilshire Ebell Theater, Nate Holden Theater & toured nationally with Tyler Perry in What's Done In The Dark.



  • Bloodline Battle

    Bloodline Battle (2015)
    Film by A.B. Sallu (Drama) Actress When an ousted Queen is denied the throne owed to her son over tribal patrician politics, she if forced into exile from her kingdom in Africa to the United States with her family. While in the Diaspora, a council of her town's men is formed to agree to hear her plea her case to return to her rightful place by a unanimous vote. While waiting for the day in front of the council, the obsessive Monarch would engage in all sorts of mischievous methods to sway support to her cause and will do anything to make sure nothing stands in her way for the power she once held. Along with her children, she would blaze a trail of broken relationship, betrayal and even dark magic, becoming notorious in her new home amongst her people for her quest for power; power the son is not sure he even wants to have. BLOODLINE BATTLE is an epic sage about culture, traditions and themes deeply rooted in the history of the African storytelling. With Universal themes of love, greed, betrayal and ultimate obsession. Written by John okafor

  • Gina's Journey: The Search for William Grimes

    Gina's Journey: The Search for William Grimes (2015)
    Film by Sean Durant (Documentary, Biography and Drama) Actress

  • African Time

    African Time (2014)
    Film by Chijindu Kelechi Eke (Comedy) Actress "African Time" is a phrase used to describe the relaxed attitude that many Africans exhibit towards time. It seems to have become a part of African culture in that most African events tend begin a few hours after the specified start time. This becomes frustrating to those Africans that like to be punctual. Ironically, many Africans that are late to various social events are seldom late to work and other self-benefiting engagements. This story humorously uses different events to explore the habit of late coming among Africans. While addressing some of the challenges that several Africans face with being on time, the story also unveils how to combat the infamous African Time. Written by Chijindu Kelechi Eke

  • False Engagement

    False Engagement (2013)
    Film by Chijindu Kelechi Eke (Drama) Actress There are recent news about some men murdering their wives. What could possibly drive a man to murder the woman he supposedly loves? This story is about deceptions and rage in relationships. What would you do when your heart gets broken by the one you love? This movie condemns violence as the answer to problems that couples might face in their relationship. BIGOBI and the Writer/ Director/ Producer of LOST IN ABROAD movie, Chijindu Kelechi Eke, will release this thriller in Spring 2013. Written by Chijindu Kelechi Eke

  • No Rainbow

    No Rainbow (2013)
    Film (short) by Fred Thomas Jr. (Thriller) Actress, Producer

  • Drop Dead Diva

    Drop Dead Diva (2013)
    Television by Josh Berman (Comedy and Drama) Actress Deb, a shallow model's sudden demise results in her being reincarnated as Jane, a plus size lawyer with astonishing intelligence. As Deb sees life through Jane's eyes, she realizes it doesn't matter how big you are, just how you accept it and know you're beautiful no matter what people say.

  • Five

    Five (2012)
    Film (short) by B.J. Winfrey (Crime and Drama) Actress, Producer An escaped convict, holed up in a house in the middle of nowhere, concocts a rather shocking plan.

  • Gone

    Gone (2012)
    Film (short) by B.J. Winfrey (Drama) Actress, Producer Two good friends have a chilling conversation that will change their lives forever.

  • The Entrapped Movie

    The Entrapped Movie (2012)
    Film by Rita Onwurah (Action, Drama and Romance) Actress Forgotten love and missed opportunity in a woven web of deceit.

  • Days of Our Lives

    Days of Our Lives (2012)
    Television by Irna Phillips (Drama) Actress "Like sands through the hourglass... so are the Days of Our Lives." These words, spoken by late cast member Macdonald Carey, open every episode of this daytime drama, chronicaling the trials and tribulations of the citizens of the fictional city of Salem. Written by Kevin Ackley <>

  • Paparazzi Eye in the Dark

    Paparazzi Eye in the Dark (2011)
    Film by Bayo Akinfemi (Mystery) Actress Aspiring photographer Rich Amarah (Van Vicker) dreamed of making his fortune threw his art, but found the life of being a sneaky paparazzi spy to be more lucrative. By selling pictures to the national newspapers, He has the opportunity to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Superstar Ghanian recording artist Mr. Maxx (Koby Maxwell) was at the top of the paparazzi food chain and Rich's appetite for success leads him into a whirlwind of chaos when he accidentally films the "scoop of the century". This Event not only becomes the papers biggest exclusive but threatens his very survival as He alone holds the images to the cities biggest murder mystery. Written by Tim Wilson

  • What to Bring to America

    What to Bring to America (2010)
    Film (short) by Christophe Nassif (Drama) Actress Helen, an Ethiopian immigrant living in Los Angeles, is pressed by her family and tradition to take a decision as the moment approaches for her daughter's genital cutting.

  • In My Sleep

    In My Sleep (2010)
    Film by Allen Wolf (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actress Marcus is a popular massage therapist who struggles with parasomnia, a severe sleepwalking disorder that causes him to do things in his sleep that he cannot remember the next day. When he wakes up with blood on his hands and a knife at his side, he is startled to hear that a close friend has been found stabbed to death. Marcus frantically tries to put the pieces together - could he have murdered his friend while sleepwalking to hide a dark secret between them? The police close in as Marcus investigates his own nocturnal activities, desperate to figure out what happens after he goes to sleep. His journey to uncover the truth leads him to a shocking revelation. Written by The Film Catalogue

  • Touching

    Touching (2007)
    Film (short) by J.R. Hardman (Sci-Fi) Actress In the year 2009, an epidemic known as Tactiley Transmitted Infection (TTI) killed hundreds of millions around the world... See full synopsis »

  • Somebodies

    Somebodies (2006)
    Film by Hadjii (Comedy) Actress A Georgia college student comes of age in a world surrounded by eccentric relatives, prankster classmates and ex-cons.

  • Camp D.O.A.

    Camp D.O.A. (2005)
    Film by Earl Hilliard Jr. (Horror) Actress

  • Dark Remains

    Dark Remains (2005)
    Film by Brian Avenet-Bradley (Horror) Actress When the daughter Emma of the technical writer Allen Pyke and the photographer Julie is found slashed in the throat and wrists in their locked apartment, the couple decides to move to an isolated cabin in the mountains in Kingspike. Julie is very depressed and blames Allen for the death of Emma. Once in the new home, Julie sees the spirit of Emma in a photo she took in a nearby abandoned prison and she becomes obsessed shooting pictures of poltergeists. Allen is advised to move from the place by the local Jim Payne, and on May 21st, Allen finds that the former dwellers of the cabin have committed suicide, and he investigates the death in the spot and finds that many people died around May 22nd. He decides to move with Julie to a hotel, but she does not want to give up on Emma. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Slip

    Slip (2005)
    Film (short) by Andrew Kramp (Drama) Actress At a dinner party at the house of their best friend, Ira, Hannah and Bill are introduced to Ira's new girlfriend, the daring, sensual Jasmine, who forces them to assess their position on marriage, fidelity, and commitment. What starts as an evening out with friends turns into a night of psychological tension and gamesmanship, a night that threatens to destroy them all. Written by Andrew Kramp

  • Diary of a Mad Black Woman

    Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005)
    Film by Darren Grant (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actress Helen McCarter has everything a woman wants: a nice house and rich husband. However after her husband Charles throws her out of the house after admitting to an affair a distraught Helen turns to her mother, grandmother Madea and cousin Brian who take her in and turn back to God. Helen learns for the first time in her life to stand up on her two feet and is ready to remove herself from her relationship with Charles and move on with Orlando. But when her husband is almost killed by a vengeful client, Helen wonders if she has the heart to forgive him despite everything. Written by teyee_eng2388-1

  • Bottom

    Bottom (2004)
    Film by Joseph L. Stovall (Drama) Actress Security. Derrick Jones has worked for that dream for his family for three years. But quick corporate cutbacks leave him alone, penniless, a new baby on the way, and his dreams at the other end of a liquor bottle. Derrick snaps and returns to work to get his job back, his life back... with his only available weapon... revenge. In the Spirit of Changing Lanes and Falling Down, bottom is a movie about the destruction of the human spirit, when it dangles at the end of the bottom line. Written by Jelese

  • Big Ain't Bad

    Big Ain't Bad (2002)
    Film by Ray Culpepper (Drama) Actress A young man with a beautiful and bright fiancée has a meaningless one-night stand. When she discovers his infidelity, she angrily breaks off their engagement. Soon she has to consider whether to pursue a relationship with a wealthier suitor who has made it clear that he sees her as a potential wife. As her former fiancé struggles to convince her to take him back and she examines her past and present life situation, they both learn some important lessons about love and forgiveness. Written by Leslye Allen (L. J. Allen-2)

  • Good Neighbor

    Good Neighbor (2001)
    Film by Todd Turner (Thriller) Actress A young woman suspects the new neighbor is a serial killer.

  • Pay the Price

    Pay the Price (2000)
    Film by Darryl D. Lassiter (Drama) Actress The first movie ever dealing with Black College Marching Bands. It is a true story based on the director's life in Alabama State University's Marching Band. Freshmen go through strenuous physical and mental exercises to make the band. A white male and black female try and become the first to inherit membership in an all-male Southern Black College Marching Band. They, along with the remaining freshmen known as "crabs" are harassed by the upperclassmen to see if they have what it takes to "Pay The Price" to become members in this prestigious band. They help lead the band to glory. Written by


  • Best Actress In Lead Role, Diaspora - Nollywood & African Film Critics Awards (NAFCA)

  • Best Actress In Lead Role, Diaspora - Nollywood & African Film Critics Awards (NAFCA)

  • Best Actress In Lead Role, World Music International Film Festival (WMIFF)

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