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About Janal

I compose music for screen-based media such as film, tv, documentaries, games, mobile, web - everything from the weird or scary to the loveable and wonderful! I'm always looking for interesting projects and love connecting with other creatives so feel free to reach out if you're looking for music! My previous work includes orchestral music, indie rock, world music, and electronic elements. I'm a member of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada (currently serving on the board of directors), The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, Women in Film and Television, and the Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers of Canada.


  • Brave Little Army

    Brave Little Army (2018)
    Film (Short and Drama) Composer The bold new girl at school inspires three classmates to follow her down a blissful path of self-realization, where they stumble upon a dark truth that forever galvanizes their friendship.

  • The Glorious Sunset

    The Glorious Sunset (2018)
    Film (Short and Drama) Composer An elderly couple return to the location of their first kiss to face the consequences of a family tragedy.

  • Affection

    Affection (2018)
    Film (Short) Composer Add a Plot »

  • The Vatican Deception

    The Vatican Deception (2018)
    Film (Documentary) Composer Compelling evidence is exposed about a crisis in the Vatican, and how an ominous plot to conceal it leads to a global disaster foretold by prophecy.

  • Heart

    Heart (2017)
    Film (Short and Drama) Composer LOGLINE- On a day filled with great news a couple waits for the perfect moment to celebrate. SYNOPSIS- Monica and Kevin are a happily married couple dreaming of building a family together. But Kevin has been out of work and their finances are strained. Monica finds out that she's pregnant with their first child. She day dreams about what their family might look like but she doesn't know how they'll manage if Kevin is out of work. Written by Julie Brar

  • Orchid

    Orchid (2017)
    Film (Short) Composer Trophy wife Julia harbors a dark lie beneath the surface of her first world problems as her full-time Filipina housekeeper Nita tries to keep it together when her son goes missing in a drug war back home. When Nita discovers her employer's secret, her next move sets both of them free.

  • Begin Again

    Begin Again (2017)
    Television (Drama) Composer Sarah, Denise and Toni have been friends since they were in elementary school together. In between soccer matches, band practice and dance recitals they had dreamed about what their future might look like. Going to school, falling in love, marriage, kids- they had everything mapped out. Now in their thirties things are not as rosy as they had imagined. Faced with incredible challenges at work and at home they have to find a way to get up after life has kicked them in the teeth. Written by Julie Brar

  • Art of Obsession

    Art of Obsession (2017)
    Film (Thriller) Composer After losing his family in a car accident and seeing his latest work bomb, famous novelist, Kennedy Sait, becomes a recluse and turns to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain he feels. Struggling to make it through day to day, Kennedy's life is turned around after meeting his neighbor's new wife, Patricia. Infatuated with her, she becomes his "muse" and she not only inspires him to create again, but she also inspires him to live again. But his infatuation with her, becomes a dangerous obsession. And so he doesn't lose Patricia, he kidnaps her and keeps her prisoner in his attic. Police comb the neighborhood, hoping to find a trace of the missing woman, never knowing that she is right under their noses the whole time. Patricia tries keeping a level head and is always looking for a way to escape, though she fears she may never break free of her capture as Kennedy's grasp on reality continues on a frightening downward spiral.

  • Residue

    Residue (2017)
    Film (Short and Drama) Composer Residue is a dramatic short that captures the long lasting effect of PTSD, caused from police brutality. We follow the life of Valerie, an African-American woman who must learn how to move forward after witnessing her fiance's murder.

  • Pond Life

    Pond Life (2017)
    Film (Comedy) Composer Add a Plot »

  • Reel Women Seen

    Reel Women Seen (2017)
    Film (Short) Composer Add a Plot »

  • The Masked Saint

    The Masked Saint (2016)
    Film by Warren P. Sonoda (Action, Biography, Crime, Drama and 2 More) Music department "The Masked Saint" is based on a true story about one pastor's mission to help his community by risking his identity and returns to his former life as a wrestler. The triumphant story follows one man's journey and struggle between helping others and the consequences he faces doing this. Written by W.Key, Ridgerock Entertainment

  • Martin's Hagge

    Martin's Hagge (2016)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Drama and Fantasy) Composer Martin, a middle-aged despondent writer, is burdened with Hagge, his wily personification of anxiety and depression, but after freewheeling Norah encroaches on his workspace, he learns apathy is a choice.

  • Acting Up

    Acting Up (2016)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Composer A disgruntled aging actress struggles to find work within a youth-obsessed industry, while trying to retain her dignity and sense-of self.

  • Gods in Shackles

    Gods in Shackles (2016)
    Film (Documentary and Drama) Composer Gods in Shackles is an expose revealing the dark side of the Indian state of Kerala's glamorous cultural festivities that exploit temple elephants for profit in the name of culture and religion.

  • Reinventing the Reel

    Reinventing the Reel (2015)
    Film by Michael Gorlick (Documentary and Short) Composer Reinventing the Reel is a documentary short that gives an overview of the Hollywood treatment of LGBT portrayals in film, how it has changed, and why is important to continue to change. This brief history is followed by an inside look into independent filmmakers in their process of breaking the chain of that negative history on a smaller scale (with the help of tools like crowd funding). They create films, in part, hoping that one day it will be more common in bigger Hollywood films to see more characters that happen to be gay rather than that be their reason for existing in the film's storyline. According to the Contact Hypothesis theory, the more a viewer sees (interacts with) a minority in film, the less prejudice they will have for that group, which is why it is so important for these filmmakers to continue their plight, to build a sense of commonality between people of all backgrounds. The main filmmaker followed is Casper Andreas, director and producer of Kiss Me Kill Me, a ...

  • Les bons, les méchants et la bicyclette

    Les bons, les méchants et la bicyclette (2015)
    TV Movie by Lara Fitzgerald (Documentary) Composer

  • Rival Books of Aster

    Rival Books of Aster (2015)
    Video Game by Adam Bradley (Fantasy) Composer

  • Muna

    Muna (2015)
    Film by Keeya King (Short, Drama and Thriller) Composer the story of a girl soilder

  • Galala

    Galala (2015)
    Television (Reality-TV) Music department

  • Parent Teacher

    Parent Teacher (2014)
    Film by Brett Heard (Short and Comedy) Composer A group of disparate, anxious parents bring their neuroses to the dreaded parent teacher night, testing the equally stressed out teacher, pushing her over the proverbial edge.

  • Doorways & Dimensions

    Doorways & Dimensions (2014)
    Television (Horror and Sci-Fi) Composer "Tales of the bizarre!" A series that captures the golden age of radio that once encapsulated the listening audience that gathered around the radio in anticipation of having some eerie tale scare the bajeepers out of them.

  • Heartfelt

    Heartfelt (2014)
    Film (Short and Romance) Composer Add a Plot »

  • S.M.A.R.T. Tips

    S.M.A.R.T. Tips (2013)
    Television (Family) Composer Join Constable Rick and Sergeant Short on an adventure toward building better communities. S.M.A.R.T. Tips features Constable Rick Lemieux - a D.A.R.E. trainer and community police officer whose relationship with his community is guiding its youth to make good, healthy decisions in life through social challenges and opportunities. The series was developed with the support of municipal police departments, the OPP, and the RCMP. With more than two hours of great tips, students from Elementary School to High School learn valuable life lessons through this series of short episodes. Featuring George Stroumboulopoulos (CBC), Arda Ocal (The Score), Paul Harrison (NHL), and many other guests! DVD INCLUDES THESE EPISODES: 1) When to Call 911 (11 min.) 2) School Bus Safety (9 min.) 3) Stranger Safety (13 min.) 4) A Good Circle of Friends (12 min.) 5) Bicycle Safety (16 min.) 6) A Positive Attitude (23 min.) 7) Cyber Risks (21 min.) 8) Tobacco and Other Drugs (14 min.) 9) Bullying (23 min.) Written by Paul Stark

  • Manfred and the Waiting Room

    Manfred and the Waiting Room (2013)
    Film by Joel Breitman (Short and Comedy) Composer In a doctor's waiting room a frantic Manfred is thrown into a truly bizarre power struggle with a mysterious sociopath.

  • Trois boxeuses canadiennes pour les Olympiques

    Trois boxeuses canadiennes pour les Olympiques (2012)
    Film by Aline Robichaud (Documentary) Composer

  • 70 ans... et au placard?

    70 ans... et au placard? (2012)
    Film by Robin McKenna (Documentary) Composer

  • 70 ans et... au placard

    70 ans et... au placard (2012)
    TV Movie by Robin McKenna (Documentary) Music department

  • À la recherche d'Étienne Brûlé

    À la recherche d'Étienne Brûlé (2011)
    Film by Fadel Saleh (Biography) Composer

  • Jo and the Motherpuckers

    Jo and the Motherpuckers (2010)
    Video by Arlene Rimer (Documentary, Biography and Sport) Composer The true spirit of hockey. Older women learned to skate in order to play hockey and their goalie comes to the game in a wheelchair. The ladies are going nowhere, not to the Olympics, scholarships or serious tournaments, but they love the game and play with excitement, energy. The goalie Jo Evans who had returned to hockey after a 20 year absence was felled by encephalitis, and despite being confined to a wheelchair and occasionally a walker for very short distances, is able to don her gear and make it onto and across the ice. The ladies are an inspiration and Jo leads the way. Written by Anonymous

  • Lost in Communication

    Lost in Communication (2010)
    Film by Frederic Ansaldo (Short, Comedy, Drama and Romance) Composer In the close global warmed future, Angie had landed in Toronto, Canada during another electromagnetic Storm. She is lonely in her hotel room during the communication breakdown and would like to meet people. She writes a message with lipstick on her window and waits. Slowly, replies start showing up on the windows of the facing building... Written by Anonymous

  • Miss Directed

    Miss Directed (2009)
    Film by Jim Hyslop (Short and Comedy) Composer Angela has trouble standing up for herself. When things go wrong, her imaginary friend - a movie director - yells "Cut!" and makes Angela do another take in her head. By learning to stand up to The Director, Angela learns to stand up for herself in real life. Written by Hyslop, Jim

  • Time Management

    Time Management (2009)
    Film by Paul Stark (Short, Action and Drama) Composer Collin's critical university assignment is due tomorrow - at noon sharp. Against his better judgment, he is persuaded by his friend Wesley to attend a music concert that night - and to finish his assignment in the morning. But when things don't go as planned, Collin's friendship with Wesley is tested by a history of resentment, and the strain of a looming deadline he can't afford to miss. When the morning comes, Collin finds himself in a final race against time where the stakes are high, and the odds of beating the clock are not in his favor. Written by Stark, Paul (I)

  • La paix musclée de Carolyne McAskie

    La paix musclée de Carolyne McAskie (2009)
    Film by Joseph Bitamba (Documentary) Composer

  • Mindgames

    Mindgames (2008)
    Film by Kiran Singh (Short and Comedy) Composer A man seeks the help of a mystical healer, and ends up on a journey through his own mind.

  • Vivre la Lenteur

    Vivre la Lenteur (2007)
    Film by Sylvene Gilchrist (Documentary) Composer

  • Red Like Meat

    Red Like Meat (2007)
    Film by Elizabeth Lazebnik (Short and Drama) Composer A husband's fantasies about his wife are stimulated with a bizarre fashion magazine. Both amusing and disquieting, the photographs in this magazine are those of the highly acclaimed Canadian photographer Janieta Eyre.

  • Canada a Vendre

    Canada a Vendre (2007)
    Film by Geoff Bowie (Documentary) Composer

  • Adoption: la fin du secret?

    Adoption: la fin du secret? (2007)
    Film by Fadel Saleh (Documentary) Composer

  • Outside the Box

    Outside the Box (2007)
    Film by Alexandre Oktan (Documentary and Short) Composer

  • The Root

    The Root (2003)
    Film by Jeff Staranchuk (Drama and Short) Composer The discovery of a tin box containing a cryptic message leads Donovan to a meeting with a mysterious man who offers him $20 million to disappear. Donovan has to decide between "life as he knows it or life as he could onbly dream it could be". Unfortunately there are some shady characters watching events who want a share of the spoils - a painful experience for our hero. Written by John Henley

  • On Special

    On Special (2003)
    Film by Stephen Philipson (Short and Drama) Composer Somewhere in a vast warehouse full of groceries, a can of corn with a torn label dreams of being sold. As it begins the long journey to the supermarket shelf, a young dancer with a small facial disfigurement struggles to express her inner talent at a grueling audition. Neither makes the grade. The graceful ballerina misses a step, and the blemished can fails to attract a buyer. Just as all seems lost, a serendipitous encounter reminds the unlikely soul mates that packaging dooesn't matter. It's what's inside that counts. Written by Anonymous

  • Max Payne: Hero

    Max Payne: Hero (2003)
    Film by Chris Chen (Short and Action) Music department

  • The Writing Life

    The Writing Life (2002)
    Television (Documentary) Music department

  • We

    Film (Adventure, Biography and Drama) Composer In the pursuit for love and happiness, ETHAN, a man with great ambitions and a big heart, must face many obstacles, some that threaten to halt his quest. Set on filling an emptiness left by the death of his parents years ago, Ethan can't seem to find that one connection we all desire. Yet he continues moving forward despite the many drawbacks he faces. Written by 14 FILM

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