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Kamran Qureshi is an internationally renowned British TV & Film director.



  • Mushrik

    Mushrik (2016)
    Television (Drama) Director Love is the raison d'etre of every creation. It is the reason we exist and it's the force that keeps us all moving. Most of the times we as humans remain oblivious of this potential. But there are few blessed ones who are chosen by the forces of nature to show the world this fact. This is the story of a belief called love. A passion that transcends time and space, that rises above cast class and creed, that erases every boundary of religion and all human differences of ideologies as love itself is a religion. If you are in love you in unison with the divine creative force. This story gives Love the supreme power and authority to exist and prove itself right in the end and win. Written by Ali Moeen

  • Waiting

    Waiting (2013)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Director A flush of bright white light signifies the arrival of new people in the waiting room. The young couple of Tommy and Gina and the biker John appear in a room with no windows and one single door. They are told by the Woman in Grey that they are dead and that they have to fill in forms in order to proceed to the next stage. Tommy, Gina and John are stuck in afterlife bureaucracy and there's going to be a whole lot of waiting to be had. Written by Iannis

  • Choti Si Kahani

    Choti Si Kahani (2011)
    Television (Drama) Director A brand endorsement serial is showing the ups and downs in the life of three women and their struggle. The twists in story prove that the women are very unpredictable and man cannot access the depths of a woman's thoughts.

  • Pianist Reborn Aka Renaissance

    Pianist Reborn Aka Renaissance (2011)
    Film (Short, Drama and Mystery) Director Paul, a 65 year old widower passes away. He awakes to find his wife, Anna and dead best friend Charles waiting for him. Anna informs Paul that he is now in the afterlife. However, Anna and Charles begin to argue. It transpires that Paul and Charles were Music Students and Paul could have been a professional Pianist, but Anna, persuaded him to train as a Lawyer in order to be able to afford a home and family. Written by Iram Qureshi

  • London Where I Am

    London Where I Am (2010)
    Video (Short and Music) Director London Where I Am, a music video was made for Barclays and TFL (Transport for London). Amy is traveling around the amazing picturesque streets of London, inviting her love to come along on exciting and intriguing journey, assuring that she will be there in stormy weather, no matter if the journey lasts on not, even if they can't go together, her love will remain the same forever. Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Unbounded Love Aka Ishq Ki Inteha

    Unbounded Love Aka Ishq Ki Inteha (2009 - 2010)
    Television (Drama) Director Two love birds, a 3rd person to make it a love triangle, an underworld don, a gambling father, no-win situations. then it is proven that love knows no bounds and it was an immeasurable love from the start.

  • Beyond the Silence of the Sea

    Beyond the Silence of the Sea (2010)
    TV Movie (Documentary) Director The documentary covers the entire maritime sector, its significance and contribution in the development in a country. Evergreen Media traveled from Karachi to Gadani, to Ormara to Gawadar ports, life of Creeks area, Fisheries, Shipyards, boarded the national flag carriers and landed at naval combat ships. The voyage unfolds the simple and straightforward steps to the prosperity of several nations. The marine sector plays a vital role in the economy of a country though it is seldom visible in everyday life and thus continues to be undervalued. Maritime activities are essential to trade and prosperity. They underpin our quality of life by facilitating the safe, reliable and low cost movement of foodstuffs, consumer goods and raw materials. A variety of professions belonging to the sea. People running the huge businesses of ships, the crew on ships, the engineers, workmen in the ships and on shores, loading and unloading of containers, coal, Oil, operations of Container terminals, Oil ... Written by Ayesha Farid

  • Nestle Nido Young Stars aka Nido Ye Tare Hamare

    Nestle Nido Young Stars aka Nido Ye Tare Hamare (2008 - 2010)
    Television (Talk-Show) Director Nestle Nido Young Stars is an above the line communication initiative by Nestle' Nido which aims to provide a platform where child nutrition, education, good parenting, motherly wisdom, grooming kids and result oriented tips for nurturing are brought into focus. It is a 23-25 minute talk show, 78 episodes, based program focusing on ' how to raise high performing children.' It is hosted by dazzling host & actress Atiqa Odho. Each show focuses a family, which is considered to be a star family, child for his/her achievements, and the parents for brining up their child in such manner. A package containing the pictures, certificates of achievements, daily routine, parents, teachers & friends talking about the kid, etc. There is a nutritionist and an educationist in the show to talk about the topics of the day and to give tips to the audience about their children. A question & answer session is carried live on the set and also the emails are taken. A celebrity is there in the show as role ... Written by Iram Qureshi

  • Nestle Nesvita Woman of Strength '09

    Nestle Nesvita Woman of Strength '09 (2009)
    Television (Talk-Show) Director Add a Plot »

  • Sarkar Sahab Aka Evicted Lord

    Sarkar Sahab Aka Evicted Lord (2007 - 2008)
    Television (Drama) Director SARKAR SAHAB is an unforgettable triangle of love, honor and pride. It is a story of a family that is divided through contradictions, expectations and traditions. In this mega serial, the good natured family man rises to the occasion to preserve all that he has- tradition, lineage and unmistakable honor in his relentless effort to save his only abode; his family. Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Alive to See Her

    Alive to See Her (2007)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer Shahid was married to Naila for five years but had no kids. He was the only son of his widowed mother who worked hard all her life to bring him up. His mother wanted to see his kids and was waiting since long. She thought perhaps Naila was infertile and could never have kids so she started telling women to look for another girl for Shahid to get married again. A lady named Razia one day came and told her that she has a girl and his parents have agreed for this proposal but she needs quick response. Naila heard it and called Shahid on his phone to come back immediately and told him everything she heard. Shahid went and spoke to his mother. He told her that Naila's all reports were fine and she had no medical problem but mother wasn't convinced. She wanted him to marry and get her grandchildren. So she forced and emotionally blackmailed Shahid threatening him to leave the house and do suicide. Shahid had to agree as he loved his mother more than his life. Shahid told Naila one day that ... Written by Fatima Adnan

  • Cactus's Flower

    Cactus's Flower (2007)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer Surriya was from a noble family of a village living with her Cleric father in a big house and many servants around her but due to strict family values nobody was allowed in the house. Surriya used to feel very restricted and frustrated. Her only brother like younger cousin had gone to city to get higher education. She used to go sneakily and watch the son of her governess from a distance as she liked him. The governess, Maakhi, when noticed this she got worried. She knew that if the cleric came to know this, he will punish her only son. Maakhi alerted her master in a decent way that his daughter remains sick and the only cure is to marry her off. Father got worried, but he had no option as family norms didn't allow him to marry his daughter outside family. He decided to bring his young nephew back and marry him with Surriya.It was a difficult decision for both to accept but they were left with no option. The boy couldn't accept her as his wife. God had another plan for them. The ... Written by Fatima Adnan

  • Dowry List

    Dowry List (2007)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer The story of this play is based on a girl of a respectable but poor family. Her father is a retired school teacher. In his limited income and big family issues, he could not save anything for his younger daughter's wedding. The younger daughter is forced to work as her in laws have high demands for wedding. Because of less education she could not find any respectable job in city and is forced to dance in private parties at night. By doing this she was making enough money to fulfill all demands for her in-laws. Her fiancé is a driver in the same city. He has no clue about the demands his mother has made from the girl's family. He loves the girl from bottom of his heart. Once she went for a party there they both met and he expressed his feelings to her. Girl was surprised but could not tell what his mother has demanded to them. The time flies and all the things are ready for wedding and they got married. They were having a good life. Girl's greedy mother in law asks her to join her job ... Written by Fatima Adnan

  • Drama Fever

    Drama Fever (2007)
    TV Movie (Action, Crime and Drama) Producer This film depicts the life of a middle class woman, who has nothing to do in house except watching the television. Her leisure time activity ruined her life. She was so inspired by the life style, dressing and glamor of the heroines in the typical sensational soaps that she also started copying the same ignoring her moral values. Her husband was working on an average position. He was not able to fulfill her demands in his limited income. But he was in deep love with her and could not say 'no' to her for anything. His wife's demands were increasing day by day. She wanted to wear expensive dresses, go out for dinner in expensive restaurants and have decoration items the way plays have. One day she demanded her husband, Amir, for a table lamp. He did not have enough money to buy that lamp but her wife's attitude forced him to arrange money and get that lamp. He asked his friend for some loan. Friend was a street criminal and invited Amir to join him in his criminal activities. Amir ... Written by Fatima Adnan

  • Dually Wed

    Dually Wed (2007)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer The story is based on the life of Zubaida, an educated girl, who belongs to a poor family. Her father is under debts and finds an aged person who is ready to pay him Fifty Thousand Rupees for marrying his young daughter. Father marries off his daughter by force, locking her in a room. Zubaida accepts it as her fate and tries to make up with him but the man is illiterate and has no respect for her. He mistrusts her, beats and snubs her all the time. Sick of such a life, she tries to commit suicide by jumping in the sea but is rescued by Rafiq, a camel man, who keeps her in his home and then marries her out of love. She pretends to have lost her memory and doesn't remember anything about her past. They both live happily except her mother in law scolding Rafiq for not working and earning enough to run home due to her. But story gets a new twist when her first husband watches her alive, out in the town when she is bringing grocery. He follows her and blames her that instead of committing ... Written by Fatima Adnan

  • Gambled Daughter

    Gambled Daughter (2007)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer The story of this play revolves around a poor Bengali family. The father Shareef is disheartened from people for whom he has been working and started playing gambling as a way out. He has no job. His wife works as maid to make both ends meet. Shareef snatches money from his wife for his gambling fun. Whereas his wife wants to collect dowry from her wages for daughter's wedding which is planned with her sister's son soon. Shareef always thinks that one day he will win a big amount in gambling and from that money his all problems will be solved. One day while playing he was quiet over confident about his cards that he bet for his own daughter but unfortunately he lost the game and so his daughter. His wife stood in front of him for their daughter. She doesn't want to send her daughter with those people. They send Shareef behind the bars. She went to gambling den and asked the master for some mercy but he refused. He said people will raise questions on his power so a woman is committed ... Written by Fatima Adnan

  • Help of a Ghost

    Help of a Ghost (2007)
    TV Movie (Drama, Horror and Mystery) Producer Her happiness were in mother in law's hand, to take them back she took the help of a Ghost.

  • Hometown Memories

    Hometown Memories (2007)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer Story of Hometown Memories is based on a poor family from Makrani culture. Family comprises of mother, father and a son. Her husband loved his donkey like a son and earned money by using donkey cart and takes part in donkey cart races which embarrasses his son in front of his friends. He wants his father to quit this profession. Unfortunately father died in an accident when he was returning after selling his donkey. After finishing education he gets employed in an office and gets married with a girl of his choice. The girl is not happy with the surrounding areas and environment of their town. She convinces him to shift to better area of the city. At first he doesn't agree but later he gets convinced. The biggest problem in shifting to posh area of city is money. And the only source of money was their house. He sells the house without informing his mother. She asks son to leave the house and live life wherever he wants to but she will never leave that house or area. As her area is her ... Written by Fatima Adnan

  • I'm Locked

    I'm Locked (2007)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer This story is based on a poor and less educated girl of our society. Her life was dependent on her husband. Her husband thinks, by keeping her in house and locking the door from outside is better for her to be saved from lusty eyes. Her neighbor tried many times to make him realize about what he is doing to his wife but he refused all arguments on it. By God's will her husband died in a road accident. And the problems started from the same day. She could not claim his dead body, as she had no proof of being his wife. Her neighbor helped her in this matter. But this was not the only problem. Money was her biggest problem. One of her husband's co-workers tried to help her by collecting charity for her. But again this was not the solution in long run, instead only for the time being. She was so shy and non-confidant that she could not step alone outside the house. One young vandal in her neighbor is after her and bribed her husband's co-worker to bring her to his house. He will pay both ... Written by Fatima Adnan

  • Survival of a Woman

    Survival of a Woman (2007)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer This is a story of a divorced woman, who is living with her daughter in a small apartment. She is living her life on her own. She is working in an office to earn for herself and her daughter. One young man, who lives in the same building was in love with her and wants to marry her. But she doesn't like him. He daily creates troubles for her and later comes to help her with that. She discussed this with her office colleague, she advised her to complain in society welfare community. She told her the secretary of that community is also interested in her. The same day her boss in office also showed interest in her. She was very depressed with this situation and was thinking for a solution. Same night the young man in her neighbor came to her house and holds her hand and asks her to marry her. She was not expecting this from him. This all made her depressed. Next day she saw her ex husband begging on roads. She called his second wife and inquires about him. She told him that she has found ... Written by Fatima Adnan

  • The Making of Aurat aur Char Dewari Aka Women and Hurdles

    The Making of Aurat aur Char Dewari Aka Women and Hurdles (2007)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Romance) Producer Aurat Aur Cardiwari, a series of 13 films, touching the sensitive issues of women, regional and worldwide, like honor killing, dowry, forced marriages, domestic violence, marrying off women in return of murder as penalty, locking up women in homes and many more. Written by Iram Qureshi

  • Verdict of a Pashtun Court

    Verdict of a Pashtun Court (2007)
    TV Movie (Crime and Drama) Producer This film is based on tribal custom Wanni, where a girl is forcibly married as part of the punishment of crime committed by male members of her family. Same happens with the character of this play. Her brother committed a murder in the love of a boy. The murderer's family had to pay bloodshed to deceased's family. The local jury decided they will pay three hundred thousand cash and a virgin girl in ransom of murder to deceased person's family. A young girl was married to an elderly man in punishment of this crime. The old man had a soft corner for her in his heart but remaining family hated her because she was the sister of their brother's murderer. They tortured her in every possible way. But this torture brought her close to their father. The family started feeling that the father was in love with her and taking good care of her whereas he should have treated her badly. One day, he heard his daughter and daughter in law discussing about them. They were planning to torture her badly ... Written by Fatima Adnan

  • Victim of an Honor Killing

    Victim of an Honor Killing (2007)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer The film is based on Honor Killing. A poor farmer has a young daughter Noori, who always prays for a brother. When she is blessed with a brother, they are told that he is suffering from a disease and only brain surgery could cure her. Noori loves Manak, the son of area's lord. Noori's father cannot bear the operation charges and begs the lord for help and lend him some money which he will return. The Lord knows he is poor and won't be able to return so he asks the farmer to do a deal and marry his daughter off to him. Noori is married forcedly to Lord to save her brother in the absence of Manak. When Manak comes home and finds out about the marriage, he goes in a deep shock and returns back to hostel without meeting his father. The lord when hears that Manak came and went back with seeing him, he goes to the hostel to bring Manak home. But in hostel he comes to know the truth that Manak was in love with Noori. Lord then comes back home and tells Noori that it is her due to whom Manak ... Written by Fatima Adnan

  • Women's Freedom

    Women's Freedom (2007)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer Film begins with the girls playing table tennis. One of the girls is a college champion but still can't beat the opposite one. She tolls her friend that she is leaving the area with her father and advised her to join any women club to play. The girl asks her sister-in-law to talk to her brother about her joining to women club. Her brother got angry on his wife on supporting her in this game and as their norms do not allow a woman to step out of the house unnecessarily. One day her sister in law's cousin came from town to their area. He was running an NGO, which was working for women rights. He saw her playing alone and then asked her brother to promote her interest but he refused him too by saying the same about their norms and values. He fell in love with her and married her. He allowed her to go to women club and live her interest. Although her brother had objection on this but when his area people appreciated this he did not say anything to them. Luckily she groomed herself quickly... Written by Fatima Adnan

  • Those 70 Days

    Those 70 Days (2007)
    TV Movie (Documentary) Director Documentary on last 70 days of world famous (assassinated) female leader Benazir Bhutto, twice elected Prime Minister of Pakistan. This documentary was assigned initially by Benazir Bhutto herself 18th October 2007 Karachi's bomb blast, the day she returned to Pakistan after finishing nine years exile. This documentary was stopped being aired due to emergency imposed on 3 November 2007 by Pakistan's ex-military ruler, General retired Pervaiz Musharaf, including sanctions on all TV channels. It was reopened after her assassination and the events after 18th October till her death were included. The documentary was named as "THOSE 70 DAYS" which shows her last 70 days. Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Riyasat Aka Kingdom of Hearts

    Riyasat Aka Kingdom of Hearts (2005 - 2006)
    Television (Drama) Director A story of a Kingdom of Hearts that revolves around the lives of the rich and the powerful penned and weaved beautifully with a contrast that exists between the underprivileged class through a tale that covers drugs and gold smuggling, human trafficking and evasion from the law. A mega serial that captures the emotions of love, hatred and clans-ship. Written by 7th Sky

  • Makan Aka Home a Heaven

    Makan Aka Home a Heaven (2006)
    Television (Drama) Director A rich family of two brothers Nawaz (Khayyam Sarhadi) and Shehbaz (Shabbir Jan) own a Cinema House. Nawaz is married with a rich lady Bhabi G also known as Tayee G (Bushra Ansari) who is dominant and rules over the whole family members while Shehbaz is married with a typical eastern woman Mehru (Shagufta Ejaz) who is very obedient of her husband and in-laws. Nawaz has two children, Zahra (Ayesha Sana) and Akbar Shahood Alvi. Naheed (Maira Khan) who loves Akbar commit suicide after being refused by his mother Bhabi G to marry Akbar. Shehbaz often snubs his own wife and children, Jaffer (Saleem Sheikh), Gulfam (Fahad Mustafa) and Seema (Saira Khan) because of his Bhabi G to whom he is always faithful whether it's a right decision or wrong. Shehbaz hides his divorce from family and is living with wife for twelve years. Nawaz's wife (Bhabi G) had relationships outside of marriage with her brother in-law Shehbaz. Jaffer gets job in bank and he moves to his new house provided by bank. He ... Written by Musa Raza

  • Manzil Aka Her Lost Destination

    Manzil Aka Her Lost Destination (2006)
    Television (Drama) Director Somia belongs to a wealthy family from valley of Swat and is the only child of her parents'. She is studying in university and lives in hostel in Karachi. One of her class fellow Sajid falls in love with her, but she thinks him as a very good friend. She herself falls in love with Mehroze, who is a son of feudal lord. When she tells Sajid that she is in love with Mehroze, he gets shocked but never discourages her. Somia and Mehroze quietly get married without bringing in the knowledge of her or Mehroz's parents and Somia becomes pregnant. In the meanwhile, his own cousin murders Mehroze, due to enmity on the issues of properties. Somia comes under depression being pregnant and widowed. On the other side, Somia's parents accept the proposal of Yawar for her. Yawar and Somia's fathers are good friends and both are educated families but follow the customs. They fix the wedding date and calls Somia to come back as she is about to finish her studies being in the final year. Somia is about ... Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Moorat Aka Eunuch's Wedding

    Moorat Aka Eunuch's Wedding (2004 - 2005)
    Television (Drama) Director The story of a boy who was always snubbed and beaten by his brother and father and tried finding love outside the home. Baber was younger than Asim and never got to play with Asim. Mother used to save him from from father's beating and brother's rude behavior. Baber liked all the girlish thing like jewelery, cosmetics, shiny clothes, playing with dolls and going to eunuch Reshma's house who loved him. He brings up watching all this around and starts passing more and more time with Reshma and her friends Bijli and Shola. He talks like girls, goes for dancing with eunuchs, which is their profession, in parties, weddings, etc. Parents decide to marry him with his cousin Kosar. He behaves in the same way with Kosar, praising her dress and jewelery. Kosar when watches him on wedding night she remembers that she saw him as a eunuch in a wedding. Next morning when her mother comes, Kosar tells her and she takes Kosar back home. Kareem and Asim beats Baber and he leaves home, goes and lives ... Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Mahnoor

    Mahnoor (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama) Producer It's a story of a young girl, who was brought up in prostitution business area of town and was taught to dance and sing. She was famous for her voice and beauty. One day she went outside the barn for dancing in a birthday party and there after watching the bond of a mother and child, she wished to become a mother. Her so called mother didn't want her to have baby, but she insisted and in the end the mother decided to sell her for prostitution. Her musician was a humble man and had soft feelings for her. He told Kajal the truth about her mother's plan and they both ran away leaving the barn in dark. They shifted to another city, got married and started their new life. After some time they were blessed with a baby girl , whom they named Mahnoor (moon light) as they thought she came into the world to enlighten their life. They gave their best to her. The time flew and the girl grew up. She had lovely voice like her mother. She liked a boy who loved her very much and wanted to marry her. ... Written by Fatima Adnan

  • Way to Hope

    Way to Hope (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama) Director Way to hope is one of the many stories during the independence of Pakistan and India from British rule in 1947. Hajira and Yousuf migrated from India to Pakistan among other Muslims. They lost their son during riots and their daughter Sakina did suicide in the same period to avoid being captured and exploited by rioters. On the way to Pakistan, Hajira and Yousuf find Zubaida unconscious without any clothing, being raped and thrown on the roadside. They bring her along and keep her with them in Pakistan. Yousuf starts working as gardener and Hajira stays at home with Zubaida who never speaks nor eat. Both Hajira and Yousuf tries to persuade her to forget the past and start living in present. After few days, they find out that Zubaida is pregnant. She tries to do suicide but they save her. Hajira asks her that she will not let Zubaida see the baby's face and will send it away but she has to wait until the birth. When the baby is born, Hajira asks Yousuf to take the baby and leave him ... Written by Iram Qureshi

  • Mother of Desert

    Mother of Desert (2004)
    TV Movie (Action and Drama) Director Shabbir, a border security force's soldier was deployed in Thar desert. He has a mother and a fiancé back home. The border security force "Rangers" helps the desert people in several ways. Shabbir used to teach children during daytime. A native woman, Nandni, whose own son Govind is a smuggler but she is unaware of that. Her son usually takes stuff across border and comes back after few days. Nandni looks at Shabbir passing by his open air class, remembering her own son. Shabbir's only communication with his mother is by writing and receiving letters. His fiancé writes and reads letter for his mother. Nandni brings him sweet bread and things to eat and feels him as her own son. One day Shabbir, whilst on border duty during night, comes across Govind who is crossing border back to his home. Govind fire a bullet and Shabbir gets injured. Nandni, next day when passes by the class asks the other ranger where Shabbir is. He tells her that Shabbir is in hospital. Nandni goes to hospital ... Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Mary's Sacrifice Aka Marium

    Mary's Sacrifice Aka Marium (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama) Director Noroz, who belonged to the tribal areas, lived in a metropolitan city with his father and ten years old younger brother Gulzar. He drove taxi for ten years, collected three hundred thousand. He paid that amount to the girl's family, whom he loved and married, as Wulvar (a custom in some tribal areas where groom has to pay money to bride's family). Noroz asks Maryam to take care of Gulzar more than him, like her own child. After a few days of marriage, Noroz dies in an accident on roadside. Wazir Khan (father) wants to go back to village but Maryam stops him due to Gulzar's education and seeks permission to work in a factory for expenses. Wazir Khan watches a person from village who comes to see Maryam in factory to propose her, which she refuses. He then calls men from Maryam's family and in their presence it is decided to marry Maryam with Gulzar. After some time lapse, when Gulzar is about more than twenty years of age, he still calls Maryam as Sister in Law and Wazir Khan objects ... Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Unwanted Daughter

    Unwanted Daughter (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama) Director Samina had a daughter already and was pregnant second time. Her mother in law told her mother, Salma, that she only want a grandson, in-case of having baby girl she won't accept Samina back in her home. Salma takes Samina to hospital with Irshad, Samina's husband, where Samina gives birth to a girl. Salma tells her friend Ghazala, the midwife, to do something and she won't take a girl home otherwise the old lady won't accept her daughter. Salma gives Ghazala some money to pay whoever she needs to. Another lady in the same hospital in next room gives birth to a boy. Ghazala, with the help of nurses changes the babies. Salma takes Samina home with the baby boy. Samina is not happy at all, when grandmother celebrates. She doesn't care much about baby and grieved about her daughter. Samina starts going to hospital to get the information about baby but neither Ghazala, nor anyone else of any help. Irshad is a taxi driver and he catches Samina coming to hospital at her own in the early days... Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Sold Unborn

    Sold Unborn (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama) Director Selling girls when in womb is a norm. Unfortunate woman forced by her husband to abandon her girl when it will born.

  • Sentenced for Love

    Sentenced for Love (2004)
    TV Movie (Action, Crime, Drama and Mystery) Director Jamal, a doctor, was brought up and educated by her single mother who got widowed when Jamal was only seven. She worked in people's houses as maid and earned to make their living and for Jamal's education. She passes a hard time for her son. When Jamal became a doctor, he showed his Mom the picture of a girl who then arranged his marriage. The girl was very obedient, good wife and daughter in law who started doing all the housework telling mother in law to only sit on the bed and rest. Mother was used to of working all the time. Sitting and doing nothing was not acceptable for her. She asked Jamal to tell his wife not to forbid her from working. But Saima was not ready. She thought people will tease her if she will let the old lady work. Jamal's mother got sick and stuck to bed. He couldn't diagnose the problem. Saima told him that Mom had head lice and she doesn't even let her touch her head. Jamal told her to use some shampoo but she said Mom usually remains angry with her. Jamal ... Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • An Insane Laugh Aka Mehak

    An Insane Laugh Aka Mehak (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama) Director Seema gives birth to a baby girl on the way to hospital after a road accident and loses her husband Imran. Her sister and brother in law arrive hospital and informed about the tragedy. When Seema comes in conscious she asks about Imran. And tries to find him in other wards when told that due to accident he is injured. She gets raged and doesn't even care about watching baby. She can't absorb the bad news of his death and turns out to be a mental patient in next few days. Imran married Seema out of his parents' approval so when his parents come to hospital to collect his body, they tell Naila to keep the child and they don't need it. Seema is being sent to Mental hospital. Naila takes the baby girl home and tries her best to pull Seems back to her present by bringing her baby during visits. Seema becomes violent day by day and lives only in the memory of Imran. Naila's husband is never happy to keep the child. After six years, there comes no positive change in Seema's condition except ... Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Lap of Actress

    Lap of Actress (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama) Director The story of an actress, Anushay, who did love marriage with a fan of hers. The person belonged to a highly rich and respectable family, whose mother didn't accept an actress as a daughter in law and refuse to keep them in her home. The person died in an accident few days after the marriage. Anushay had a baby girl, but her mother in law snatched the child from her and told her to get lost and never show up again otherwise she will kill the child. Mrs. Hashim brought up the girl until she was about seven, eight years old, when Anushay came back and joined Muskaan's school as a teacher to be near to her daughter. She gave Muskaan extraordinary attention and love with telling her the relationship. Mrs. Hashim when came to knew, she asked the principal to sack Anushay and upon his refusal she threatened to take Muskaan to another school. She then asked Anushay to get lost again but Anushay refused and told Mrs. Hashim that now she cannot take Muskaan away as the girl is now aware of her ... Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Impeccable Aka Masoom

    Impeccable Aka Masoom (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama) Director Nomi, an eight year old boy from neighboring orphanage, was a friend to Mano (cat), Mithu (parrot) and other birds in Sultana's house. He used to jump in her garden and talk to the birds secretly. One day Sultana saw him from back and complained to the in-charge but could not mention who it was. In-charge could not help. Sultana then arranged to have fence on the walls to save her birds. When Nomi watches it he jumps in again to steal at least one bird before the fencing stops his way. Unfortunately, Sultana catches him and hand him over to In-charge who punishes him severely. Next morning, Sultana gets amazed to see neither of birds or cat ate anything. She goes to Orphanage and asks if she can borrow Nomi for some outing, which is refused by In-charge. She then asks her brother to speak someone influential to adopt Nomi. Nomi is being adopted and starts living happily with Sultana, who herself didn't marry to raise and educate her siblings. Now when they all were well settled, she ... Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • A Rented Child

    A Rented Child (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama) Director Roofi, a seven year old boy, is taken off from school by his father, Majid, to beg on a traffic signal with him. Sajida wants Roofi to study and doesn't like him begging but is compelled due to her husband. People give good amount in beggary to child and a lady even brings him toys and sweets. Once the lady calls Majid, but being busy on signal he refuses to listen. Same night police takes Majid to Police station and leaves him after warning. Next day, Majid apologizes the lady and she asks him how much does he earn a day there on traffic lights. In the meanwhile, Roofi comes across an accident. Lady takes him to hospital for first aid and once attended, she asks Makid to give Roofi to her. She offers him money and drops him home. Majid thinks about it and decides. He goes to her home and leaves Roofi there. Sajida, his wife, creates a lot of fuss and insists to go and see Roofi. Majid takes her there next day where she tries to take Roofi away. Majid brings her back home and beats ... Written by Iram Qureshi

  • Lost Half

    Lost Half (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama) Director Shehnaz tried to do suicide due to her and Aftab having no children until after ten years of their marriage. One day a beggar came to their doorstep. Aftab asked servant to give him food but Shehnaz being annoyed with fake beggars, tried to stop Aftab. The beggar listening to her conversation offered her to take her to a saint who will pray for her to have children. They went to the saint, who prayed for them. Shehnaz saw a dream that saint gave her two roses. She got pregnant and had twin boys. They both went to the saint again and insisted him to ask for something as they wanted to give him something. Saint asked them to leave one of the babies there. Shehnaz got raged and left taking one baby, but Aftab gave the other baby to saint before leaving. Shehnaz didn't want to give any baby and tried to go back into get the baby back but Aftab did not let her. The saint used to come to the place once every year, so Shehnaz started going to the shrine every year same day to find her baby ... Written by Iram Qureshi

  • Born Forbidden Aka Meharun Nisa

    Born Forbidden Aka Meharun Nisa (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama) Director Story of a girl who was thrown on garbage after being born as a result of prostitution, picked up by the servant of a rich man and was adopted by his maid Zainab. BBC later on made a documentary about the child and a lady from England went and adopted that baby. When she grew up and watched the documentary somewhere, she came to know who she was and what happened with her. She went to meet that lady, Zainab, who adopted her first, and was still living in the same area. When she arrived to pass time with that family, people started pointing fingers on her, remembering her childhood. Zainab, once again could not accept the disrespect for her daughter (Meharun Nisa) and Mehar had to leave again to go back to Alina 's House, where she had been a respectable citizen always. Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • The Making of Maa Aur Mamta Aka Motherhood

    The Making of Maa Aur Mamta Aka Motherhood (2004)
    TV Movie (Drama) Director Kamran Qureshi collected 13 TV films stories in his previous three years research and experience of studying motherly emotions for talk show Ariel Mothers. Stories based on the precious relationship of mother and child, priceless love, emotions, enduring bravery and sacrifice. Mothers were shown from different cultures and parts of society with their own circumstances and customs. Written by Iram Qureshi

  • Murad

    Murad (2003)
    TV Movie (Drama) Director The story revolves round a eunuch "Saima" who adopts a helpless child 'Muraad'. This child does not like her profession of dancing. Saima tries hard to fit in other professions as a male but people tease her at every place. Then she again tries to get job as a woman but fails. She then starts begging to earn her living but when Murad watches her as a beggar on the road, he gets cross. She then sends Muraad to hostel and starts dancing again to fulfill the expenses of his studies. She never goes to see Muraad so as to avoid his hatred. The guy goes abroad on scholarship for higher studies. By the end, Saima gets an invitation of Aqeeqa (new born welcoming ceremony) from an unknown person and when they all go there, Saima comes to know that it was "Murad" who called her to show his son and wife about his mother who brought him up with the help of her Ghungroos, and also to thank Saima for all what she did for him. Written by Iram Qureshi

  • Special Drink Aka Mystery Theatre

    Special Drink Aka Mystery Theatre (2002)
    TV Movie (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Director Sheru, twelve year old only son of a roadside hotel owner, used to host people with his special tea made by himself. Very kind, well mannered child who was fond of studies but never agreed to go to big town for education fearing his father would be alone without him. An ill mannered driver, used to come to hotel and misbehave with waiters if something goes wrong. Sheru apologizes him. Some boys come to the hotel and ask about nearby Mill, Sheru treats them very well and they promise to come daily for breakfast and teach Sheru something. One day a snake bit Sheru whilst he went to bring her school bag when the boys came to hotel. The boys tried to took him to hospital in their van but the same truck driver who left hotel sometime ago didn't give them the way, not knowing who were they, and Sheru died on the way. After few days when the driver came back to hotel, Sheru's father presented him Special Tea, when driver asked about Sheru, father told him that he died and about a truck ... Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • John Player's Gold Leaf Food Street Concert

    John Player's Gold Leaf Food Street Concert (2002)
    TV Movie (Musical) Director A top music stars concert performance at Food Street Lahore is surrounded by centuries-old buildings and enjoying some of the best traditional food and songs of all time, broad-casted on different TV channels including PTV.

  • Power of the Sea Aka Navy Hardam Tayyar

    Power of the Sea Aka Navy Hardam Tayyar (2002)
    TV Movie (Documentary) Director Navy is the most multidimensional force of any country. This documentary covers the life of all four dimensions of Navy, the Warships, SSG, Submarines and Aviation. It endeavors to include the training of cadets in Naval academy, emergency exercises like Action Station by the soldiers on ships, Marines, Air staff in the circumstances of war & emergencies and the part of their training, especially the exercises of Commandos in air, on earth and under water. The Submarine manufacturing factory and dockyards have been filmed showing the capability of Navy on manufacturing side. Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Flying Tigers Aka Air Force Hardam Tayyar

    Flying Tigers Aka Air Force Hardam Tayyar (2002)
    TV Movie (Documentary) Director Flying Tigers is based on Air force and its activities during peace and war. Interviews of Cadets and Instructors in Risalpur Academy, Technicians, Paratroopers, Female officers, Sports instructors, show how the cadets are given basic training and prepared for tough circumstances. Different aircrafts used by Air force, their capabilities, and what purpose do they serve, give a brief view of how the Air force is equipped. Several exercises being shot for the awareness of public to show the procedures work during any emergencies, like Scramble by the pilots in case of attack by the enemy and the exercise by Search & Rescue Squadron to help the pilots in emergency and providing medical assistance. Aircraft Rebuild and Manufacturing factories, and the people responsible of running those factories explain the way Air force is excelling, in getting state of the art technology and capability of handling the repairs itself. The documentary covers the training of cadet from the academy to ... Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Sons of the Soil Aka Army Hardam Tayyar

    Sons of the Soil Aka Army Hardam Tayyar (2002)
    TV Movie (Documentary) Director This documentary is about the readiness and preparation of Army, during escalation on border area and for any expected problems. It reflects different cores of Army responsible for Tanks, Transportation, Aviation, Radars, Food, etc. their routine and is also a morale boosting factor for Soldiers. It is to show the common masses that the Army is always ready to safeguard their country. Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Zee Lollywood Show

    Zee Lollywood Show (2001)
    TV Movie (Talk-Show) Director Zee Lollywood show is about 1999-2000 movie reviews produced in film industry of Pakistan known as Lollywood, hosted by top model and actress Iffat Omer. Iffat went through the city of Lahore where this film industry is based telling about its landmarks along with the interviews of top actors, directors, producers, music composer and lyricist who are discussing Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood's. Especially those star personalities were interviewed who worked for both Bollywood and Lollywood and earned good name in India and Pakistan, like Actress and director Zeba Bakhtiar, Meera, Javed Sheikh, Famous lyricist Qateel Shifai and many others. All the Punjabi and Urdu language films released in year 1999-2000 by top names were discussed that how good each film worked. Also the upcoming films were brought in discussion. Written by Iram Qureshi

  • Heart Talks

    Heart Talks (2000)
    Television (Talk-Show) Director A film review based program focused on released and upcoming films, interviews of artists, directors, producers, writers, stylists, makeup artists, music composers, lyricists, and many other people in the industry. There are four segments in the program, each one is designed to give a full picture of coming and going films and deep insight of industry. First segment 'All U Need to Know' is about the upcoming films, on location and set interviews, shooting clips, camera work, songs, acting, direction, etc. which give a taste of how the film would be, which team is working in which film, where the shootings are going on. The second segment Focus is one of its own type, where the actors are given a platform to speak openly and say whatever they want to. The third segment 'Back Flash', is about the films which are on their backward journey or whether already had gone off cinema screen. It gives a brief view of what kind of film it was, how much business did it do, whether it was a hit or ... Written by Iram Qureshi

  • John Player's Gold Leaf Cheer-up

    John Player's Gold Leaf Cheer-up (2000)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Director JPGL Cheer-up is a candid camera comedy show produced during the celebrations of John Player Gold Leaf Voyage of discovery year 2000 and hosted by a famous comedian Hanif Raja. In the first part, a big family of about 8 to 10 people was shown trying to hire an Auto rickshaw (maximum for three people) to go somewhere without telling the driver how many passengers are there. Lady pretended to be the elder sister having naughty younger brothers with her. In second part a famous singer was standing outside a shopping mall pretending to have lost his contact lenses asking people to help him find the lenses and some recognized him as well. In the third part, the host himself became a director and advertised for auditions of actors for a new program. Some new and some regular actors came to give audition and were given different hilarious situations where the host carries on with his humorous nature to play up with them. Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • John Player's Gold Leaf Thrill Seekers

    John Player's Gold Leaf Thrill Seekers (2000)
    TV Movie (Action, Adventure and Sport) Director A show based on passionate and determined people excelling in their sports. Threatening water sports seem dangerous to a layman but daring people playing with the seawater cannot live far apart from sea. Surfing and Sailing on raising waves attract these sportsmen to exploit sea waters. Motor racing is Ronnie Patel's passion since childhood, which even compelled him to drive his father's car secretly at the age of nine. He explains how he carried on his hobby and what difficulties he faced during his different journeys. Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Voyage of Discovery

    Voyage of Discovery (2000)
    TV Movie (Talk-Show) Director A yacht carrying the John Player's logo sailed to 17 countries in 177 days, in BAT's (British American Tobacco) Voyage of Discovery campaign. The yacht's stop at Karachi port was celebrated in a three days live transmission from beach.

  • Zee Basant Festival

    Zee Basant Festival (2000)
    TV Movie (Music, Reality-TV and Talk-Show) Director Basant is a kite flying festival, which is celebrated to welcome spring season, where functions for Basant start a night before and continue more than a week. All the film and TV stars, common people and celebrities get together for Basant Parties wearing colorful wardrobe, fly kites, have dinners, musical concerts and enjoy themselves out of their routine lives. Written by Iram Qureshi

  • Allen's Soothers Boombastic

    Allen's Soothers Boombastic (2000)
    Television (Musical) Director Allen's Soothers Boombastic is a music show designed to provide pure entertainment, music and fun. A top ten music chart combined with the interviews and interesting activities of celebrities. The celebrities are taken to interesting places and given hilarious situations like host being underworld Don visited a garment store with his celebrity of the week as his staff, being a milkman in a cow shed, a prisoner in jail, a bodyguard of a famous celebrity, hunting treasure in a open air Laundromat, and covered different events and locations like Film sets, Showbiz team in Cricket Stadium, celebrity's wedding ceremony, Valentine's day special and Kite (Basant) Festival etc. Host visits different events and chats with people trying to convince them that the wedding event they are attending is a birthday ceremony actually, just to create an entertainment for viewers. Host also visits Hollywood, chitchats with people around, along with his celebrity guest of the episode. It has different ... Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Wafa Aka Loyalty

    Wafa Aka Loyalty (1999)
    Television (Drama) Director Samina an incredulous, self-loving woman married to her aunt's stepson, a soft hearted lawyer, Azhar. Sam's friend Dodi is married to an old rich man but is after a young lawyer who is Azhar's colleague. Azhar throws a party for his senior Chugtai and invites his friend Ayesha, a psychiatrist, which annoys Sam. She calls Azhar in question in the middle of the party and ruins it by blowing up in the face. Azhar's argument with Sam and decision of leaving her makes an effect on Sam. Written by Iram Qureshi

  • No. 9

    No. 9 (1999)
    TV Movie (Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery and 1 More) Director A thrilling, murder mystery about the nurses, deputed as attendant of an old man, were killed in a haunted house. Tasneem finds out the real killer when she is about to be murdered.

  • Fanta Candid Camera

    Fanta Candid Camera (1998)
    Television (Comedy and Reality-TV) Director Fanta Candid Camera was a purely comedy show. People from masses were put directly or indirectly into hilarious and interesting situations, without telling them that they were on camera, to record their natural expressions.

  • Kishmish

    Kishmish (1998)
    Television (Comedy) Director A comedy magazine show based on hilarious segments with celebrities and members of public. In Excusemish segment, celebrities were stuck in funny situations by Kishmish team and fooled by unknown new actors. Mishshots was candid camera segment where jokes were played with member of public. Mishtakes segment was based on bloopers from dramas, the mistakes done by artists during acting on set. While Mishguys was the segment having parodies of famous celebrities by Mishi Khan. Written by Hareem Qureshi

  • Drama Hee Drama

    Drama Hee Drama (1998)
    Television (Talk-Show) Director A show, which circles around dramas, broadcast on all private and national Television channels on one platform. The show included reviews of currently airing dramas, clippings of successful classic dramas, episode updates, interview of an actor on set about his life and work, visits to the locations/sets of a drama shoot and chit chat with cast and crew, ratings of best drama / actors /actresses of the week and public opinion. Written by Iram Qureshi

  • Coca-Cola Siachin Rocks Concert

    Coca-Cola Siachin Rocks Concert (1997)
    Video (Music) Director A concert at the highest war peaks, Siachen glacier, by internationally famous band Junoon, to boost the morale of devoted soldiers performing duties at most difficult post. Junoon was a well-known musical band famous all-over the world for their Sufi rock music among the public. Crew visited and filmed on mesmerizing locations of Northern areas, Sadpara, Kachura & Karpanah Lakes, snow covered mountains with difficult routes. Supported by Coca-Cola, flew in military helicopters from bottom to top bases. The concert also includes interviews with soldiers who sustained injuries or passed time at the top posts, officers, and aviation pilots. Written by Iram Qureshi

  • Pepsi Top of the Pops

    Pepsi Top of the Pops (1995)
    Television (Music and Talk-Show) Director Pepsi Top of the Pops was designed to cover most of the music happenings in the industry all over the word including making music videos and concerts. Starting from top ten songs on chart, there were many segments which included 'US top ten', 'Hot Single' which used to be the hit song of the week. Buzz contained all the gossips and news of national and international album releases and music related people. Video Pick was the segment where new videos in the market were introduced. Whilst 'Streetwise' was designed to take the public opinions about music industry and singers. Written by Iram Qureshi

  • Wall's Paddle Pop Kids Club

    Wall's Paddle Pop Kids Club (1994)
    Television (Talk-Show) Director Paddle Pop Kids Club started in 1994 with the name of Kids Club on NTM, a private television network, with an idea of providing entertainment and information to the children. The show had different segments hosted by talented children using their skills in hosting, corresponding, reporting, and interviewing. After 92 weekly episodes, Kids Club was sponsored by Wall's ice-cream Paddle Pop brand and named as 'Wall's Paddle Pop Kids Club'. A character of Paddle Pop Lion was introduced which enhanced children's interest in the program. There were onset games like drawing, arts, questions and answers, physical activities, etc with outdoor field trips and reports to pinpoint environmental and social problems. In the segment, I Wanna Be, the participating child was given a chance to become e.g. police inspector. Child performed practical duties in uniform in the police station, doing raids in field to catch criminals, etc. Celebrities and famous people from different fields of life and ... Written by Hareem Qureshi


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