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About Lauren

I'm an actor writer from Aspen Colorado. I love to be on set and will do any job to get there. I have worked almost every position but script he and AC. I'm love to have fun but I'm very good at being proactive.



  • About a Dog

    About a Dog (2017)
    Film by Mollie Fitzgerald (Short) Actress Mave, an anti-social book editor, finds herself unexpectedly fostering a dog for a friend. Through her experiences with the dog named Keir, she comes out of her shell and learns about love. Mave also learns about heartbreak when Keir is diagnosed with cancer. With only a short time left together, Mave quickly makes a bucket list to complete with Keir so she's sure that his last days will be his best. They end up being some of her best, too.

  • Man of Action

    Man of Action (2015)
    Film by Arnon Z. Shorr (Short and Action) Actress In a remote campground, a solitary hero fights to save a woman from a trio of thugs.

  • Actress

    Actress (2015)
    Film by Hannah May Evans (Short and Drama) Actress A young girl moves to Los Angeles from England in the hope of finding movie stardom with high expectations, only to be disappointed by the harsh reality of Hollywood. Based on a true story, 'Actress' exposes some of the truths of men in Hollywood and explores the scenarios many women find themselves in. Written by anonymous

  • Sharia

    Sharia (2015)
    Film by Anouar H. Smaine (Drama and Romance) Actress Heather sees in Sofiane the change she'd been trying to make in her life just as he sees in her the freedom and fun he'd been longing to experience ever since he left his homeland. It won't be long before Heather and Sofiane discover that what they've gotten themselves into, isn't what they'd been looking for after all, but rather what they'd been trying to get away from. Will this odd couple's love triumph over their life visions and differences, or will it fall apart? Written by Anonymous

  • American Bad Boy

    American Bad Boy (2015)
    Film by Obba Babatundé (Drama) Actress Samuel's dream of buying a recording studio, making a hit record, and becoming a famous hip-hop artist has hit a snag. The money he borrowed to make it all happen is long over due. With the money all gone and the record far from finished, he becomes desperate for a solution. So when "The Bruce" - unscrupulous business man and owner of a string of male strip clubs - gives him only six months to pay back sixty-thousand dollars or say good-bye to his dream, Samuel knows what he's got to do. To make it all work, he going to take it all off. With his looks and his talents, raising enough money to pay off the loan and complete the record ought to be a cinch, but there's still a hitch. For his plan to work he'll have to keep it a secret for a number of reasons. One, because his "keeper" of a girlfriend would drop him if she ever found out. And two, because he's the son of one of the most prominent and respected preachers in the community. And while keeping his job hidden proves easy at first... Written by Kennedy Goldsby

  • End of the Story

    End of the Story (2015)
    Film by Arnon Z. Shorr (Short and Thriller) Actress Will Lauren finish writing her story, or will it finish her?

  • Stalked by My Doctor

    Stalked by My Doctor (2015)
    TV Movie by Doug Campbell (Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew A teenage girl named Sophie is rushed to the hospital after a terrible car accident. Lucky for Sophie, heart surgeon Dr. Albert Beck is at the hospital to save her life. While Sophie recovers nicely in the hospital, Dr. Beck tends to her, more than Sophie's mother would like. A mother's instinct is never wrong.

  • Bad Sister

    Bad Sister (2015)
    Film by Doug Campbell (Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew From the first time Zoe met her new teacher at St. Adeline's Catholic School she knew something wasn't right with Sister Sophia. Was it the red lipstick and refusal to recite the Morning Prayer? Or the way she eyed her brother he was dessert? As Zoe's suspicions grow so does the creepy bond between the "good" sister and her brother - a bond bordering on seduction. But who will believe her? After all, Sister Sophia is a woman of the cloth. Or is she?

  • The Bride He Bought Online

    The Bride He Bought Online (2015)
    Film by Christine Conradt (Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew What starts out as a harmless prank blog takes a dark turn for 17-year-old Avery when her friends, Mandy and Kaley, create a fake profile for an international dating site and begin to communicate with a lonely, socially inept computer programmer named John. Having lived a life of isolation and bullying, the humiliation he feels when he realizes he's been duped unleashes a wrath that no one would have expected. Written by Reel One Entertainment

  • Double Daddy

    Double Daddy (2015)
    Film by Lee Friedlander (Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew When 17-year-old Amanda learns her boyfriend Connor has impregnated a new girl at school, she is shocked, but even more so when she discovers that she too is pregnant! Even though Connor is doing everything he can to be there for both of his teen moms this high school drama is taking social backstabbing to a whole new level. Written by Kyle Ramjattan

  • Babysitter's Black Book

    Babysitter's Black Book (2015)
    TV Movie by Lee Friedlander (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Friends start a babysitting business to save up for college, but when the babysitting money just isn't cutting it, they start a prostitution business as well.

  • The Time We're In

    The Time We're In (2015)
    Film by Damon Stout (Short, Drama, Romance and Sci-Fi) Miscellaneous Crew Gabriel and Nadia's life was seemingly perfect up until the horrific news of her recent cancer diagnosis. As the stark realization takes hold of the two, they discover that there is no chance of having a family of their own. Their friends unsuccessfully try to relate to their condition and attempt to console the two, but sadly only connect in the most superficial way. They both feel they have to be strong for each other, but fear the unknown and dare not communicate their innermost fears. Nadia is cautiously optimistic toward her diagnosis but not without her own anxieties. She sees Gabriel withdraw into his newly introspective world and is concerned about his mental state. As the story unfolds, we learn of Gabriel's newly found obsession with the multi-verse theory, quantum physics, and the metaphysical, all culminate toward an unexpected reality: he discovers the ability to move freely throughout a stopped-time environment. He soon resigns himself to living almost exclusively in ... Written by Damon Stout

  • The Lawful Truth

    The Lawful Truth (2014)
    Film by Mollie Fitzgerald (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actress As each suspect twists the truth in his or her favor, a frustrated investigator attempts to figure out what ultimately led to the death of a young law student.

  • Worlds Apart

    Worlds Apart (2013)
    Film by Shelly Skandrani (Short and Drama) Actress Upon getting engaged Jane begins to feel apprehensive about starting her own family. She goes on a journey to find her estranged step sister in hopes that their meeting will help resolve her fears stemming from her childhood.

  • Rest for the Wicked

    Rest for the Wicked (2013)
    Television (Action) Actress James Cathcart has just been released from prison with a craftily put together plan to take down the criminal organization that sent him there in the first place.

  • The House on Williamsburg Way

    The House on Williamsburg Way (2013)
    Film by Marcus Shawn Williams (Short and Horror) Actress

  • Diary of a Vampire

    Diary of a Vampire (2012)
    Film by Barrett Perlman (Short, Action and Horror) Actress Samantha didn't believe in vampires, until she was bit by one.

  • Dexter

    Dexter (2012)
    Television by James Manos Jr. (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actress Dexter Morgan, Miami Metro Police Department blood spatter analyst, has a double life. When he's not helping the Homicide division solving murders, he spends his time hunting and killing bad guys that slip through the justice system. He spends his sun-drenched days solving crimes - and moonlit nights committing them. But not to worry, our cool-blooded Dexter doesn't kill just anyone. He reserves his homicidal hobbies to taking only the lives of other killers. Written by Enrique Tovar from Delano, CA.

  • Crazy Eyes

    Crazy Eyes (2012)
    Film by Adam Sherman (Comedy) Actress Zach is guy for whom the party never ends. But when he meets the girl he nicknames "Crazy Eyes," the inability to have her, combined with family matters, are signs that his idle life might be due for a change.

  • Reign

    Reign (2012)
    Film by Kimberly Jentzen (Action, Drama and War) Miscellaneous Crew During a U.S. military operation, designed to bait Iraqi insurgents, local civilians get caught in the crossfire and an American soldier's life is forever changed by an encounter with an Iraqi woman.

  • Low Fidelity

    Low Fidelity (2011)
    Film by Devon Gummersall (Drama) Actress A dramedy about relationships and fidelity, or the lack thereof. A group of old high school friends, now in their late thirties, get together for the weekend to celebrate the 4th of July, for better or for worse.

  • Underbelly Blues

    Underbelly Blues (2011)
    Film by Phil Messerer (Comedy and Crime) Actress Uforic, a cowardly gangster rapper, hitches a ride with York, a redneck who takes him out to the desert to execute him for fun. But before York is able to pull the trigger, Uforic tells him about a secret transaction involving a mysterious briefcase and a large amount of cash. This sets into motion a series of events that will inevitably involve much of the L.A. underworld and may just bring down corporate America. York tells Queel, a dirty cop, who tells Lucy, a homicidal stripper and is overheard by Carl Mauve, the greasy club owner, who hires Smith and Wesson, a pair of bungling thugs, who have it stolen from them by Norman, a pickpocket with a Jewish Dominatrix mother, who brings it to Dr. Zeus, a local Meth cook, who might just be able to solve the secret of the briefcase. Meanwhile an insane, bloodthirsty hit man named Versetti, working for a large multinational corporation, will stop at nothing to get it back. Written by Phil Messerer

  • Cinema Verite

    Cinema Verite (2011)
    TV Movie by Robert Pulcini (Drama) Actress A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the first American family to be the subjects of a reality TV show.

  • En passant

    En passant (2010)
    Film by Chris Frint (Short and Drama) Actress A young teen helps an elderly man rediscover the value of life.

  • This Indie Thing

    This Indie Thing (2010)
    Television by Steve Royall (Comedy) Actress

  • Dog Park Superstars

    Dog Park Superstars (2010)
    TV Movie by Joseph Carolei (Game-Show) Actress

  • Wages

    Wages (2010)
    Video by Josh Carley (Horror and Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew A four segment horror film told through the pages of a comic book.

  • I Want Him Dead

    I Want Him Dead (2010)
    Film by Daniel J. Pico (Short and Comedy) Art department When a girl is cheated on by her boyfriend, she tries to get away from him only to see him on every billboard, TV commercial and magazine cover. In order to rid him of her life she has no choice but to kill him.

  • Feels Like a Bad Dream

    Feels Like a Bad Dream (2010)
    Film by Eli Mizrahi (Short and Thriller) Art department


  • Best lead actress in a featurette at the Cinerockom International film Festival

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